Park City Opening Week

Scotty Arnold's take.

Roadkill: Episode 1

Team Vacation has begun, and if you enjoy this video, get psyched, cause there's lots more to come. Scotty goes full R at Northstar. Full length tour video coming soonish... Follow our adventures daily at: teamvacation.tumb…

Scotty Arnold's Day in the Life

Scotty and the boys have fun ALL DAY.

Terrible Tuesday: Littlest and Scott Arnold

Boardin' and Bro love at its finest.

Fun with Salomon Pros! Part 1

The Salomon team is on tour. When Java Fernandez is in charge, things can get ugly (or beautiful, depending on your perspective.) Louif Paradis, Jed Anderson, Bode Merrill, Scotty Arnold, Harrison Gordon, Chris Grenier, and Chris Carr, in…

East Coast Invitational

Wachusett, MA December 17, 2005 unknown rider smoking the c East Coast Invitational: Skillful snowboarders sliding rails, gangsters with long jackets, brisk brewskis, and even haggard strippers; all taking place in Massawachusetts. College…

Sunapee's Last Call

by Brooke Geery On Sunday, March 25th, Sunapee NH held what was hailed as a "drunken debauchery" called Last Call. The recipe was as follows: throw together a few jumps; prop a box up with 2x4's next to the halfpipe; and build a wall looking…

PSC In-Crowd

For a lack of anything better to write about, I will now attempt to list every cool-guy snowboarder that goes to Plymouth State College in an attempt to look cool, as I too attend. Here goes: Preston Strout, Mike Parziale, Brain Barb, Luke Mathison,…