Rejected Edits

Logic says by this point in the season, there should be less and less rejected edits to post. Whether it be from the constant beat down from me and the loyal followers or from the amount of time on snow you should have had by now, the quality of edit should improve and therefore less edits for this feature. That is not the case this week. So pat yourselves on the back, you are still just as bad at filming, editing, and riding as you were two months ago.

Look Mom Files Vol.1: D+

If I had a dollar for all the Capita board-Union binding combos I’ve seen this year I would be rich. You guys are trying so hard to be like your east coast recently popular heroes. I don’t have a problem with that, be like your idols. But please don’t submit an edit until you can do the moves comfortably and correct. There was so much zeaching going on in this edit I would be embarrassed if it were I that you were trying to emulate.

Monday Funday 4: C-

Nothing sets the tone for an edit like some nice unintentional early-out box slides. You tried to do it all here — mellow park, hand rails, and big jumps. The mellow park was wack, the hand rails were played out and weak, and the big jumps had no style. Classic Summit County.

Campgaw Mountain Steezy Sundays ep. 6: D+

If that’s not an opener then I don’t know what is. Little tailfish gap to half ass noseslide. Dang. Someone needs to go to this place and put on a sliding rails/boxes sideways clinic.

Stunting at Tobboganburg: D

Talk about a lame edit. This one is up there for all time biggest wastes of time. Congratulations. Nothing in this edit makes me want to snowboard or care about what you’re doing.

Drop Productions: 2012 Loon Edit: C-

It looks like you have no comprehension of how to snowboard or do moves. I feel like you woke up one morning and said, “hey lets go try and fly off some snow ramps onto some metal things today.” It was nice of your uncle to let you borrow his condo in NH for the weekend.

Mt. High in January: C-

The thought process going into this edit went something like this: “Hey guys, I just got a new GoPro. Let’s go make a sick edit, we’ll get it posted on Yobeat and everyone will tell us how sick our overly-generic rail riding tricks are.”

Pretty Flocko: D+

Holy Nick Visconti pants! You obviously don’t care about this edit so why should anyone else? Go home and come back when you’re ready to not waste my time.

Keaton Rodgers full part: D-

If anyone can get past :07 and still think something good is going to come from this I commend them. Every once in awhile you come across an edit that really annoys you. This is one of those for me.

Yawgoo Edit: C

After all the Yawgoo edits that have been posted on Yobeat, I wouldn’t suggest submitting one where your riding is worse than Mary Rand’s. The bar has been set pretty high for Yawgoo edits, this one falls short.

DatRAWshit: C

I think your one friend has watched a few too many Alex Stathis parts/edits. Who makes that other kid’s jacket and pant combo though? It’s pretty sick.

Ben Levin: D

Wow your park looks bad. You’ve got some real weekend warrior style. Maybe that can become a thing if you keep at it. A true pioneer.

Welcome, Hylands of Olympia: C

So is the poor/shaky filming some sort of abstract art project? Or are you just not good at being steady?

The Great Bear Edit: D

Maybe relax on the color changing/film burn effects a bit. I cant really comment on your riding I was too distracted by next level editing techniques.

A Day with the Hate Hard Crew: D-

This has got to be a joke right? I can understand not knowing your snowboarding is bad when you’re actually doing it, it all happens so fast. But you have video proof here of yourselves barely touching the smallest of rails and zeaching it. This is just bad.

DiscoBob 2012: D-

This edit is just depressing. You guys appear to have an awesome spot with several legit options. Your snowboarding however, is real bad. Like you shouldn’t tell your girlfriend you snowboard because if she sees this she will dump you bad.

Wolfpack wolfshred Wednesday at Mt. Brighton: D

This one is actually pretty funny. This park is pretty awful, and I can see you’re trying. But you definitely need to spend a couple months either without the camera turned on or make the edit but don’t submit them. Because right now this edit will get you laughed off the Internet.

Skier fight at Timber Ridge: D-

You had a sick edit here until you went and ruined it with all those shots of you and your friends snowboarding. No one wants to see your sick backside girl kick shifties. Just upload the raw footage of the kids fighting.

Powder Kings Do Slow mo: C

I thought we had just about gotten rid of twixtor edits. Way to bring it back, we were all waiting for another sub par edit stretched and deformed into a 5-minute yawn fest. It should be known by now that only T. Rice and Co. are capable of making people watch snowboarding at that many frames per second. And even that’s a stretch.