The People's Champ: Sam Anderson

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Sam wins! Now you can watch his part and learn more about this Wisconsin crusher.

Return of the People's Court - The Inaugural 2017/18 Competition

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A seasons' worth of snowboarding from Aleix Calderon, Kyle Staiton, Alexis Roland, Sam Anderson, Connor Palahicky - and your chance to let 'em know!

People's Court: Adam Lechner vs. Nick Connell

This week on People’s Court we've got two kids from sunny California. Both shred hard and have some pretty sweet maneuvers but only one can walk away as the champion. Or will the dogs take it?

People's Court: Brennon Sloan vs. Brady McCarthy

This week we got two kids, who appear to be close in age, sending some nice rail maneuvers and making their friends film. Will dad cams take it all? Or is watching other people getting hurt in the form of a crash reel still your favorite pastime?

People's Court: TJ Fitzgerald vs. Shane Reuther

This week People's Court returns with two newly turned teenagers. These 13 year olds kill it, but who will emerge on top? Who will be the next up and comer? The pre-teen of the year? You decide, or will the skiers take over?

People's Court: Clayton Scott vs Kyle Stainton

Who's got the coldest slides of them all?

People's Court: Aiden Chmura vs Jason Loxterkamp

Different spots, different styles, one winner.

People's Court: Ryan Ensor vs Bryce Bugatti

Cause judging other people is fun!