The People's Champ: Sam Anderson

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Sam wins! Now you can watch his part and learn more about this Wisconsin crusher.

Aunti Films: "WTF" The Teaser

Quite the long rider line up.

The Mighty Midwest Rages On

The So-Gnar Mighty Midwest circuit is underway for 2011/12 and things continued at Buck Hill, MN with a camp and a comp. Watch both the videos right here and read all about what you missed. Then remember, you're not missing anything by living…

Windell's Trick Tip: Boardslide Through a Kink

, No need for a flashback this week, Windells has been posting some new stuff cause hey, it's spring camp this week and summer is right around the corner. Watch as Pat Milbery teaches an eager young camper to boardslide…

Hey Midwest: Go to Pat Milbery Snowboard Camp

Everything cool for snowboarding happens in the Midwest. They have the coolest rails, the Rumorator, the Michelot brothers, etc etc. And now, Pat Milbery is putting on a snowboard camp at Raging Buffalo in Chicago. Lucky bastards. Pro snowboarder…

Milbery's Signature Feature at Windells

Is it just us, or does this whole "signature" thing at summer camp sound familiar? Whatever though. Pat Milbery is cool, and creative things to snowboard on are too. And bravo to Windells for making lazy pro snowboarders do some physical…