Airblaster Family Portrait: Chapter 1

It's Monday (ok, actually Sunday night) which means Part 1 of 6 of the Airblaster Family Portrait is live on the Interweb! In Part 1 the founders of the company explain how and why the company started, what their mission was, and what it…

Airblaster's Family Portrait

If you're butthurt that Airblaster is charging for its team flick this year, good news, the Airblaster Family Portrait has even more Air-fun and is free with any purchase in the AB store in the month of November. Or you can just wait and…

PocketWizard Ultimate Champion Battle Starts Jan 4

Since we started the Firing Squad, YoBeat's heated photo battle, in 2008, nine photos and eight photographers have earned a spot in the Champions Gallery. And now, we're making the pot even sweeter. In addition to fame, glory and a DAKINE…

Office Space with 30s Thursday: Airblaster

When I strolled up to the brick building on 12th and Division (that was once a Ford manufacturing plant in the 1930’s) I imagined rows of neatly dressed midgets at machines sewing leg-bags and watching snowboard movies.  I pictured…

The Making of a Firing Squad Champ

Behind Forrest's Glacial Ride to Glory

Firing Squad: Miller vs Sell

This week's battle is Gnar vs Gnar.

Firing Squad: Miller vs Kirby

A new battle begins...if you haven't figured it out yet, Zimmerman hates mini shred!

Firing Squad: Hockenstein vs Miller

Epic glaciers and superb snowboarding make this one of our best battles yet!

Old Gold: Frost Boarding

Once upon a time, at a magical place called the Blue Lodge...

Over Gossip Yet?

Wow, it's been awhile. In all my efforts to get more people involved in Yo Beat, I actually forgot to do anything. Oops. Just to keep you entertained, here's some very thrilling gossip. First, injuries: Brian Barb broke his L2 region of his…

PSC In-Crowd

For a lack of anything better to write about, I will now attempt to list every cool-guy snowboarder that goes to Plymouth State College in an attempt to look cool, as I too attend. Here goes: Preston Strout, Mike Parziale, Brain Barb, Luke Mathison,…

New Hampshire Preview

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All photos taken at Loon Mountain by Paul Miller. Ah yes, there she be, Plymouth, NH. Now the home of such superstars as, ahh, nevermind. No superstars live there, but it is the new location of the home offices of YoBeat. Over the coming…