The Airblaster/Poler/Brixton/&Work Sample Sale


The Vantasy: Santasy

Santa is hammered.  And ripping!


Thursdays at the Office: #Campvibes

Apparently when you don’t pay people, they can’t afford rent. Justin has been trying to survive on the mean streets of Portland, and finally catches a break when Brooke sends him to deliver something to Party Time Nate at Poler Stuff.

Every Third Thursday’s Camp Vibes

There’s no better way to split up your day than a brand new episode of Every Third Thursday! Inspired by an all mountain survivalist sort of vibe, this board is built with some kick ass options and a surprise inside. So dig in, hit play and let the show begin! We may have just stumbled on to somethin’…..

Poler Welcomes Jed Anderson Jake Kuzyk and Louif Paradis

One of the best/worst parts about starting a new brand in snowboarding or skateboarding, is that everyone wants you to “sponsor” them. We imagine for a company like Poler making something people actually need and can’t get for free from anywhere, it’s even worse. Scratch that, we know it is. In fact, we’re sick of people asking US how they can get hooked up with Poler, just cause we give away heat bags with purchases in the store! That said, Jed Anderson, Jake Kuzyk and Louif Paradis are riding for Poler and you’re not. Maybe they let you share their tents this summer.

Get Yo’ Tent at

At long last, the folks at Poler are selling camping stuff. As of right now, the One-man tent is in the store and if you order ASAP you’ll score an extra special deal…

The Poler Man Tent fits one man, woman or child with room to spare. Lightweight aluminum poles pop together like magic. Soak in the stars or snap on the fly to keep the raindrops out. Oversized so you have plenty of room to sit up and change your clothes or do yoga. Keep dirty boots and other stuff nice and dry under the vestibule. The fly has an eye for checking the weather or even a Poler eclipse.

These are nice tents folks, easily comparable to tents costing a whole lot more. To thank you for supporting us from the beginning we’re throwing in a FREE classic foam sleeping pad ($20 value) plus we are paying sales tax and UPS ground shipping (USA destinations only; excludes AK, HI, PR and PO Boxes). This offer won’t last, so order now. Camp Vibes!


And if you only buy stuff because of the sweet people who ride for them, you’ll be excited to learn Jed Anderson, Jake Kuzyk and Louif Paradis are on the Poler team. So go score yourself a one-man tent now. Right now!

Announcing the Poler One-Man Tent Winner

These comment-to-win contests always seem like a good idea until it comes to picking a winner from a bunch of entries. Luckily for us, the guys at Poler did the dirty work and combed through all the entries to select their favorites. They were also apparently feeling generous, because in addition to the grand prize winner, four runners up will receive Poler hats and tees. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winning entrants, especially Cameron Gardner from Santa Barbara, CA who is soon to be the proud owner of a Poler One Man tent for this answer:

Cameron on June 1st, 2011 at 4:31 pm

A one man tent calls for some one man adventures. I Plan on driving up the coast of california in my Vanagon and setting up camp with this tent at different state beaches such as El Capitan as well as head up towards Santa Cruz and Big Sur. Get some alone time with nature and the ocean. Read some books, catches some waves. As for the trucker hat and shirt I’d wear them the whole time. documenting it with my cameras for everyone to see my poler one man adventures.

Honorable mentions (each will receive a Poler hat and T):

jaredthedolphin on June 1st, 2011 at 12:36 pm

hmmmmm. summers here. My plan right now is a coastal bike/skate adventure. I’m going to head from bellingham, Wa, through the san jauns, onto vancouver island, make my way over to the Olympic Pennisula and cruise the 101 as far south as my legs and rear can carry me. The oly penn has sum radical skateparks as well as coastal oregon, not to mention the abundent spots mother nature has afforded us. Ive made this trip countless times via car but i’m ready to move a lot slower and take in all the nortwest truly has to offer. Just had the idea about two weeks ago and it’s on. Only thing i’m missing, a side car for my 13 year old siberian husky, Mr. P……… and a tent. Bring on the good times…….

jeffy on June 1st, 2011 at 7:32 pm

pitch the mother fucker in some randoms front lawn, claim manifest destiny and that it is my lawn now and call it “the tent of 1817″

Kyleefff on June 1st, 2011 at 9:28 pm

Id sell it for money to buy lift tickets, then go steal it back at night while the dude is sleeping in it. And then sell it again, for more lift ticket money. And then steal it, again. And this cycle would just keep going until I either, get killed, arrested, banned from timberline, or eaten by wolves and hippies in tent village.

pam on June 2nd, 2011 at 10:08 pm

I’d re-name to ‘poler one-lonely-woman tent’. set ‘er up. lay back and fill my mind with pleasant thoughts of Keegan coming with the tent. (and me 😉

Thanks again to Poler for putting on this giveaway! If you haven’t yet, go sign up for the mailing list and be the first to know when the one man tent and other outdoor accoutrements hit stores!

Win Some Warmth from Poler

This snowboarding business is a funny thing. More often than not you’re willing trek out into the elements, even going so far as to ride devices that lift you high above the ground and into the cruel wind’s path. The best days are often those the mercury is well below freezing, when the white stuff is light and crisp and exposed skin almost instantly turns pick. What I’m getting at is it’s cold out there. Luckily for you, our cold loving friend, we’ve got lots of warmth to give away over the next week in the form of heat bags from Poler.

If you haven’t heard, Poler is the new hotness from Portland (literally) and they make all sorts of nifty devices for outdoor enthusiasts. They also enjoy entertainment, so here’s the deal. We want to hear some stories and brilliant ideas. We’ve got two cues for you to choose from and either one will likely score you one, if not an entire box of Poler Heat Bags.

Option 1: Tell us about the coldest you’ve ever been. This has been a extra cold one, so you should even have some recent experiences to draw from. If not…

Option 2: Come up with some creative uses for heat bags. We’ve already determined they don’t get quite hot enough to fry an egg, but surely there is something more interesting you can do with little bags that warm when they touch the air. Send us some goods ones and you’re eligible.

If we like your answers, there’s a very good chance we will send you a heat bag. The best responses may also be featured on the Poler website. At the end of the entry period (a week from today, so February 23, 2011) we’ll select one person who entered at random for the glorious prize pack pictured above. A YoBeat hoodie (in your size) and an entire box of Poler Heat bags, which will easily keep you warm all winter, seeing as they are reusable and last up to ten hours.

To enter, send either your cold story or list of uses to [email protected] Include your address, cause we’re not following up with everyone to send out individual heat bags, duh.

The fine print: Single prizes are limited by availability (but we have tons of these things) and by entering you are agreeing to have Poler reprint your email on so don’t whine about it. North American entries only, please.

You can also receive free Poler Heat Bags by ordering from the YoBeat store or the Poler store, however, you will not be entered to win a whole box, or a sweatshirt.