Premodern Competitive Snowboarding: A Hump Day With FIS Agent Ted Martin

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Mr. Michael Ranquet joins Sir Ted Martin for the long story of he went from skiing, to founding the Interantional Snowboard Federation, and eventually assisting the FIS to organize snowboarding in the Olympics.

Our Official 2018 US Yo-lympic Snowboard Picks!

The 2018 US Olympic Snowboard team has been named and we've counted, googled and multiplied to bring you odds you definitely shouldn't use for Pyeongchang.

Yobeat's Year in Review: February 2014

Snowboarding goes viral, gets stoned and wins gold medals.

The 2011 Isenlympics

A SUPER SERIOUS event from our friends at Isenseven

Olympic Snowboarders Visit the President

Yesterday, United States President Barack Obama welcomed the US Olympic Snowboarding Team to his home. The job of translating bro talk, navigating cultural differences and documenting the event was given to Yobeat. Out of respect for this…

Yobeat's Secrets for Going Pro

Finally the Olympic shit show has ended and we can refocus on the important stuff–being cool, getting a sponsor-me-tape squared away and keeping current with snowboarding's ever changing scene. Luckily for you a top secret Yobeat document…

Shaun White Takes Olympic Victory Lap

As soon as his first run was complete, it was scarily obvious no one was beating the tomato, I mean, animal. So instead of expanding on that, Kazuhiro Kokubo's japan Mctwist was the highlight of the Olympics and Scotty Lago took home a motherfucking…

An Almost-Olympic Hump Day with JJ Thomas

The top of the podium is a nice place to be. Despite boyish good looks and solid snowboard skills, JJ Thomas has never been a Danny Kass or Shaun White type. He's always been good, but just lacking that hype that creates true snowboard…

2010 Olympics Live Stream?

Olympic snowboarding started today with the Men's Snowboardcross. Will the course spontaneously combust? (no) Will Wescott reclaim his medal? (yes) Will anyone do a stupid method on the last jump and blow it? (no) Only one thing is for sure:…

Help Name Shaun's New Trick

You may remember not too long ago Shaun White dropped his new trick: a double McTwist 1260. The timing could have been better, as the biggest threat to his Olympic gold had just fallen victim to injury, but "the kids" seemed pretty stoked…

The Olympic Pipe Looks Good Now...

The Olympic halfpipe competition starts in less than a week and good news! The halfpipe looks a lot like, well, a halfpipe. And according to Arena Snowpark's Blog it's 98% straw free. That's more good news, because a certain blogger who…