Janne Lipsanen Full Part

Another well rounded part from Ripcurl rider, Janne Lipsanen.

Ripcurl Presents: Stars of the Stadium

The event will take place on the 11th of february, 2 days from now, in Lahti, Finland aka Funland. Better book those tickets now, Funland is beautiful this time of year!

Janne Lipsanen FULL PART

A buncha footage from “The Gum Movie” by Rip Curl and “KBR meets you” by KBR, all edited up into one banging segment.

Gum The Movie: Episode 5: BC Bud

The final episode of Ripcurl Europes “Gum The Movie”. Euros tearin’ up the the Canada backcountry.

Two Teaser Tuesday: Euro Edition

Euros don’t fuck around when it comes to snowboard videos, and these teasers traveled all the way from across the pond to entertain you today. First up, some Frenchmen riding pillow lines and what not in the Harakiri teaser.

And now the teaser for the Ripcurl team flick “Gum,” which is pretty much as weird as you’d expect.