Board Over Brains: Extreme Home Video

Extreme Home Video!! This video is of a bunch of friends who came together to snowboard in Portland, Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood. Everyday we would wake up at the crack of dawn head to the city and go till it got dark. We also filmed some powder days and some local govy spots. This would have never happened if all these people weren’t a part of this. That is why it is call Extreme Home Video! We all radical an we totally a big fam! Producer/Edit Cameron Weeg Videographers Leif Draznin-French Cameron Weeg Alex St. Pierre Drew Bickerstaff Arlan George Riders Taylor Rydman Kai Polendey Casey Tratz Tyler Verigan Nick Dirks Brendon Hupp Andy Glader Casey Mitchell Ian Sullivan Tanner Seymour WIll Bickerstaff Nicky Mcmillen Kevin Cummings Robert Solorio Jeremy Nylund Ty Will Coop Jordan Phinney Jagger Heckman Cameron Weeg Griffin Frigaard Corey Caswell And Friends ENJOY!!

Jed Anderson wins Inaugural DWD Dirt Race at Mt. Hood

Based entirely on the photo above, it seems Jed Anderson is out of hiding after the whole gay thing, or whatever. He has made his triumphant return by snaking his way down Timberline to take the win at the first DIRT race of the summer! Either that, or it’s just some kid named Carlos that looks like him.

Full results here.

Best Summer Ever 3: Welcome Back to Hood Life

Hunter Gulan packed up his Pontiac, departed Duluth and has arrived at Mt. Hood for what will certainly be the Best. Summer. Ever. To kick things off he spent some time at Windells with fellow Minnesotans Dan Spooner and Jesse Paul. Stay tuned all summer for the Hood Life through Hunter’s lens.

The Best Summer Ever is brought to you by Coal Headwear.

Paradise Island S2E7


Featuring: Casey Tratz, Jagger Heckman, Michael Foushee, Taylor Rydman, Jordan Phinney , Turtle Man, Tanner Seymour, Andy Glader, Corey Caswell, Casey Mitchell, Colton Carroll, Will Bickerstaff, Kai Polendey

Filmers: Cameron Weeg, Drew Bickerstaff, Zach Epstein

Edit: Cameron Weeg

Board Over Brains: Paradise Island S2E4

Boarders take to Mt. Hood’s Ski Bowl in search of rope tow action. Featuring: Tanner Seymore, Andy Glader, Casey Mitchell, Ty, Taylor Rydman, Griffin Frigaard, Conor Carroll, Colton Carroll

Artist: Lover Boy Song: Turn Me Loose

Video: Cameron Weeg

Board Over Brains: S2E3 Paradise Island

Riders: Jeremy Nylund, Cameron Weeg, Taylor Rydman, Jagger Heckman

Video: Cameron Weeg, Taylor Rydmen, Corey Caswell.

Artist: Winter/Song: Dreaming

Paradise Island: Season 2 Episode 1

The boyz of Mt. Hood are back with Season 2 of Paradise Island. Featuring: Corey Caswell, Kai Polendey, Will Bickerstaff, Taylor Rydman, Jagger Heckman, Tanner Seymore, Jordan Phinney, Casey Tratz.

Edit: Cameron Weeg


Herman Neal 2015/16

Season edit from Mt. Hood Rider Herman Neal, including a trip down to Mammoth during Superpark. Featuring Rob Van Winkle.

Paradise Island – 15/16 Final Bonanza

The last episode of Board Over Brains’ Paradise Island series for the 15/16 season, featuring Mt. Hood in all its summer glory. Riders: Andy Glader, Casey Mitchell, Jeff Deforge, Keizer, Jordan Phinny, Jon Holmsted , Tanner Seymore, Riley Tardiff, Corey Caswell, Jay Hergert.

Video by Cam Weeg

Burning Up – Between Lakes Mt. Hood Summer

Public park employees attempt to revive the mundane Mt. back to its previous shredability.

Riders:Trevor Tollefson, Eric Lewy, Aaron Kiser, Emit Salokar, Tanner Seymour, Riley Tardiff, Jeff DeForge

Homies: Conor Carrol, Demetri Bales, Christian Hobush, JJ Westbury, Finn Westbury, Morgan Smith, Luke Rodnick, Calvin Green, Jake Aaronson

Film and Edit: Ben McCabe


The next generation of Mt. Hood rippers / Government Camp, Oregon shred ambassadors. Featuring Colton Carroll, Griffin Frigaard, and Conor Carroll. “It’s not a nice community, it’s just a bunch of bums who like to snowboard.”

Conor Carroll 15/16

Front Line – Mt. Hood Summer