Ride and Create 2016 Teaser

New film coming out of Russia featuring Riders: Denis Leontiev, Sergey Zuk, Slava Egle, Nikolay Golubev, Kirill Krivov, Kirill Rumoshevsky, Artem Pichkhadze, Konstantin Erkaev, Serhey Goglov, Timofey Strykov, Mikhail Potemkin and Alexander Smelov.

Rootch’s View of the Nitro teamshoot

Seems like snowboard parks looking more and more like Times Square every day? Everything is an ad these days, but at least the snowboarding is sick in this one.

Location: Station park in Nesselwang/Germany.

Riders: Sam Taxwood, Marc Swoboda, Ziga Rakovec, Marco Rinke, Ana Rumiha and Basti Rittig

Nitro’s Bad Seeds Teaser

The new Nitro flick is all about, you guessed, having fun with your friends. It’s also being hosted by Red Bull, but we assure you, Bryan Fox drank only water during the making of this film.

Arnette Crew Clash 3 Final: Ugly Kids & Co vs Hill City Squad


For those of you who felt excluded from the democratic process in this year’s Arnette Crew Clash, never fear, your time for glory is now! Here’s the deal: The crews were whittled down to two by the Yawgoons and those top two crews took a trip to Mt. Bachelor to film these here edits. After four days, we sent them home and gave them a week to whip up some movie magic. And now it’s up to you. With a simple click of a button, you’ll help decide which crew will take home the grand prize: $1000 in cold, hard cash. If you want to know more, check out a little behind the scenes here, or just watch the videos! VOTING ENDS MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2013.

The Hill City Squad
location: Duluth, MN
Members: Dan Spooner, Danny Kiolbasa, Brian Wilson and Hunter Gulan

Ugly Kids & Company
Location: Summit County, Co
Members: Ben Wachowiak, Stefan Kuhsel, Nate Cordero and Matt Hines

The 2013 Arnette Crew Clash was made possible by Nitro Snowboards, Windells, Mt. Bachelor and of course Arnette Eyewear!

Nitro Goes to Summer Camp

Blaze Kotsenburg, Blake Geis, and Shane Wright did that snowboarding thing all summer long at High Cascade. See, we told you the Hood edits weren’t gonna stop, but don’t worry, the Bonezone will have snow soon enough!

Nitro’s One Run: Markus Kleveland

The latest installment of Nitro’s Hyped hype up series one run features Markus Kelveland. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re not alone, but considering he’s 13, we’re thinking that’ll change soon. For now, get jealous/threatened by his skills and then submit your own run at

Nitro’s One Run: Blake Geis

Just in case you forgot about Nitro’s One Run contest, here’s another reminder from Blake Geis.

Nitro is creating an on-line contest called ONE RUN in collaboration with their up coming film; Hyped! The idea is to get people (you) to go out and capture your favorite type of snowboarding, through your favorite part of the park, top to bottom run, or anything else. Be it a run through rails in the streets, park jumps, powder-runs, bombing hills, pipe runs or whatever. The important thing is that this type of riding is what makes you want to snowboard.

Did you film your run yet? We know you have a GoPro and we heard the east coast even got a late snow storm. for all the intro, go to

Nitro Roadwarriors Greek Odyssey

Some dudes you’ve probably never heard of, in a place you’ve probably never been on a trip that looks so damn fun even us stupid Americans can appreciate it.

A Quickie with Will Tuddenham

Prepare for Monday. That’s when Videograss and Yobeat will release the remixed version of Will Tuddenham’s “Shoot the Moon” section. If you haven’t seen the original, it’s heavy, awesome, and the bangers, well, they are the real deal. That’s why we found it odd that Mr. Tuddenham is currently without a board sponsor, seemingly at the height of his budding career. We caught up with Will, to make sure he hasn’t killed himself, and to see what’s next in our very first “Quickie” interview.

You lost your board sponsor, your friends are busy traveling and your girlfriend is drinking beer in Australia. Does that sum up your life right now?

I guess so… That’s pretty shitty when you look at it like that.

So why the split between you and Nitro? 

Thats a good question, some what of a long story, but to make it quick I guess you could say I was cut. I was never officially told I was -—just happened.

One day the checks stopped showing up and no one would pick up your calls?

Not exactly… I was told it was going to be hard to keep giving me what I was getting, but to keep in touch and we would see what we could work out.  The next thing I heard is that someone at Nitro was telling people I wasn’t on the program anymore. I was paid through the end of my contract though, so I wasn’t totally screwed.

Does this make you look at snowboarding differently? Where’s your head at?

Yeah a lot differently.  I mean I still love snowboarding and still want to keep filming more than anything, but it’s pretty hard to stay motivated when you get cut and you didn’t do anything to deserve it. It’s made me pretty bitter.

So you weren’t “marketable” enough for Nitro. What do you think really “sells” these days?

Loud funny snowboarders, being all over the web, first or last part in a movie, and triple corks? I honestly don’t really know, but I need to figure it out ASAP.

L1/Yobeat Vol.1 from YoBeat on Vimeo.

Well, let’s find out how marketable you are. Do you have tattoos?

Yes I do.

I hear that’s cool. Have you considered a neck tat? Or getting an inappropriate one for a web video?

Never considered it, neck tat wouldn’t happen though, especially since I have to get a real life job now.

Are you willing to develop a substance abuse problem or do a short stint in jail?

I could do some jail time if it was for something awesome.  I’m really into Breaking Bad right now, maybe I could get into cooking meth.

Are you handy with chemistry? 

No… I suck at chemistry… Shit…

Do you think the Dew Tour or Triple Corks could even help you? Does anyone even want to see you do that shit?

I don’t think it would, I like to believe people would like to so me doing the type of snowboarding I enjoy doing.  Plus, even if I could do that shit I don’t know that I would,  It’s not my type of snowboarding.

Are you good at anything besides snowboarding?

Not especially, I like playing music a lot.  Jordan (Mendenhall) and I are in a band.

Trick question, good snowboarders don’t get cut. Ok, that was a joke and super mean, but is it awkward being in a band with Jordan knowing he didn’t get cut?

No definitely not, Jordan is insanely good, always films a really good part and deserves to be sponsored forever. If someone like Jordan were to get cut, I would seriously question that company and their outlook on snowboarding.

Terrible Tuesday: 3 Pointers with William Tuddenham from Pat Fenelon on Vimeo.

So if Will Tuddenham can’t get a board sponsor, what chance do the thousands of other kids have? 

Well first off, I’m definitely not anything special, so probably a good chance. But in all honesty, I don’t have a lot of faith in snowboard companies anymore, and it’s not because there isn’t a market for it the type of snowboarding guys like me are doing, it’s because a lot of snowboard companies don’t think there is a market for that type of snowboarding.  It’s like they all of the sudden lost faith in it.

So what’s your plan for the rest of the winter?

Keep boarding, get a job, play music.

Who would you consider your worst sponsor all-time?

Hmm Rossignol was probably the worst of ‘em.

What would you consider the scariest shot you’ve ever gotten?

The gap to ledge that was the last shot in my part in Shoot the Moon.

You were the young dude behind Jon (Kooley) and Jordan at Nitro, are you ready to step up to the plate and be a man?

Yeah I’m ready, fuck yeah.

Could you find the time in your busy schedule to make some edits for Yobeat? 

Yeah lets do this.

We’ll pay you the same as Nitro, aka nothing. Deal?

Done deal.

While currently on the market, the nice gents’ at Capita have been feeding Will a healthy flow of snowboards to tide him over. Hopefully he can film a part in snowless Utah with them. We at Yobeat believe 2012 will end up being a great year for young Will, or we’re all dead anyway and none of this matters.

Darrah Reid’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Winter

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes your boss deletes your story and you have to repost it when you don’t have time. Other times your ass gets handed to you all year long. In Canadian jump specialist Darrah Reid’s life it happens to be the second of those two options. Not to worry though, Darrah’s ego wasn’t as bruised as her ass, and she has big plans to head back into the mountains this coming Winter. But first Yobeat decided to catch up with Darrah after her slam-heavy season that left her a viral video sensation.

How’s your ass?
I still have a lump on my leg. Maybe thats why I can’t get a boyfriend.

Describe this lump…
Its’ just a lump. It’s not that big anymore, but it used to be. Just like a lump of fluid in there from the impact I guess?

Have you been to a free canadian doctor to have it looked at? possibly drained?
Yeah they said they couldn’t drain it, I just have to try to massage it out.

Have any boys helped to massage your lump?
No, would you like to be the first?

Where is this lump?
It’s like on the upper upper thigh.

Right below your ass then?

Have you been to a massage therapist or anything?
I got some acupuncture in Portland.

Did they stab you in the butt?
No they just put the needles all over.

Any highlights this year?
Superpark was really fun, or any day riding powder at Brighton. In Tahoe friends and I built a little rhythm section in the “side country” and did backflips and shredded with some stoked little kids. That was cool.

Any lowlights?
I bet you know the answer to that. Going viral on the internet was pretty bad. But that wasn’t even the lowlight. Finally getting let back into the states to work at High Cascade and then breaking my arm the second day of shredding was absolutely the lowlight. Then there was realizing that I had no house anymore and had to move back into my parents basement and rely on them financially because of my poor decisions this season. Oh, and telling Mike Yoshida that I don’t have a riding shot for my on deck at the moment. God damn it I blew it this season.

You were on Tosh.0. Millions of eyes saw you, your sponsors and your name. Doesn’t that kind of make up for it?
People that I don’t know at all ask me if I’m that girl that ate shit on Tosh.0 every time I introduce myself. I don’t want to be famous for slamming myself into a fence. That sucks. And it’s the only thing people know me for. It’d be nice if they knew me for something positive too.

You almost died on the fence slam, then you got hit by a car filming for PeepShow, then you broke your arm. Are you ready for this year to be over?
God yes. I just want to start fresh next year. At least I learnt a lot this past season and I really think I know how to go about doing things now.

Do sponsors like or dislike their riders getting national attention for major slams?
I’m not really sure how they feel honestly. I can’t imagine they’d be too happy? Actually Johnny Brady told me that (Nitro Team Manager) Tonino said something along the lines of, “Well, Tosh made her more famous than I ever could have.” But he also sent me a really nice Facebook message saying, “Don’t worry Darrah, I know you’re stressing but everyone still knows you’re sick.”

Did your parents see either of those videos?
Yeah my mom follows everything that goes on the internet about me, and she was the first person call and tell me about Tosh.0. He was actually in Winnipeg recently and my parents went to his show, they like his comedy apparently.

Do you have a boyfriend yet?
No, I’m still fucking single. It’s been forever now.

So is that a winter goal too? Find a snuggle bug? Lots of boys read this site, want to let them know how to get a hold of you?
Hit me up on Facebook!

Who are your sponsors these days?
Same as always Nitro, L1, Raiden, 32, Etnies, Dragon oh and Aerial7 has been giving me headphones which has been really nice.

Terrible Tuesday: Griffin Siebert

If you don’t know who Griffin Siebert is, get familiar. Griffin got hurt mid season with a hooked edge into a tv set. He was out for a while but still found enough time this season to log some park hams.

SIA 2011 Day 3: A Marketing Analysis

At this point we’ve seen enough boards, boots, bindings, outerwear and accessories that it feels like it’s already 2012. The boards have things like ollie bars, scoop bases and kick jammers (we made those last two up). Outerwear is more more tech (or in some cases less tech) and will hopefully keep you warm and dry on hill. You can get a goggle to match absolutely any outfit, and a helmet too. Bindings are more adjustable than ever, and boots are the lightest they’ve ever been. And collaborations are still hot. But what did we really learn at SIA? We learned what will sell this year. See the above pie chart for the highly scientific break down.

Now check the gallery for photos of new gear from Bern, Banshee Bungee, Holden, Salomon, K2, L1, Nike Snowboarding, Nitro, Ride, Rome and Technine.

[nggallery id=115]

Hump Day Jumps Buildings with Austin Smith

For someone who’s managed to blow out his knee, not once, but twice, Austin Smith has actually had a very blessed snowboard career. After two years out with injury, he’s got still got the sponsor support and to get back out there, and this year, that’s exactly what he plans to do. With accolades such as rookie of the year and video part of the year already under his belt, it seems unlikely that he’ll have any trouble. Just don’t expect him to throw any triple corks.

So you just got yourself a house in Portland, where young people go to retire… but you’re not hurt anymore, so how is that gonna work out?

I’m not coming here to retire. I still live in Bend, but I do a lot of stuff at Nike in the summer, so I just wanted to be able to come here in the summer for Nike. I still live in the Bend snowboarding for the winter. I’m not quite ready to work at a coffee shop yet.

What is it like living with the infamous Donny?

Donny lived at my house in Bend too before he went to Denmark, and now he’s living at my house in Portland and he’s Euro Donny. I’ve known him for a long time, everyone gives him a lot of shit, but he’s alright.

Why does he get so much shit? Who is he?

He came from Bend. He’s been getting shit forever. It used to be a lot worse when we were younger. Curtis and a lot of other people from Bend would pick on him pretty bad. There’s always the one kid in every group that gets the brunt of most jokes, but now he’s gonna do some great things with his life, he’s Euro donny. Euro Donny’s pretty cool.

Did you really make him pay for a new fridge?

There is no fridge, there’s a mini fridge. I’m waiting for it.

Rail boardin’ Photo: mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

So you really are a slumlord.

I guess so, yeah. I’m a total slumlord.

Why, why not be a respectable landlord?

I’m a respectable landlord. Curtis hasn’t paid me rent in like four months, I haven’t kicked him out yet. That’s pretty respectable I think.

Would you rather adopt an animal or a human child?

I don’t know, I really don’t like animals at this point. A lot of my friends are getting animals and it seems like too much responsibility. I think I’d rather adopt a human, but like a 19 year old, so they can sort of take care of themselves. A dog you always have to take care no matter how old they are, but a human at like 14, I can kick em out.

Is actually being able to snowboard this season cutting into any of the activities you adopted while out for the past two seasons?

No, now I actually have something to do with myself, I’ve had too much free time. I’ve been bored. So now it gives me something to do with my days and it’s been awesome. I just got back from Canada for two weeks.

What were you doing with yourself when you couldn’t ride?

I don’t even really know, it seems like it flew past. I went to Mexico for a month, I went to Panama for a month. That was weird. I’d never really been anywhere tropical so it was cool, except I realized I don’t really like warm temperatures and hot places, so that didn’t pan out too well. Then this last year I was just at Nike doing rehab every day. I’ve been snowboarding in the summer too, going to Argentina, I just haven’t been able to winter board in two years.

You’ve had sort of a whirlwind career: break out, win rookie of the year and video of the year, to two seasons on the bench. How are you going to make those two years of collecting paychecks for nothing up to your sponsors? Got anything big planned?

Come on, for nothing? (laughs) Yeah, I gotta start snowboarding again, I gotta get back into it. That’s what I’m doing right now. I feel fortunate to have the sponsors I have that have been willing to stand by my side while I’ve been hurt. If I rode for Burton I can pretty much guarantee you I wouldn’t be sitting in the same shoes — I would have been fired a long time ago. It’s lucky I have a good relationship with my sponsors and that they believe I can come back and do something mediocre at least.

Summer boardin’. Photo Mark Welsh/ Nitro Snowboards

Are you gonna learn triple corks?

Nah, Don’t think I’m gonna do any triple corks.

Straight to quad corks?

Straight quad corks! Nah, I think I’m gonna keep it at single corks I think. I dont know, The whole progression of snowboarding has gotten really weird. There’s so many advocates of “this guy is really good for the progression of snowboarding” and this is really good for the “progression of snowboarding” but I mean, where do those people really want snowboarding to go? We’re already doing, well not all of us, but some of the crazy people are already doing triples flips. What do they want it to progress to, five flips? The same with the city stuff, and the progression of city riding, people now, mostly Dan Brisse, are jumping over buildings and over streets.

All these progression advocates want people to do bigger and better things. Travis Rice is definitely one who is progressing the sport, and he’s been a real spokesperson of the double cork. Then you get people trying to snowboard with them, like Scotty Lago was filming for his new movie. I heard he just broke his jaw and knocked out some teeth and ripped a bunch muscles in his face and had to get his mouth wired shut. Is that worth the 4th flip and the progression of snowboarding? I don’t know? If it has to go anywhere I think it should go more where Jake Blauvelt and Lucas Debari are trying to take it. Just progress it naturally doing tricks off natural features and focusing on style still instead of just the number of rotations or number of flips or jumping over roads. Again, Dan Brisse. He could die. I would be scared if I was his filmers. Every time they hit record they’re like, “Yeah man, you got it” but they’re probably thinking either gonna get a hammer or a death hammer. Either way gonna get a lot of Youtube hits but not the kind you want maybe.

I just don’t understand. Where do they want this progression they talk about to go to? Just jumping from city to city or something? Seems a little crazy, maybe we should focus on the de-gression of snowboarding.

Are you just saying that for the sake of your own career so you don’t have to learn triple corks?

No, I don’t have to learn triple corks, no one’s expecting me to. No one probably thinks I could learn triple corks. (laughs) I feel no pressure to do any triple corks or anything.

How did you get hurt? Were you trying to progress?

I don’t have any glorious injury stories. I was snowboarding the mini pipe at High Cascade and I think I blew my knee out there, and then a year later I was playing capture the flag and did it again.

So far, so good this year?

Kind of. I haven’t snowboarded in three years, so still getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been on a couple rail trips with Bryan Fox and he hasn’t hit any rails either. We definitely feel a little out of our element out there, we get loose. I’ve taken a a couple spills, really working on my crash section this year.

Why go on rail trips, not just shred backcountry?

That’s just what I want to do. We were up in Whistler for a bunch too, but I’ve always admired people that have rails and backcountry — well rounded parts and that’s what I’ve always wanted to be.

Gap to 50-50. Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

Well, you already went the fastest at the Dirksen Derby this year. How did that feel? Was that your first contest win?

No, I won America’s Next Top Pro Model a couple months before, so I’m on a contest roll right now!

What’s next?

Well, then I went to the No board contest and didn’t do so hot, so the roll is over. My fire is already out. But that was pretty cool to win that event, mostly just to beat Curtis cause I always picture him as a pretty fast person, and Bryan too.

Was it better than winning a car at a strip club? Did that really happen?

It definitely was better. Yeah, it happened. I still have the car. It was rodeo weekend in Bend and Bend, Oregon is a little bit redneck, lots of cowboys and haybails, so the rodeo goes off. At the strip club that night they had a redneck ball at the strip club with a redneck buffet — macaroni and cheese and Cheetos and I  forget what else was on the menu. There was a raffle for a free car. When I walked in I was like, “I’m gonna get that car.” I thought maybe it was for sale of something, but it turned out that they just gave away the raffle tickets, one to each person at the strip club. I had a pretty savage mullet at the time so I kinda fit in and I ended up winning. They were pretty excited, “the kid with the mullet won!” Then when I woke up in the morning I was like, woah, what happened last night, and then I put my hand in my pocket and was like “fuck, I won a car! I gotta go get that thing.” They actually wanted me to drive it home, they gave me the keys right there. Don’t drink and drive kids! So I went and got the car and it ran out of gas right when I rolled into the gas station. I was like I’m gonna have to tow this thing to the dump, it’s a junker. But she runs good. 1984 Pontiac Sunbird. I’m gonna try to have it in video part this year, jumping it over a building or from city to city, progress snowboarding through cars, I guess. Triple corking my car.

Game face. Photo: Geery

So you like to drink. How many times would you say you’ve woken up in your own vomit?

That’s a dangerous game. I don’t think I did that night. I think only twice maybe. Once on my 21st birthday in Japan, and then we re-celebrated my 21st birthday in Bend and I did that time too.

Sounds like Japan was a good time?

Yeah, that was while I was hurt and the dudes at Nike wanted to take me Japan with them to see all the retailers and it happened to be during my 21st birthday. Things got pretty weird there.

What’s it like being a pro snowboarder in Japan?

I think it’s toned down a lot from what it used to be. I hear all these stories about what it used to be, and I’m sure it’s still that way for Shaun White, but I think in general the Japanese are toning down on snowboarding. Even just up at High Cascade, I remember a few years ago there used to be a lot more Japanese and they used to be a lot more excited. I went there 5 years ago and it’s definitely changed a little bit.

Have you ever chugged wine in Switzerland and then danced in a fountain at a bar?

Man, my three most drunkest memories you wanna talk about. Yeah, first on my Nike trip. Nike trips are pretty weird cause it’s a pretty wide range of people. You have like Danny Kass, Eric Jackson, Laura Hadar and Justin Bennee. It’s a lot of people that don’t hang out regularly, as opposed to Nitro, we all hang out in the off season. Most of the Nike team we only see each other on Nike trips which makes for a pretty awesome time, usually. On that trip we got into a wine chugging contest and I chugged a whole bottle of red wine and then danced in a fountain all night. Yeah we really just the whole awkward Nike times. Kinda set the bar high there.

Are you actually Oregon born and raised?

No, I’m from Bellingham, Washington, near Mt Baker. I grew up there playing hockey most of my life with my hockey buddy Lucas Debari who is now a super star snowboarder. He got me into snowboarding and right after I started snowboarding I moved to Bend. Bend is really outdoorsy, lot a polypropaline and a lot of Tevas. A lot like Bellingham, but a lot sunnier.

What did your parents do for work?

My parents started the Bellingham food co-op; they worked there for 25 years. Then they moved to Bend and my dad bought a bookstore, so now he runs an independent bookstore.

So they’re just a couple of hippies, that’s boring, I heard a rumor they were carnies.

No, no, that’s my brother! He started a circus school for awhile. On an Indian reservation for the poor kids so they’d go becomes carnies instead of doing heroin, I guess. He lived in South America for awhile juggling his way through as a street performer. He’s a jack of all trades, he can do it all.

Can you juggle?


Does that help with your snowboarding?

Yeah, hand eye coordination. Except I can’t do handplants, so I guess not.

Liar! Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboarding

You helped the design the Nike outerwear line? How was that?

I have a couple piece in the line I designed. It was crazy! You get to pick where the pockets are gonna go, what color the zippers are gonna be. It’s pretty exciting shit.

Do you think Nike will ever give you a reserved parking spot?

No. I usually take the Max out there, so I don’t even need it.

Got anything you’re exited about this season?

I’m really excited to film with Knutt Ellisason, filming with Videograss, big things expected out of him. And I’m going to Japan that should be fun. I’m mostly just excited to snowboard in general. Everyone is trying to go above and beyond in the world, I feel like you can still do cool stories and try to tell a little more about the story and the snowboarding and what you did instead of you went to the end of the world.


Nike Snowboarding, Nitro, Dakine, Smith, Airblaster, Active, Poler, CTI, Cobra Dogs, High Cascade.

Jonah Owen Loves Hump Day


Jonah’s shoelace belt looks like a giant skinny cock n’ balls.

Huge clothes, the nicest attitude, an unreal combination of tricks and talent, Oregon roots, and a pleasure to be around–Jonah Owen is on the brink of blowing up and far from blowing it. Having started riding in the Cascading foothills on some homemade p.o.s. Jonah eventually moved to Eugene, Oregon, where he had access to all of the states famous resorts. Eventually Jonah moved to SLC with now Snowboarder Mag filmer Gary McLeod. Gary often used Jonah as the star of his early productions, catapulting Jonah from young nobody to up-and-coming Am. A F.O.D.T star now, Jonah is only getting better, ballsier and more widely recognized as a serious talent.

Your shirts have gotten smaller since last summer, is that a sign of your maturation?

I’m not sure, but when you live in a real city like Portland, Oregon you discover that you can’t walk around looking like an idiot all the time. You can only get away with that in small little towns like Government Camp, and even then, you still look like an idiot.

Your buddy Lucas Magoon just got married, how do you feel about that?

Killing it. She was wearing hightops, and I think he had on a t-shirt tuxedo or something. It was in Vegas man. Elvis or something married those two. Crazy right?

jonah_2Banshee Bungee? No thanks.

How does a kid from nowhere rural Oregon get into snowboarding?

I have no idea. One day I just duct-taped rubber boots to a skateboard and went into my yard.

Was moving to hippie central Eugene, Oregon for high school a good move for you?

Yeah, I actually had a life and I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere.

If you had stayed in Jasper would you be a snowboarder or a meth cook?

Meth cook, no doubt about it. That’s where all the kids my age ended up, one trailer, cooking meth and living like shit.

So did you avoid meth completely, or has it reared it’s ugly head since leaving Jasper?

This winter actually, at a spot in Ogden, it was pretty weird dude. We found this Altoids can with a little baggie full of crystals. Then Lucas (Magoon) disappeared with it, I dunno. (Laughing) Just kidding…

jonah_3It’s called the hover. Because actually touching the rail is so boring now-a-days.

After Videograss premiered Bon Voyage at HCSC you got a little wild. After shattering the Salomon dinner table do you think they’ll ever want to sign you?

Oh man, probably not, I dunno maybe. I like Java, Java’s a good guy, and I just suplexed his kitchen table.

Why’d you decide the table needed to be cannon balled into?

No clue I was drunk. Greyhounds, delicious. Grapefruit juice and vodka. It’s delicious and you get fucked up…

After the suplex you pulled another prank at the Burton house, how do you feel about that one, hindsight being 20/20?

I like Burton, I’ve got nothing against them, but I did puke in Malinski’s boot last night, and then off the balcony multiple times.

Did you aim for the boot?

Definitely not, I don’t even remember, I don’t remember anything. No comment.


Sequence: E Stone

If you’re not a gangster why do you have such big clothes and such a tough looking dog?

Well my roommate’s dog had a litter, and I had a lacerated spleen, so I raised the litter.

How’d you lacerate your spleen?

Tacoing a triple kink. Switch lipslide gone wrong. We went to this triple down. It’s pretty big, with quick kinks. First try I popped in, got through the first kink and slipped to the side. I figured I had it, but then I pulled the good old barney move of spinning to early, catching my tail under the rail, flipping and hitting my shins on the rail, flipping and catching the corner of the kink right on my spleen and then continued to fall down the stairs. It was a nice massage. Then I sat around and watched Dylan (Thompson) hit it and he tried to frontboard it and ended up hitting his face. So about a half an hour later I lifted my pant leg and I had a two inch gash all the way down to the bone. So I went into the Urgent Care for stitches and I told them I had some side pain. So I peed into a cup, it had some blood in it and they rushed me to the hospital. Then I ended up spending four days in the ICU all by myself, just hanging out. It was sick…

jonah_7Uhhh… Oh, there he is.

You broke up with a pretty hot lady recently, are you over relationships now?

No more girlfriends, they’re for the birds. I’m a man with no plan now.

How’s it feel to be a man with no plan?

Fucking awesome, I’ve got no responsibilities what so ever and it’s sweet.

Where are you living right now?

Right here, right where I’m sitting. I’m homeless in the middle of Government, Camp.

You don’t have an apartment waiting for you somewhere?

Nope. I am officially homeless. I was living in my tent but the Sheriff kicked me out. Apparently you can not have a tent up in city limits.

Are you worried about your current homeless status?

No way, I’m pretty psyched. I mean I guess I could rent a place, but what’s the point? I’m a man with no plan remember!

jonah_5Triple cork 1440 first try, or at least that’s what I was told.

Why do you look so ripped? Do you lift weights or something?

Tofu. I eat seafood, sometimes chicken. I don’t really eat red meat that much, but every once in a while I’ll have a steak.

So you eat like a hipster, think like hippie and dress like a thug, how the hell am I supposed to generalize you?

It’s tree huggin’ thuggin’.

So do you smoke out of tie-dye bongs or big ol’ blunts?

I just keep it green man.

jonah_6Suck it David Blaine, Jonah’s got the hover on lock.

What’s the scariest thing Technine Owner Cole Taylor has ever made you do?

Steal a dumpster for our dream feature.

How did you end up stealing a dumpster?

We borrowed a Windells truck and trailer and went down to the laundromat in Sandy, threw a dumpster on the trailer and drove it up to camp.

Who would win in a fight, Cole Taylor or your Nitro TM Tonino?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I don’t know man, they’re both freaking woof. That’s something I’d love to see. Cole would probably have a bat with nails through it and Tonino would probably just have a crow bar or something. It would be like The Warriors.

jonah_houseJust jump over the house dude it’s mellow.

During the winter do you work a part time job, or can you spend all your time riding?

Pretty much snowboarding full time. Don’t really have any other hobbies in the winter. It’s kinda lame really…

I’ve heard you can keep your boots on for a while, what’s your record?

Oh probably like three or so days.

Big tits or small tits?

Big, big ol’ tatters.

Real or fake?

Oh that’s a tough one, but it totally depends on the surgeon.


Sequence: E Stone

Favorite people to ride with?

Johnny Brady is up there, (Austin) Hironaka is a good one, Dylan Thompson, anyone really, as long as they’re stoked anyway.

Cutest girl in Govi this summer?

You’re setting me up! You’re totally setting me up right now. Don’t do this to me.

Who’d you film for this year and should we care?

FODT, and it went pretty well. It’s worth watching.

Who are your sugar daddies?

Nitro, Technine, Electric, Landing, Exit Real World and Celtek.

Jonah is a man of more than mini shred, so check out the full gallery by E Stone.

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Exit Real World’s Sweet Sixteen Starter Bash


The Exit Bridgeport location is one nice looking shop.

Exit Real World just turned 16! Just like any 16 year-old Exit is getting wild, and to your benefit. Three parties, slashed prices, prizes, raffles, and movie premieres. The first of these parties kicked off at Exit’s Bridgeport location. People Creatives Nice Try premiered, and as a special present to just about everyone Nick Young and Seb Lorie, two young local kids, showed up with their own home-made flick Rotate. Both videos got kids hyped, the raffles both broke hearts and sent kids home smiling, and everyone seemed to have a good ol’ time. This event will be followed up by big sales, and two more parties, including the much anticipated Skeleton Crew premiere next weekend.


Kevin Stevenson and Austin Smith were there, so was free candy.


Exit’s Rob and Trevor are very serious people.


Nitro guys Ryan and Jimmy with some girl that didn’t like me.


This guy lives the life.


Nick and Seb came threw huge with a great little homie video.


Raffle time! Too bad half the winners ended up losers.


You win, here is free stuff. Throwing is necessary with all of this swine flu around.


Bonfire designer Kate came to the show, and that guy in the background is Dave. Some call Dave a nerd, but I heard that he is actually a Russian black market cage fighter.