Dangerzone: Sponsor Me!

Nick Visconti's first sponsor me tape.

Skate For the Fire Demon

Winter's cool, but it's summer, dammit.

Dangerzone Goes Fruitboarding

A scary truth uncovered in episode 13 of the Dangerzone.

Arnette Stacks its own Crew

Not only are they sponsoring pretty much the coolest contest we've ever done on the site, but the crew at Arnette has also found time to built up its own team. And no, this is not their official entry into the Crew Clash, but it does have some…

Wakeboarding with the Dangerzone

Apparently in Tahoe, a puddle at the end of a handrail is an excuse to snowboard with your shirt off. Whatever.

Dangerzone Meningitis

Snowboarding makes everything better.

Nick Visconti Out-Muscles Meningitis

We just had a short video chat with Tahoe Danger Zone's Nick Visconti, where he talked to us from the comfort of his hospital bed in Tahoe. Nick got sick at the SIA tradeshow in Denver but managed to make it home before being admitted to…

Dangerzone's Got Pop

Season 3. Episode 3. Edit: Paul Heran Riders: Nick Visconti, Sammy Spiteri, Max Tokunaka, Scott Vine, Brent Oftedal

Merry Christmas from the Dangerzone

Of all the snowboard santas we've been subjected to this Holiday season, Nikky Fresh is definitely the most convincing. If this snowboarding thing doesn't work out, he has a real future at Macy's. Riders: Nick Visconti, Tim Eddy, Brett…

Nick Visconti's Rocking Sessions

Snowboarding's best new media marketer has himself a new outerwear sponsor. Nick Visconti adds riding for Sessions to his list of responsibilities this season including: producing the Dangerzone web series, filming for Think Thank, writing a…

Promo Shot: Nick Visconti

All dressed up for YoBeat.

Tahoe Takes on Hot Dawgz and Handrails

Video by Paul Heran. Words: Josh Parker There are a few things that signify the excitement of the winter season approaching. Your friends come home from summer camp and rub it in your face about how amazing their summer snowboarding was.…

Dangerzone Season Two is a Wrap

"Sail Away" with Season 2 of the Danger Zone. I cried. Really, I did.* Riders: Nick Visconti, Joshua Parker, Brent Oftedal, Jason Robinson, Brett Butcher, Brendan Gerard, Brendon Drury, Chris Larson, Scott Stevens, Kyle Miller, Taylor…

Mt. Hood's Zombie Infestation of 2010

Gotta hand it to Nikki V. and crew. For a session with two whole days of sun, they sure milked some sweet video action out of it. Check out episode 22 of the Dangerzone.