Coming Attractions: Nicolas Muller on Fruition

Plus a bonus Balance Movie preview.

Nike Snowboarding Lands in South America

Nico, Gigi, DK and Manuel rip Chile

Nico's on Nixon

Jp Walker is hyped!

Under Review: Absinthe's Resonance

You'll never expect what Absinthe has in store...

Absinthe's Flipside: Nico and Wolle in Laax

Errbody gettin' that Youtube scrilla. Go behind the scenes with Absinthe Films pro snowboarders and filmers for the new 2012 movie, Resonance. Nicolas Muller and Wolle Nyvelt score epic deep powder conditions at Laax Resort in Switzerland.…

Real Snow: Backcountry Edition Videos

Hooray, the X Games Real Snow backcountry videos are finally on Youtube, which means you don't even have to fuck with the annoying ESPN interface if you don't want to. But you should, because then you can vote for your favorites and make someone's…

A Journey in the Mind of Nicolas Muller

Nike Snowboarding just released it's latest limited Quickstrike boot, a Zoom Force with art inspired by the man himself, Nicolas Muller. They went on a spiritual journey to create a fancy-looking commercial, and here it is! Actually it was…

The Nicolas Müller Hump Day

"It’s the little things in snowboarding."