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We were trying to wait for Mark to get back to us with some more info to post with this, but then we realized it’s fucking Friday and a good powder edit speaks for itself.

Helluvalyfe: Big White Opening Weekend

The west coast has been getting hit from Mammoth to BC, and The Business Ltd. were there for some powdery goodness at Big White’s Opening Day up in BC.


Montucky Fried Chicken

This edit has it all. Overly long intros! Wildlife! And of course, powder boarding.

The 2016 Pow Wow at Jackson Hole

Rob at Welcome Party

Kinger welcomes us to the party.

When Rob Kingwill was finalizing the dates for this year’s Pow Wow with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort he had no idea that the week he chose for the event would be the deepest storm cycle of the ‘15-’16 season. Over four feet of stable pow fell on the Tetons last week providing ideal conditions for the froth fest that was this year’s event. Legendary figures and contemporary riders alike gathered in Teton Village to share good times and their thoughts on the latest shapes from various manufacturers including: Lib, Burton, K2, Gentemstick, HighTide Mfg., Arbor, Franco Snowshapes, Unity, Jones, and others.

“This event isn’t like others where reps are trying to push their products on you. This event is about the community coming together to collaborate to push snowboard design forward.” Kingwill said during the event’s welcome party. Participants were asked to fill out an online survey on each board they rode giving shapers valuable feedback that they can use when coming up with new products. “The entire event is rider driven,” Kingwill added.

Welcome Party

The crew starts to assemble at the Welcome party.

Community was a central theme of the event and it was really cool to share laps and smiles with so many hugely influential people in the industry. It was a surreal experience to say the least. After each day of riding, evening seminars and events took place that focused on snowboard-centric topics, arts, and culture.

While the three days of the Pow Wow are invite only, a public demo was held on Friday.

I tried out a handful of boards during the week including shapes from HighTide Mfg, Gentemstick, Arbor, Unity, and K2 with my favorite ride of the week being the 150cm K2 Party Platter with the Arbor Carter Clovis 159 nipping very closely at it’s heels.

Thanks again to Rob Kingwill and all the manufacturers and shapers for putting on such an amazing event.

Franco Shapes

Beautiful stuff from Franco Snowshapes

Tent Scene

Tent vibes…

Alex Andrews

The king of perpetual froth: Mr. Alex Andrews rigging up.

Draft Dodger

HighTide Mfg. Draft Dodger 157. A very fun ride that could easily be a daily driver.

JB Terje Hit

Colorado’s own Jake Black sending a jump that Terje has hit a time or two supposedly.


The Gentemstick Chaser 156 rode with the precision of a samurai’s sword in the tight steep trees at Jackson.

RP Drop

Raul Pinto knows a thing or two about style.


The Carter Clovis 159 could easily be a freerider’s daily driver. Nice work on this one guys.


As if 4ft of pow wasn’t enough to keep you smiling, Buoloco’s Ed Segovia’s running commentary at the event was nothing short of hilarious. It does beg the question however, “Who is more heavy metal: Ed or his hat?”

Raul Pinto

Raul Pinto re-loads. This time on a Gentemstick shape.

Unity Whale

Pete Wurster’s meticulous attention to detail and solid craftsmanship really showed through on this shape. I definitely recommend checking out some of the offerings from Unity if you’re looking for a solid all mountain shape.

4Pines Hike

A group of riders makes their way out to Four Pines in the Jackson Hole side country.


Looking at a small sliver of the Jackson Hole sidecountry from the top of Four Pines.

Air into Abyss

Long-time friend, and Jackson Hole silent killer, Mike Scott puts a little air under his feet headed into Four Pines

MS heel

Mike Scott snow testing jackson hole sidecountry

MS Chute

Mike Scott slotted in the Four Pines Sidecountry

Shred X

Rob welcomes us to the Shred X talks on Wednesday night

Jeff Grell

Jeff Grell inventor of the high back was one of the guest presenters during the Shred X talks on Wednesday night.

Old Group Shot

No, this group photo was not taken at this years event although some of those shapes might fool you.

Bas Air

Mike Basich spoke at the Shred X event as well.

Bas Yeti Naked

It was at this moment that Mike Basich locked up the honor of being named ‘Chief of the Pow Wow’ as I’m pretty sure everyone in the room agreed that this might be the most badass thing to have gone down on a snowboard in the last 10years.

Heli Drop

Apparently while being taken up to the drop point for this iconic shot the heli pilot asked Basich if he’d ever done something like this before to which Mikey replied, “Nope.” The pilot then asked, “Do you have a helmet?” To which Basich replied, “Nope.” and the rest they say is history.

Party Platter

K2 Party Platter 150. I had a ton of fun on this board and it was my favorite ride of the week. Really good float and a great directional flex allows you to go anywhere on this thing.


They aren’t joking.

Four Pines Pano

The sun came out on the last day of the event which allowed us to get a better look at some of the amazing terrain for which Jackson is known.

MS 4 Pines

Mike Scott takes a second to look back up at our lines down Four Pines.

Closing Party

Franco Snowshapes hosted the closing party on Thursday night.


As the bonfire slowly wound down, the memories of an amazing week lived on in the hearts and minds of everyone who was lucky enough to be a part of the Pow Wow in 2016.


Blair Habenicht wins the 2016 Smashlife Banked Slalom – Alpental

Jay Hergert

Jay Hergert, smash pow and life, simultaneously. 

Words and photos Garrett Read

The 5th annual A-Rob Smash Life banked slalom went down at Alpental on January 16th and 17th. A fundraiser for the A-Rob plant a seed project, it was started by Aaron Robison’s Family after we lost Aaron in a snowboarding accident in Chile in 2011. The A-Rob Plant a Seed Project is a non-profit that gives underprivileged youth a chance to experience the fun of snowboarding and that is just what the Smash Life Banked Slalom is all about.

This Season at Alpental has been one for the books. With the 2nd deepest snowpack in the country, the team was able to construct a course with huge waves that snaked down this natural gully, which made it “challenging but fun,” according to Blair Habenicht. And much like the previous month the snow was falling hard, so hard that on Saturday the course was buried and the powers that be decided to qualify everybody and the racers all went and ripped pow. On Sunday the snow had not let up, and competitors were riding pow between their runs, a proper tribute to A-Rob!

Blair Habenicht took the win in open class and when the results are final they will all be available at

Aaron Cardwell

Aaron Cardwell turning.Alpental

There’s a little bit of snow at Alpental. Blair

Blair Habenicht, not as fast going up as down.
Blair turn

Snowy wonderland.




The local color. more turns

Aggressive turning.

Pitted on course.

open winners

The winners.

Seb Grondin – Remixed from “Wasted Youth The Movie”

Here’s one for the pow hounds. Sorry about all the rail coverage, although, not really.


Just outside Vancouver, Seymour is popping.

Featuring: Adam Swain, Coulton Conway, David Lee, Nic Corazzin, Christian Briones, Lucas Bradley, and Jasper Fast.

WainSanity 2015

Hard to believe its been five years since we first starting posting Matt Wainhouse’s shaky GoPro edits. Actually, we’re just taking his word for that part. But the cameras have gotten better and Matt has too, so enjoy a bunch of footage you’ve probably already seen this year, but in a different order to a different song.

TURN & BURN-Part two: Newfoundland

You know winter was bad when people fly from West coast of Canada to Newfoundland for powder riding.

Boyz n Toyz: Deep in Japan

Japan is one of the few places that got snow last year and while we didn’t get to go, we’re only slightly jealous to report lots of people did! Set your drool meter to full for this one.

Featuring: Mario Wanger, Tom Klocker, Mario Kaeppeli

Video: Julian Pintarelli

The MIDDLE/PATH Project Trailer – an EcoConscious Shred Flick

The Northwest sucks.

You can’t always get what you want- so the saying goes. Last winter we planned to spend the majority of our time in the PNW shredding powder and having a low impact on the environment. Changing climates and warm temperatures have become a fearful vision of the future. Last season that nightmare became reality. With winter being almost non existent and resorts shutting down by mid March, we had to search elsewhere. Through our travels, we hoped to acquire knowledge on the impacts of travel and consumption. Things such as how fossil fuels affect the world around us and what it really means to throw something away. The world is changing and the way we are living must change too. Through snowboarding we have a very deep connection to the planet and a desire for it to function properly. Each of us play a role and need to become more aware of the impacts we make. This was our journey along the Middle Path.

Music – Queen by Perfume Genius

Boring Splitboard Movie 14.15

Split boarding. Why anyone would want to do it baffles us.

The Impaler: Montana Section

Sometimes we do an interview with someone, and then the very video they are talking about comes out the next day. It’s almost like we planned it, but we didn’t!

Riders: Kyle Miller, Kael Martin, Shane Stalling, Micah Hoogeveen and Todd Kirby
Cameo Charlie Hayenga

Get that DVD at

The Search with Wiley Tesseo

Apparently not everyone wants to watch rail edits, and if that’s you, here’s some good powder boarding and jumping from the NuuLife crew.