Wasted Youth: Full Skateboard Movie

According to our sources this is one of the best skate videos to come out of New Jersey in a hot minute, but don’t take our word for it. Watch it.

Featuring Jon Pine, David Mauvais, Colby Deluccia, Jeff Dechesare, Dylan Thiel, TJ Hernandez, Ryan Chaney, and many others.

Filmed by Chris Benino and Dan Callahan

Edited by Chris Benino

OvrRide Season Kickoff Party

ThirtyTwo Triple Header in NYC

Like snowboard movies and live in NYC? Well you are in luck! ThirtyTwo is showing three of them at it’s NYC Showroom on October 14. There will be FREE PBR’s and Vodka Redbulls through out the entire event and an unofficial After Party will be announced the night of. There’s a 200 person limit, so don’t be late!

Snowboarding is NOT A CRIME

No seriously, it’s not illegal to snowboard in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the Park Rangers failed to take that into account recently when threatening urban boarders with a $350 fine. It’s big news on the Internet, according to the Gothamist and the Daily News, and it is sort of funny when you think about it. Apparently the rangers told Brian Paupaw, who actually teaching kids who to snowboard at the time, it was illegal to snowboard in city parks, but that they’d “look the other way” as long as no more “ramps” were built. Sounds about right. Don’t worry, the whole thing is on video.