Salomon Snowboards is jumping on that global am bandwagon, and Tommy G is the newest addition to the team.

Film & Edit by Colton Feldman


The 2016 Yo-Boot Test Video

With the shortest summer on record at Hood (thanks Obama!), we found ourselves short on time to ride in the pile of boots which showed up for “review.” Discouraged but not defeated we did what we probably would have done anyway and tested them in the office parking lot instead. Our highly scientific methods included actually putting them on to see how long they took to lace up, standing in a baby pool of water to see how long it took before they got wet (and if it took too long spraying them with a hose), and most importantly, skateboarding in them. Watch the video above for our thoughts or just keep reading for “actual information” from from the WWW.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.30.24 AM

Vans V-66

Lace-up time: 2:53
Soak through time: 1:15

Official word (via Vans): If you’re like Jamie Lynn, you recognize a classic snowboard boot when you see it. The Vans V-66 is straight-shooter of a lace boot for every rider and every terrain. Iconic in style and with a traditional lace-up construction, the V-66 is packed with features carefully crafted into a ride-all boot with freestyle inclinations. It renders the old sticking point of lifting heels in snowboard boots null and void, while premium materials on selected colorways up the ante on a good looking boot that will serve riders who seek out not every possible but every snowboard boot technology that matters.

MSRP: $229.95 | MORE INFO

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.31.10 AM

Vans Infuse

Lace-up time: 4:47
Soak through time: 2:58

Official Word (via Vans): The Vans Infuse is the epitome of the creed that defines the entire Vans snowboard boot line: ultimate customization. It embodies the idea of unlimited adaptability at its highest rate as the most sophisticated and versatile boot in the Vans snowboard boot line. Deploying every trick in the box, this feature-packed multi-talent is made for every kind of snowboarder in any terrain and condition imaginable, from big mountain to backcountry to park and beyond. Bomb a hill full-throttle with all the support needed, then adjust to a softer boot profile on the go and hassle-free. Having your cake and eating it, too has never been easier.

MSRP: $359.95 | MORE INFO

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.29.37 AM

Celsius Gus Engle Pro Model

Lace-up time: 2:25
Soak-thru time: :50

Official word (via Celsius): Fashion meets function in this boot of choice for the Celsius team. featuring a classic style, this boot was designed to resemble your favorite skate shoe. the perfect stiffness gives you a highly responsive yet incredibly comfortable boot. if you spend your days in the parks or out in the streets you can count on looking good in a pair of these.

MSRP $229.95 | MORE INFO

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.30.37 AM

Salomon Launch

Lace-up time: 3:26
Soak-thru time: :28

Official word (via These boots are as sharp in looks as they are in features. With the ZoneLock Lacing System, you’ll have your feet locked in securely giving you no heel lift for performance and comfort so you can charge ahead all day. Another benefit with the Launch is its ease of entry and exit so you don’t have to waste time getting locked and loaded. The Silver Flex Liner combined with the Silver Flex Liner Foam gives you a heat-moldable interior that will shape to your foot for the ultimate in customized comfort. Its Flightweight Outsole is an EVA/rubber compound that is very light which reduces fatigue without sacrificing its cushiony feel. Finally, Heel Grip which is a material around the heel ensuring that your socks are gripped into the boots for ideal heel hold and comfort.

MSRP $249.99 | MORE INFO

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.30.49 AM

ThirtyTwo Scott Stevens TM2

Lace-up time: 2:15
Soak-thru time: 1:56

Official word (via Tactics): The TM-Two snowboard boots are preferred by the entire Thirtytwo team for their versatile flex that’s responsive enough for booters in the back woods and rails in the park when called upon. The heat moldable liner offers optimal fit customization, while System G2 gel absorbs vibrations and impacts from hard landings. These are also the favorite boots of Scott Stevens, and he doesn’t throw his name around on any old boots that don’t deserve it.

MSRP: $284.95 | MORE INFO

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.31.00 AM

ThirtyTwo Session

Lace-up time: 3:21
Soak-thru time: 2:12

Official word (Via Evo): When you slip your foot into the plush, 32 Session Snowboard Boots you know it’s time for a shred sesh with the boys. Get down the hill fast and easy with their comfortable, responsive turning power. The Boa® Tongue Tension System makes for a superior fit that you can adjust mid-run without even taking off your gloves. With the 32 Sessions Snowboard Boots, your toes and ankles will thank you – if they even notice they’ve been boarding all day.

MSRP: $259.95 | MORE INFO

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.31.23 AM

Salomon Dialog

Lace-up time: 1:13
Soak-thru time: :36

Official word: (Via A mainstay in the Salomon line the Dialogue Focus Boa is back to give the freestyle fanatic what they want. This boot provides you with the luxury of a Boa while still feeling like a full flexing boot. The Dialogue Focus features the Focus Boa lacing that will allow you to tighten the upper and lower zones to give you a natural flex and feel all evenly distributed so you get the fit that you desire. The Gold 3D Flex liner was designed specifically for these boots and give you the most dynamic and most comfortable liner in the Salomon line. You will get a custom fit that offers increased comfort and a maximum foothold with the heat moldable foam that was strategically place inside of these boots. The Mystic Level 2 footbed gives you relief through flexology by increasing the blood flow to help prevent fatigue. This footbed will also provide foot stabilization and arch support to improve the pressure distribution which adds to the comfort. If you are a freestyle fanatic you are sure to love the Salomon Dialogue Focus Boa boots.

MSRP: $299.99 | MORE INFO

Our official verdict: Head to your local shop and try all these damn things on. It’s the only way you’ll actually know if they fit your feet and you like them.

Tester: Enzo Plati
Edit: RJ Sweet

Grant Giller 14/15

Grant is living the dream – traveling, snowboarding and double corking his winters away, and here are the clips he felt worthy of sharing.

Yabai Japan

The kids in Japan use the word Yabai to either express that something is very cool, or very uncool. We’ll go with the former on Tanner Pendleton’s latest. Plus, super8 is so artsy.

Gossiping about the 2015 Salomon Salomonder

The new Salomon Salomonder is totally chyll and like totally so are the Salomon District Bindings! The 154 that my boyfriend rides is also my favourite colour pink; sooo so fetch.

It’s like super sick how ready to go it was, right out of the plastic, don’t ya just hate it when your board is all totally barf face and you have to break that stupid thing in or what? My boyfriend was getting into the chyllest nose presses like pretty much on his first run with it, he was like pretty much already used to it after the first few turns and stuff, ya know? I was a little bit worried for him cuz its a pretty soft board, and the glacier conditions can be kinda mushy sometimes and maybe he would fall more if he was going fast in the slushiness-bumpiness! He was totz much more fine than I thought he would be and was even getting like a billion feet of air in the super pipe. He told me it would probz be a real decent board in the streets even though he didn’t really get to try it out.

When my boyfriend was first checking out the Salomon District bindings, he was a little skeptical because they seemed kinda plasticy and stuff and kinda like a toy. But they totally held up during some pretty rigorous riding; my boyfriend is lyke the best boarder in his grade, he’s two grades ahead of me too…. soo so sick. I guess he was saying that they were pretty tough still and since the heel cup was made of some more malleable material, it could tweak and bend any which way that hottie wanted to make it go. It was pretty neato and like one of the lightest set ups he’s ridden in a while that’s for sure, bindings and board.

This board features all of the things that Jed Anderson is in to: No chip tips, EQ3 side cut, easy press core, true twins, and of course, a super flat (apathetic) profile. Given its flat profile, this board is pretty versatile. It can hold its own in the pipe and off jumps, and it can unquestionably assault rails.

The one thing that you’ll have to get over if you purchase this board is the pink top sheet. And by “get over” we mean you’ll have to be okay with being called gay by at least 10 ignorant, homophobic snowboarders—and possibly your dad.

ps. Go check out my boyfriend Jed’s video! It’s available on DVD today at your local shop and it’s crazy loco!

Salomon’s “5 ways to slay” board arsenal


 PORTLAND, OR (January 27, 2014) – For almost 20 years Salomon Snowboards has aimed to bring together a group of people who are not only some of the best riders in the world, but who help Salomon build some of the best product in the world. For FW2014 we are pleased to present five team setups for freestyle destruction, whether you’re riding park, pipe, pow jumps, or back alley streets, each setup is built with its own capacity for carnage- This is 5 WAYS TO SLAY.


All terrain ripper and X Games gold medalist Bode Merrill worked closely with us to develop this back, side and frontcountry creation-The Man’s Board and Quantum binding. This setup is not for the faint of heart with the whole ‘lotta camber and quadratic sidecut of The Man’s Board coupled with the natural fit and enhanced response of the new Crossbow Technology on the Quantum.


Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai’s do-it-all quiver killer, the Assassin is teamed up with the brand new Defender binding for a fully loaded weapon of slash destruction. A cross between our most progressive powder and freestyle constructions, the Assassin is a force to be reckoned with when paired with the new Defender-featuring Crossbow Technology for the most reactivity, transmission, and support in the ShadowFit family.


Built for the likes of Jamie Nicholls, Hans Mindnich and younger bro Nils Mindnich, the Sabotage is paired with the Hologram binding for disabling gravity so you can go bigger and badder. The camber Sabotage hands over superior edge control and stability, while the Hologram delivers on the support, flex, and comfort demands of true park bosses like these three.

Arguably today’s best urban rider and X Games gold medalist, Quebecois Louif Paradis was our cohort in crime in developing the Villain snowboard and District binding setup for one all-terrain jib machine. The Villain’s EQ Rad and true twin shape combined with the response, comfort, and flex of the District binding featuring ShadowFit, means freestyle tweaking and perfect pressing like never before.

Crafted under the watchful eye of Jed Anderson and Chris Grenier, the Salomonder snowboard has forged an alliance with the jib-specific member of the ShadowFit Family, the District binding for a street legal assault vehicle .Featuring the original art of Chris and Jed, a flat profile, and easy press core, The Salmonder has got some serious street cred.

Team tested and approved. Choose your weapon wisely.


Salomon Snowboards has been building and designing innovative snowboards, boots and bindings since 1995 from Annecy, France with marketing headquarters in Portland, Oregon. We challenge the status quo, push boundaries, and critically damage preconceived notions of what riding gear can be. Ride It For Real, Stay Loose and once and for all  Slay Boredom.



Salomon is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new 4-part split board, The Premiere. The board pioneers and brings to market true innovation for the rider who demands mountaineering performance. In an adverse economic climate for the hardgoods industry, Salomon continues to invest in new technologies and products that pave the way for future snowboard innovation.


The Premiere features Tracklock-A 4-part split construction for faster, lighter, and more effective touring and climbing. Consisting of two parts that fit into your backpack, the design allows for narrower 90mm skis, meaning faster touring, and shaves 800 grams of weight for the most lightweight setup possible. Designed to be shorter and wider than your average splitboard, The Premiere is made for more control, maneuverability, and flotation in deep snow.

Salomon Snowboard Product Line Manager, Franck Juvin-Acker commented, “We overcame many challenges in order to make a 4-part splitboard that is easy and fast to assemble with a unique shape for versatile and fun riding. The Premiere has an improved freeride shape, and can handle anything the mountain throws at it. It gives a whole new meaning to backcountry snowboarding.”

Designed with Josh Dirksen, The Premiere’s revolutionary technology achieves close to ski touring efficiency while maintaining torsional stiffness and reducing the vertical movement experienced with a two-part split. An internal straight edge, external edge under foot, and a shorter and wider shape allow for stiffer skis, easier kick-turns, and more control while maneuvering steep terrain.

“Salomon came up with the idea to do something different, and that has always been the Salomon mentality- to challenge the status quo with new technology that makes snowboarding easier and more fun. The Premiere does that with its lightweight and unique design, it’s very exciting!” – Josh Dirksen, Salomon team rider


The Premiere comes with custom pucks, the Voil̩ universal kit (hooks, clips, touring bracket, heel risers and sliders), custom fit skins and crampons for steep terrain exploration in the most effective and convenient setup possible. -MSRP Р$1,299

The Premiere compliments Salomon’s Split line for an assortment of products to earn your turns. Based on the shape of the Derby, the Split is designed to float through deep pow and comes stock with custom skins for maximizing touring efficiencies, and for an additional $149, Voilé Fast Clips for easy and secure switching between touring and riding mode.
-MSRP – $799

Louif x Shadowfit Bindings

It’s no rap video, but I guess if anything will make you want to buy Shadow Fit bindings, it’s board riding like this.

Win: A Salomon Assassin Snowboard


While there is technically a few more days of summer, I think we can agree that it feels like fall and we care about snowboarding again. And what better way to usher in the excitement than giving something away! Our friends at Salomon have an Assassin snowboard burning a hole in their warehouse and they were like, “Yobeat, give this to someone who needs it.” And we’re all like, but how will we be able to tell if they need it? We were gonna have you send in a screen shot of your bank account balance, but we worried about privacy and ya know, cheating so instead let’s do this the old fashioned way. Leave a comment below with your REAL EMAIL ADDRESS saying why you need this board. We want some real sob stories here people, so make our hearts bleed and a brand new snowboard could be arriving at your house.


About the Assassin:

Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai take no prisoners with the Assassin strapped to their feet. A cross between our most progressive powder and freestyle board constructions, featuring ABC Green Roll, EQ Rad, Rock Out Camber, and Popster Booster, in one ride-anything package. The Assassin is built with an arsenal of technology for destruction of anything in its path. One board to rule them all.

More info:


And the winner is… Jeremy Wilson. Comment #51, chosen not just by us, but by you, for hitting thumbs up more than thumbs down. Enjoy your new shred stick, Jeremy!

At Home with Chris Grenier

Just before Thanksgiving Utah got hit with some snow so we headed there to meet up with Chris. While everyone was out trying to get some early season shots, we did the complete opposite and went to the Bonezone to shoot guns, burn some gas, and do a little snowboarding.

The Great Salomon/Bonfire Bus Caper

Perhaps you saw earlier on the Salomon Snowboards Instagram, but some vandals ACTUALLY stole the Salomon/Bonfire Team Vacation bus from Northeast Portland last night. To help recover it, Salomon issued this ABP.

Drive it like you stole it. #becauseyouactuallystoleourRV #notcool #timmyshredheadstikesagain #ahondaAccordprobablywouldbelessnoticeable #stolen


The proper authorities were also notified and the bus was recovered an hour and forty minutes out of Portland on November 30th, 2012. Our sources report it was, “full of poop.” It had also been stripped of everything inside and it looks like it may very well be curtains for Team Vacation. At least we’ll all have the video memories, right?

Win: Six Week’s Worth of Boards from High Cascade


Are you planning on coming to camp? Want to win a free snowboard? Well here is your chance to make your dreams come true! High Cascade Snowboard Camp is giving away one free snowboard, a HCSC sweatshirt and a HCSC sticker pack to one lucky winner each week for the next six weeks.

How? All you have to do is register for camp in the next six weeks and you will be entered into the hat of names. Want to increase your chances of winning? Sign up for camp the first week of the contest, and you will be entered into the contest each week until the contest is a wrap. And to top it off, if you register before January 1st, you also get the option of $100 off your session OR a HCSC byProducts™ package, which includes a HCSC/Burton Shred Scout Pack, HCSC Sweatshirt, Coal Team Beanie, Airblaster Sunglasses, 10 SHRD Bucks and the VG  Classics (Retrospect, Shoot the Moon, and Trick Tips).

High Cascade will pick one winner and announce their names on their blog and their Facebook each Monday following the board give away.

Dates and boards are as follows:
Salomon Man’s Board — November 16th — November 25th
Capita Ultrafear — November 26th — December 2nd
K2 Happy Hour  – December 3rd — December 9th
Forum Destroyer – December 10th — December 16th
Burton Parkitect — December 17th — December 23rd
Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher — December 24th — December 31st

click here to register for your session.

Louif Paradis Season Edit

Rumor has it there’s an actual Louif online part coming very soon, but for now, here’s a compilation of last season’s footage to keep your shred boners hard.

Guest riders: Chris Carr, Taka Nakai, and Frank April

Desiree Melancon Full part

Des’s 2011/12 season in a few minutes. Let this remind you how much you have to work on this season.

Jed In Full

Alright you jerks. We know you couldn’t wait until we were allowed to post this to watch it, and we forgive you for that. In fact, we know you guys couldn’t even wait ’til yesterday. How about that leak, eh? In honor of the great efforts than went into the now-deleted re edit, we wanna make today’s Jed experience a little interactive. So…

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Presented by: Salomon Snowboards and Nike Snowboarding