I Ride Park City 2015: Episode 10

It’s over. Enjoy this, as we may never see another Pat Fenelon IRPC edit again.

Riders: Sam Taxwood, Ben Bilodeau, Alex Sherman, Harrison Gordon and Ozzy Henning.

Filmed and Edited by Pat Fenelon.

Bode Merrill Time: Episode 1

Bode spent last season chugging Monster and putting together this webisode series. It’s made by our old pal Pat Fenelon, and you know you love it.

Some Shit Dr. B and Pat Filmed

Mr. Fenelon has been lurking around in Rhode Island with his fancy-ass camera and he and the doctor filmed some skating. Here’s the resulting edit.

Featuring: Kyle Arruda, Andrew Rebelo, Zack Lauria, and Seth Pernal.
Filming by Brendan G. and Pat Fenelon. Additional filming by Marcus Rand.

Music: Downfall by Big Noyd, and Dwrcan by Bibio

Pat’s Picks #1


Pat Fenelon knows a thing or two about videos. He makes them for a living, ya know. He also obsessively watches them in a way that makes even the Catfish look like a casual enthusiast. So we figured, why not get Pat to pick his favorite videos of the week and then embed them. If you like stuff that’s awesome (other than snowboarding) then hopefully you’ll enjoy the following.

Hitchcock was a genius. “It became what we thought we saw, not what we saw.” Janet Leigh.

Brilliant Lakai commercial with Guy Mariano in Venice. Go vote for Guy’s real street too.

Jay-Z made me a little bit more down for Samsung with this one, and damn Rick Rubin looks cool on that couch.

This part is insane! Thrasher is always delivering the goods.

Miss Utah 2013 killed it!

Pat Fenelon’s Mammoth Opening Weekend

This video is actually sponsored by some caffeinated sugar water company, so morally we CAN’T feature it, but don’t think for a minute that doesn’t mean our dude Pat Fenelon didn’t kill it. Bode and crew had a damn good time down there.

The Best of Terrible Tuesday 2011

What started as a video series based on bad ideas has somehow continued for almost three years. For the most part we just get the leftovers from Pat’s better paying jobs, but every once in a while, he drops some real gold. Here are five of those times from the past 12 months.

#1. Dirks vs. MaryGuenn

#2 Scott Stevens

#3 Camera Men Gone Wild!

#4 Jed Anderson

#5 Eat at Spedelli’s

Terrible Tuesday: US Open Slopestyle 2011

Just Kidding! It’s My friend Brendan Gouin and I riding the mini-park at Stratton, VT during the Open. Brendan is the guy who makes awesome videos at Yawgoo Valley and Loon. I’m pretty sure we had more fun than anyone in the contest. And we both won.

Shot with the GoPro® HD Helmet HERO™ Camera

Preseason Pow Turns at Brighton

As you might have heard, Brighton is scheduled to open this Friday, November 12th Thursday!! I went up to pick up my pass and couldn’t resist hiking to make a few turns. And like any good trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon things ended up at The Lone Star Taqueria…

(Shot on the GoPro HD Hero 960)

Meanwhile, Sean Lucey was breaking the law at Alta. (Ok, maybe not simultaneously, but you get the point.) F YEAH!

Back to the Money at Brighton

Oh man, remember that 90s hip hop video with footage of the Stratton halfpipe? Well this is basically like that.

Terrible Tues Tips: Snowboarding Alone

The snow is still a bit thin in the mountains, so this Tuesday the plan was to show how urban snowboarding goes down. Several days this week friends and I ventured out into the streets of SLC in attempt to make it happen. However, security guards, concerned neighbors, no speed, bungee cords, and a lack of snow were a few of the difficulties we ran into. Full days of driving around and shoveling with nothing to show for it can lead you to forget all the great stuff about boarding. So this Terrible Tuesday Tip shows you how to go snowboarding in the evening alone… all alone. Trust that nothing will breath the love back into your snowboarding like a night just you, and the mountain. Feel the love.

Wild At Park City

[media id=77 width=555 height=360]

Riders: Alex Andrews, Sean Black, Pat Fenelon, Tucker Andrews.

Get wild.

Terrible Tues Tips: Crash Like a Man

[media id=50 width=600 height=340]

No pain no gain. You mess with the bull you get the horns. You play with fire and you might get burned. In snowboarding all of these statements are true. This week’s Terrible Tuesday Tip shows you how to man up and take a slam. Featuring Bozwreck filmer “Butters”, Ben Rice with some help from the banshee bungee, Matty Ryan who is always asking for trouble, Kyle Fischer flying off of a stick, yours truly biting the concrete hard, Mr. Austin Hironaka heading the wrong way on a hand rail, and finally Drew Amer, the owner of snow brand FUNHat, with an epic stair massage. These crashes occurred on the set of bozwreck 3000, team thunder’s Beauville, and Think Thank’s Cool Story. enjoy.

Shredding with G.A.N.D.G.A.S. October 1st

G.A.N.D.G.A.S. homie edit: Ramblin’ Rob’s Secret Spot, October 1st 2009.