The Nike Snowboarding Project: Chapter 3

If you feel like Nike has taken over Yobeat right now, it’s because they have, and it’s all because of the release of this here video. Head into the great wide backcountry with Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Danny Kass and Eric Jackson and get kinda jealous that you’re not this good at snowboarding.

Nike Snowboarding Project: Chapter 1

Joe Carlino took to the streets with Johnnie Paxson, Jess Kimura, Halldor Helgasson, Justin Bennee and Jed Anderson to bring you the first chapter of the Nike Snowboarding Project. If you were paying attention, you could have watched this shit weeks ago at Silly.

Nike Snowboarding Project is Coming

OMG guys. #getlacedup for 3 super sweet mini movies from Nike.

THE NIKE SNOWBOARDING PROJECT will be released in three chapters. Each chapter contains a bonus video and athlete lookbooks, leading up to each respective main feature.

10.16 – Chapter One – Main Feature — A short film by Joe Carlino
10.30 — Chapter Two — BONUS Video
11.13 – Chapter Two – Main Feature – A short film by Brad Kremer
11.27 – Chapter Three – BONUS Video
12.11 – Chapter Three – Main Feature – A short film by Justin Hostynek

All main features will live solely on, however BONUS videos will be embedable on the day of release.

You can follow @nikesnowboardng on Twitter where we’ll announce a password for early access 3-5 days before each main feature.


Behind the Shot with Johnnie Paxson

This is one of those things that kind of makes you wonder if this shot is really that cool and worth getting. But assuming it is, get a little taste of what went into the making of the Nike Snowboarding Project: Chapter 1. The full thing drops next week or something.

The Nike Snowboarding Project Teaser

When you’re Nike, you get to do things other brands only dream of. Like hiring the all-star film team of Joe Carlino, Brad Kremer and Justin Hostynek to make your ads for you. This season they’ll drop three mini movies, one each from the streets, the park and the backcountry, and this is the official teaser.