YoBETA: Lofoten and Riksgränsen Norway with Johan Rosen

Johan Rosen is “straight outta the woods of Sweden,” so it’s only appropriate he would give us some tips for living in a tent in Norway. We honestly don’t know anything about him and this is the last one of these we’re writing so check back later for a good intro. Maybe. [Editor’s note: Probably not]

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What was your favorite thing to drink?
Jonas’s special Chaga/Ginger tea

Best food you ate? Grossest thing on the menu you definitely didn’t order?
Camping cooking is always good, wasn’t really anything too gross around just some smelly dried fish

Best technique for hooking up with a sexy member of the same or opposite sex?
Be creative

Most useful second language?

Best place to stay?
The prospector tent, best place to fall asleep next to a fire when you can hear the wind outside.


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NIls Arvidsson


Nils in Sweden Mihaj





Midsommar Nights

Riksgransen is located in the far north of Scandinavia, right on the border between Sweden and Norway. It shot to fame in the mid 90s when Ingemar Backman launched his infamous method there, but its remoteness and lack of park facilities have ensured that over recent years, it has been largely overlooked in favour of central European glaciers. The extreme latitude – 200km north of the Arctic Circle – guarantees snow in June and it’s recent glaciations have scraped the bedrock smooth, resulting in a unique selection of obstacles.

The UK Adidas Snowboarding team, consisting of Dom Harington, Angus Leith, Jon Weatherly and Team Manager Thrashmore took advantage of the summer solstice being a regional holiday, where the resort fills up with eager tourists and opens the lifts for three days, to undertake a summer shred trip with a difference! Taking on all types of spots in and around Riksgransen and Bjorklieden, riding on snow, rock and moss, as well as taking a swim in the Arctic Ocean, the crew also managed to fit in a heli day, a party, and some bizarre pagan solstice dancing with the locals!