YoBeat Most Awesome Chef: Peter Line vs. Party Time Nate

Peter Line and Party Time Nate met once again in a battle of culinary skills. For this YoBeat Most Awesome Chef challenge, the home court advantage was Nate’s, as Peter drove down to Portland to attempt to take out Nate once again. The secret ingredient of coffee (provided by Wille Yli Luoma and Heart Roasters) prove to be a challenge for both chefs, but they managed to put together two very good meals. Only one could come out on top though, and claim the glamorous prize.

If you missed the first time Peter and Nate met, be sure to check it out.


Enter to Win Free Gear From Dakine


It’s that time of year when you need to freshen up your kit for the new season. Dakine would like to give YOU this sweet Peter Line selected kit. Winning is easy. All you have to do is click on the “enter to win” button below and enter your name and email address. That’s it. We’ll pick a winner at random from the entries on Friday November 20th, 2015 from the entries. Simple, right? Really, it’s the next best thing to winning Peter Line himself.

One winner will be chosen to receive:
Poncho Libre
Parson’s Jacket
Troutdale Bib Pants

Again, all you’ve got to do to be entered to win is enter your name and email by clicking the button below.

Winner will be chosen at random from the entries on Friday November 20th, 2015.

Winner Announced: A Capita Quickstrike Peter Line Rainbow 153


This season, Peter Line and Capita teamed up to bring you the PL Rainbow 153 and now they want to give one away to one lucky Yobeat reader! But since these are super limited and sure to fetch a pretty penny on eBay or Vintage Snowboard Trader someday soon, we’re gonna make you work for it! To enter, correctly answer the following trivia questions (hint: all the answers can be found right here on Yobeat.)

How many incarnations of the Rainbow graphic have been on Peter Line’s snowboards over the years?
5 (also accepted 6, if you count the hand drawn rainbow on one of his Forum graphics.)

What company does Peter Line currently design outerwear for?

What was Peter’s original inspiration for the rainbow graphic?
A Sean Sheffey Skate Graphic

How many times has Peter won a Yobeat cook off?

There is a Peter Line documentary in the works. What legendary snowboard filmmaker is producing it?
Mike McIntire aka Mack Dawg

Congrats to Max Holzman of Essex, VT!

A Quickstrike Quickie with Peter Line

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.50.11 AM

The super limited edition Capita Peter Line Rainbow 153 Quickstrike officially hits store shelves tomorrow — although based on Instagram, hungry board collectors have already started snatching them up. The graphic features the iconic rainbow, which Peter first used on his Division 23 pro model in the mid 1990’s, as well as some more modern accouterments such as pizza, boobs and cigs. Spanning 20 years, the rainbow graphic is one of snowboarding’s most memorable art pieces and we caught up with the man himself for a little history lesson.

What was the original inspiration for the pink rainbow graphic on your Division 23 board?

I think it was a Sean Sheffey skate graphic of Hello Kitty or something pink and I just thought it was awesome to have a girly graphic. Not sure where the rainbow came from or why I didn’t do white polka dots. I can still do those on my re-re-re-issue board in a few years.


How many different variations of the rainbow have existed over the years on your pro models?
Only the three D23 originals, the Forum 10-year reissue and this one. I think on one of my other Forum graphics, I had a hand drawn rainbow and they may have made an icon from it at one point, but I can’t remember.

Has there ever been any homophobic blowback over the years? Any issues with sensitive retailers?

I don’t think so. When the D23 one came out in ’95 or ’96, it really wasn’t a known logo for the gay community. Later, when the rainbow logo was more prevalent and known, I think some people were thinking I was gay because of my graphic. I really didn’t care, I didn’t know of the rainbow meaning when I used it as my graphic, now I think it makes it even better. I love pissing off homophobes.


Forum 10-year reissue. Photo: Alex Swords

Do you feel given the current climate of acceptance for gay marriage and trans gender individuals in America, this graphic holds the same impact it once did?

Probably not, especially this new version. Cigs, pizza, boobs and pills? It may have its own impact far aside from having a rainbow on it.

In all its glory. photo: Jason Chuma

How did you team up with Capita? 

I’ve been friends with Blue since the D23 days and I’ve always respected the Capita brand. And plus, it’s here in Seattle, so even better.

What else are you up to these days?

Oh, stuff. Designed Jess’s graphics for Capita again, designing the men’s outerwear for Dakine, shooting product photos and writing for Snowboarder Mag. There’s this three-part documentary about me coming out one of these days soon. I have a goggle with Electric coming out that carries a similar theme, as well as a shoe with DVS. And maybe some other stuff, but I can’t remember. And hoping it actually snows this year!

The Peter Line Rainbow Quickstrike is available at select retailers starting October 20, 2015. Hit up your local shop soon if you want one!

Peter Line’s New Gig


The transition from pro to civilian can be a rocky one, but Peter Line is doing it with grace. This fall he designed his first outerwear line for Dakine, which he’s presenting for approval this week. Peter’s snowboard skills alone didn’t get him the job, he was involved with the design side at Foursquare for nearly 8 years. Obviously we asked him the most pressing question, how he likes the gig and how it compares to snowboarding.

“I’m digging it, a bit more on my shoulders, more responsibility,” he said. “I don’t mind not having to wake up at 5am and gassing up my sled and riding out for a mile on a bumpy trail in 15 degree cold. I pick the good days I want to ride now.”

Peter’s first line drops in fall 2015. Pick it up at your nearest shop.


UltraNatural: Peter Line’s Judgement

These guys won. Wanna know why? Read on a Peter will explain it.

By now you have probably seen the photos and know who the winners are. You probably also have read about the impressive tricks thrown and the flat light conditions that made it difficult to make it down without falling. It was indeed a very impressive contest, and I had to judge it. I’ve only judged a few contests in my life and this one I have to say was the most fun. Any other typical contest, you pretty much know what is going to happen, what tricks will be hucked and in lots of cases, who’s going to win before it even starts. This contest had none of that. There were the favorites to win, but that doesn’t mean much in a comp like this where anything can happen and that was the best part. We had no clue on what jumps and features each rider would hit, more less what tricks they were going to pull off. In many cases, the rider didn’t even know his own line until he dropped in.

Pat Moore sported a mountain man look, while B Fox was just being kinda creepy.

Pat Moore started things off with a clean run on the upper course but came up short on the park booter. Coming up short on this jump soon became a trend with a number of the riders. In fact, falling became a trend in this contest. Only one rider made it down the course without falling, and we placed him in third. This shows how we were judging falls on this difficult set up. Major falls were a pretty big mark down, like on Pat Moore’s second run 200ft long tumble. But surfs or quick sits weren’t penalized as much as a normal contest. Nicolas Muller ended up with best trick where he did a hard surf on the landing, but it was huge and doubt anyone could stomp it any cleaner.

Gigi Ruf gives his trophy the good ol’ fashion taste test.

I, of course wasn’t the only Judge, there were 5 of us. There was head judge Tom Burt (old school judge), Andy Hetzel (extreme judge), Temple Cummins (Mt. Baker Judge) , Jamie Lynn (Method Judge) and myself (Technical Judge). Tom, Temp, and Hetz were watching the runs with binoculars while Jamie and myself watched off the live feeds on two TVs. As a rider came down, we would write down the tricks, falls, sits, surfs and scuttles and any other important info we needed to remember. We then entered our score on an iPod judging app that was entered into the computer and averaged out with the other judges scores. If there were major differences in scores, we would discuss and come to an agreed placement for the rider. This became the main basis with our judging after scoring — was the rider positioned correctly, and if not scores were changed to place him in the agreed position. When all was said and done, we were in complete agreement and happy with our judgments.

It was nice of TWS to pay for all these. Sorry it had to come out of your paycheck, Hondo.

So now you know how the riders were judged to place them where they were placed. In other words, everything. Don’t let it go to your head.

Thursdays at the Office: Give the Forum to Peter

Yobeat’s discussion forum was broken for weeks. Brooke put Justin in charge of fixing things. His solution? Drive to Seattle to recruit Peter Line.

First Session 10/28/12

Shot in in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Inspired by Peter Lines part in “The Resistance.” Directed & Animated by Vincent Bilodeau.
Edited by Maxime Dumont.

Give Forum to Peter

With Burton’s announcement it would shutter the Program brands at the end of the season, the Internet has been in an uproar. While reactions ranged from blind rage, to rational understanding, none have rang louder than the social media campaign calling to #giveFORUMtoPETER.

Now to clarify, this campaign is only calling for Peter Line to receive the rights to the Forum name and branding, and the company as we know it would likely still be gone at the end of the season. However, it would enable Peter to restart the brand in the future if he so chose. More than anything, it’s a gesture to allow Peter Line, rather than Burton, to make the call on how or if the legacy will continue.

If you’d like to support this movement, there is now a website where you can sign the petition to #giveFORUMtoPETER and if nothing else, show you appreciate everything Peter Line has done for snowboarding.

Peter’s response via Facebook:

More on the original Fourstar Distro Fall out:

For another perspective:

Wooo!! Mt. Baker Opening Day 2011

Tedore, Peter and half of Surrey BC.

At the risk of dating myself, I remember when there were so few snowboarders on the the hill that if you saw one you didn’t know, you’d go out of your way to say what’s up and take a run with them. It obviously isn’t like that anymore, especially at Baker on opening day, were the initial lift line snaked all the way out and around the lodge to the parking lot, and the majority of people were on snowboards. But I digress.

Baker bluebird!

We decided to try and outsmart the herd by taking chair 8* to the top, instead of the more logical 4-6 mess, which actually worked out well for us. There was no line and we took a lap on that side through, yeah, I’m gonna say it, the waist deep, uncharacteristically light pow. On our second ride up, we got on the chair with Zach, a stoked Canadian kid with a GoPro and an old forum board. I should also probably mention that “we” was myself, Sean Tedore and Peter Line, which may have been why Zach had waited to get on the chair with us. Peter, not me or Tedore.

Yeah, we were there. Photo: Zach Janz

Anyway, we wound up riding with Zach all day. Since Tedore has the knees of a 75-year-old man and Peter was suffering the effects of too many cigarettes and old age**, we were pretty full of gripes on the chair rides. We’d catch ourselves going off with some completely asinine complaint or arguing about which runs sucked, and then Zach would say something to remind us just how awesome this day really was. It reminded me of the good old days, making a new friend and just shredding all day. There really is something about Mt. Baker, that even during the opening day shit show, the old-time good snowboard vibes remain. Then again, it could have just been that we were with Peter.

Anyway, good shredding with you Zach and if you missed opening day due to work, school, or agoraphobia, you blew it. Baker is sick.

There was snow. Lots of it. And even a little bit of blue sky.

JRob and John Laing. Pretending to like each other.

Oh yeah, and they built a new lodge.

Post shredding stretching with Austen Sweeten and Austin Hironaka.

MMM. Beer. None for Sweetin though, little punk.

Here’s our mediocre GoPro Edit, or watch Zach’s POV right here, right now.

Or watch this much better edit from Snowboard Realms.

*Fun fact one: Chair 8 apparently derailed later that day and the people on had to be downloaded

**Fun fact two: All of Peter’s new boards got stolen out of his car by a Seattle crackhead so he was also riding an old board. Sorry Winkel.

The Forum Peter Line Collection

Tiny people rejoice! Forum introduces a line of clothing just for you, designed by snowboarding’s most legendary small man, Peter Line. Well, technically it comes in multiple sizes, but whatever.

All new for 2012, Forum presents an exclusive collection of softgoods designed by pro rider Peter Line, aptly named “The Peter Line.” This one-of-a-kind compilation includes a fisherman-style beanie, t-shirt featuring Peter’s kitty titty artwork, and the limited Peter Line Jacket complete with kitty titty lining — all designed in Peter’s favorite color, black.

“My line of clothes was pretty much inspired by punk rock, boobs and kittens. It’s easy to see this in the PL jacket, but you probably don’t know that the beanie I designed doubles as boob warmers and can be used as an old fashion slingshot for kittens, a handheld cat-a-pult if you will.” — Peter Line

The Peter Line is now available at a shop near you. To find the nearest dealer, go to and enter your zip code or country in the lower left corner.

Meet Sarah Morrison at the Peddie Files Premiere

Our official So Cal snowboard premiere correspondent Sarah Morrison is surely excited about the premiere of Peter Line and Eddie Wall’s Peddie Files, Oct 14th in Costa Mesa. We haven’t actually told her about it yet, but considering she listed Peter on her short list of favorite people in her last report, we’re sure she wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Peter Line: Artist

In addition to being a world-renowned chef, Peter Line has officially added another straw to his cap of eccentricity. Now he is an Artist. Pete had his first art show last weekend at R&R Studios in LA and let’s just say, we’re really bummed we missed the chance to pick up the piece above to hang above our bed. Check out more pictures from the magical evening over on the Forum Blog.

Gingervitus: Peter Line’s Revenge

The name of my first two columns was a tribute to Peter Line, but I feel like I’ve messed with this guy enough so I changed it. One night, years ago when I first met Peter, I decided to pretend to be an avid snake-boarder and act like I had no idea who he was. More recently, I sent Peter a few questions regarding his opinion of snake-board companies moving into the snowboard market and putting snowboarders on their teams. Below is some sort of creative writing interpretation of the interview and the events of the night in question, in some sort of weird Peter Line-style avant-garde re-enactment. Some of this happened, most of it didn’t, all of it is awesome. Just thought I’d share. I was trying to poke a little bit of fun at Peter, but he masterfully turned this against me so that I would be the one blushing. Touché. Peter, touché. Respect your elders, especially the ones with a famous colon.

“Are you still mad at me?”

I looked up from my drink. A tall ginger girl stared down at me, “What?”

“Are you still mad at me?” she repeated.

I had no idea what she was talking about. Did I sleep with this girl at one time and forget?

“mad about what?”

“How did you listen to me talk about snake boards for so long that night?”

She took my pause as a chance to pull up a chair beside me. Her red hair brushed against my face as she scooted closer. She smelled of ripe cantaloupe and lavender, a combination of her shampoo and the gum she was chewing. I could just makeout her ample ▮▮▮▮▮▮ under her tight ▮▮▮▮▮▮, they ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ with every scooch closer. I took a sip of my drink to hide my excitement.

“What do you think about snake boards/ swivel boards moving into the snowboard market and trying to get snowboarders on their teams?”

She said it again, ‘snake-boards’. The way she pronounces the ‘S’ gives me shivers. I couldn’t help but say the word aloud as she did. “Ssssssnake-boardssss,” The ‘S’s echoed through my head. “Ssssssnake-boardssss,” I repeated again. She was staring at me with her beautiful green doe-like eyes. Her mouth hung open, poised. ‘she wants me.’

“Were you tempted to try one after our conversation?”

She said ‘tempted’. “Yes I’m tempted to try ▮▮▮ out”

All, six feet of her stood up from her chair as she spit in my face.

“Are most people you meet ▮▮▮▮▮ than me?”

“ahhh… “

“Will I be seeing you at Hood this summer?”

I reached up and grabbed the gum stuck on cheek and put it in my mouth.

“Hmmm… cantaloupe, I was right.”