Under Review: Airblaster’s Single Cork Movie

The Airblaster movie Single Cork features riding that is subtle, but intensely stylish. The name single cork speaks to the message of the video, and really, Airblaster in general, which is: Have fun. With deep powder, side hits, hand plants, rails, slaloms, backflips, and b=Baker road gaps, the video creates a perfect balance of everything from “…I could do that…” to, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED.”

My personal highlights include:

-Ben Lynch doing the gnarliest grass ride known to man.

-Eric Leon, Max Warbington and other up-and-comers utterly thrashing.

-A 10+ jump rhythm section in Government Camp.

-Gypsy Island

While we’re on the subject this DVD also comes with the Home Runs series, following Jed Anderson, Nick Dirks, Ben Lynch, Brandon Cocard, Leanne Pelosi, Tim Eddy, and Travis Parker to their home mountains. And yes, you can watch these for free on the Internet so if you missed them, here ya go:

Jed Anderson

Leanne Pelosi

Travis Parker

Ben Lynch

Tim Eddy

If you like what you see and just want MORE, you can get yourself a copy HERE