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Benny Urban Full Part 2014

With a last name like Urban, it’s a good thing Benny likes to hit the streets. Amiright?

“The Bad Seeds!” FULL MOVIE

Follow the Nitro Snowboards team in their global adventures as they search of snake runs, untouched powder, perfect hips and good time in their new video The Bad Seeds!

Riders: Anna Gasser, Anton Bilare, Anton Gun, Austin Smith, Benny Urban, Brandon Hobush, Bryan Fox, Dominik Wagner, Eero Ettala, Elias Elhardt, Emil Ulsletten, Gjermund Braaten, Griffin Siebert, Justin Bennee, Justin Keniston, Knut Eliassen, Markus Keller, Marcus Kleveland, Marc Swoboda, Nils Arvidsson, Sam Taxwood, Sven Thorgren, Shane Wright, Thomas Feurstein, and Torgeir Bergrem.

Nitro wants you to HandPlant the Planet


This year we would like to create a movement by snowboarders for all snowboarders all over the world – #HandPlantThePlanet. We want to help promote the roots, creativity, simpleness, and passion for snowboarding all over the planet, by creating a platform for people to share their personal hand plants or photos they have taken of others doing hand plants. This platform is a way for all snowboarders to connect with each other by simply

1. Uploading a hand plant photo to their Instagram Account
2. Hashtagging (#HandPlantThePlanet)
3. Geotagging their location of the hand plant
4. Posting it to Instagram

This hashtag collects and places (according to the GeoTag) all the photos on a map of the planet (, thus creating an archive of all the hand plants that are going down all over the planet. The concept and direction is still fluid and we are right now working on other ways to promote the movement as well (for example – hand plant contests, specific hand planting snowboards, video project, etc…) But, the goal is simple cover the world in HANDPLANTS – HAND PLANT THE PLANET!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.43.30 PM

Woodward Tahoe: Week 2 Video

The Nitro team gets down on the iceberg in Tahoe, and ya know, does other fun stuff too. Summer camp! Woo!

Down to Earth FULL MOVIE

Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Basti Rittig, and Marc Swoboda made a movie. This is it!

Nitro Welcomes Shane Wright

Nitro is proud to welcome Shane Wright to the Nitro Am team. Shane has been on the come up for years and this year he broke through with his video part in Under Dawgs – DAE. This is an edit made up of his shots from his part in the video. Filmed and Edited by Colton Morgan.

K2 and Nitro Have New Websites


This time of year, everyone gets new websites. They send out long press releases about how exciting them are, but really, they just want us to tell you to check them out. Click away.

Down to Earth Teaser #2

Down to Earth is the touching tale of four friends making a movie about why they love snowboarding so much and hopefully inspiring others to pursue or keep on pursuing snowboarding and all it has to offer. Tear.

Featuring: Marc Swoboda, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Basti Rittig & lots of friends!

Watch the other teaser here.

Woodward Tahoe Week 1 Video

Nitro went to Woodward at Tahoe and all we got was this lousy video recap. Actually, the recap is pretty good. Also featuring the local superstars.

Arnette Crew Clash 3: Behind the Scenes


When I joined the Hill City Squad and Ugly Kidz & Co at Mt. Bachelor on the final day of the Crew Clash trip, I felt like the proud mom who united the hipster kids from Minnesota with the hippies from Colorado for the trip of a lifetime. Even though they came from very different walks of snowboarding, they all were hanging out, drinking beers and having a grand old time. Mt. Bachelor provided had plenty of pow (which the Minnesota kids quickly learned required keeping your nose up!) and even some sun (much to the pleasure of the Coloradans who really weren’t sure what to make of the clouds even though they were originally from the East Coast.) Both crews toiled hard to get tricks to impress even the most discerning of Yobeat viewers, and the videos will drop tomorrow.  Before then, let’s make sure you know who you’re voting for (or against.) All of these observations and assumptions are based on spending a single day with them, so they could be totally false.


Photo: Matt Hines

The Hill City Squad

Brian Wilson – Armed with obscure movie quotes, we’re pretty sure they only brought him along because he was old enough to buy beer.

Dan Spooner – Tall and quiet, but a master of precision on a board. While  I only rode with them for a day, I never saw Dan fall.

Danny Kiolbasa – With a self-proclaimed “face only a mother could love,” the second youngest member of the group was not afraid to go full ham.

Hunter Gulan– Watch out when for the man behind the lens when he gets on a skateboard.


Photo: Matt Hines (hence he’s not pictured)

Ugly Kidz Co.

Ben Wachowiak – Don’t bother trying to pronounce his last name, Ben definitely looks like someone you know, and also had the best mustache of the crews.

Stefan Kuhsel – The no-fucks-given member of the crew, Stefan signed on with a moments notice and was not scared to go for it.

Nathan Cordero – Nate’s definitely the schemer of the group, but when you put him on a snowboard or skateboard, he’s only got shedding on the brain.

Matt Hines– Also known as Hans, he is the acting TM of the crew, and also had white guy dreads. But don’t hold that against him.

Click on any of the images to enlarge and scroll through

The 2013 Arnette Crew Clash videos drop tomorrow for your Internet voting pleasure. Thanks to Arnette, Nitro, Windells and Mt. Bachelor for making the Crew Clash possible! Check out the videos that got the crews to Bachelor here and here.

Euros at the Rail Gardens

Marc Swoboda, Benny Urban, Basti Rittig, Dominik Wagner are in ‘Murrica and getting down to business at the Rail Gardens.

Arnette Crew Clash Round 3: Ugly Kidz & Company

Wanna know how you become a finalist in the Arnette Crew Clash? Be more like Ugly Kidz & Company. Their edit is legit and was tough to beat. The UKC crew is headed to Mt Bachelor courtesy of Arnette, Yobeat and Windells, where they will make another edit which will go up for the grand prize — $1000 in cold hard cash.

Featuring riding from Nate Cordero, Andrew Yoder, Steve Lauder, Ben Wachowiak, Stefan Kuhsel, and Asher Humphreys. Filmed by Bryan Cordero, Matt Hines, Aaron Mynett, and Nate Corder. Stay tuned for the edit from Hill City Squad, who UCK will be going up against.


Arnette Crew Clash Round 3 Semi Finalists Announced!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.48.45 AM

For the third year in a row the Arnette Crew Clash brought out the competitive spirit of some of the best amateur crews around. It’s amazing what people are willing to do for a a free trip to Mt. Bachelor and the chance at a cool G. The semi finals are a wrap and the Yawgoons have spoken. Ugly Kidz co and Hill City Squad have earned the chance to travel to Oregon and film another edit, which will be voted on by you.

We made that sound easy. It wasn’t, in fact, here are some of our favorites of the submissions they beat out.

Bridge House

Featuring: Featuring Mitch Kirby, Jake Devries, Steve Mack
Filming/Editing- Ian Dreher


Featuring: Mikey ‘Roy Roy’ Roynesdal, Joey Peterson, Billy Brandt, Shane Ruprecht, TJ Antisdel, Drew Poganski, Matt Hiemstra, Josh Johnson, Chris Tomczyk, Luke Merten, and Clay Hatzenbuhler
Film/Edit : Derek Combs


Filmed and edited by: sam erickson
additional filming: jonny durst, andreas schroeder, brian rappaport, ej streib

Zeach Squad

Edit: Cooper Slack

Common Crew

Featuring: Jake Braseth, Andy Latterner, Nate Blomquist, Alex Colorito, Joey Kreye, Sam Garneau, Billy Bottoms, Jack Yelle, Reba.

Edited by: Jake Braseth Nate Blomquist, Zak Peterson

S.R.D. Crew

But, where are the winning videos, you ask? Well, you’re going to have to wait for them, we’ll be posting them over the next couple days. It’s called building anticipation, guys.

Thanks to Arnette Eyewear, Nitro Snowboards, Windells and Mt Bachelor for making the 2013 Arnette Crew Clash happen. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

Danny Larsens Top 5

DANNY LARSEN TOP 5 We must say, we agree with just about all of this. Especially those top 5 video parts.