Bet You Can't: Sammy Spiteri

Bet You Can't switch 50 cab 3 that down rail.

BHappy's Happy Days FULL MOVIE

Those Tahoe kids are so damn happy.

Wakeboarding with the Dangerzone

Apparently in Tahoe, a puddle at the end of a handrail is an excuse to snowboard with your shirt off. Whatever.

Merry Christmas from the Dangerzone

Of all the snowboard santas we've been subjected to this Holiday season, Nikky Fresh is definitely the most convincing. If this snowboarding thing doesn't work out, he has a real future at Macy's. Riders: Nick Visconti, Tim Eddy, Brett…

bHappy At Northstar

The bHappy dudes doing what they do best... being obnoxious on the hill and off! So annoying. Riding: Shane Wright, Max Tokunaga, Sammy Spiteri, Zander Blackmon Edit by Paul Heran

bHappy Gets Bucked

, The guys from bHappy tried their hand at an infamous kink rail in Tahoe. And this, my friends, is why the pros are pros. Stunt junkies: Sammy Spiteri, Durrel Williams, Cole Antencio More:

bHappy Holidays

, Don't know about you, but we're officially sick of the Holidays; we really milked that shit for all it was worth. But the bHappy crew had to go and send us their holiday edit, which includes no holly, reindeer or…

Dinner at Boreal

, Sammy and Paul from bHappy films keeps it classy with a healthy dinner and some night riding at Boreal.