Fan Mail: What The Hell Happened to The-House Boardshop and


I’ve been a huge fan of Yobeat for years, keep up the greatness!

Recently, I’ve been getting more and more annoyed with The-House boardshop. At one time it was a cool little core shop in St. Paul MN where a rider could come find last year’s gear at discount pricing. I even bought my first board from them with soft vans boots and low back baseplateless bindings. For a boarder on a budget it was huge for me to be able to put more money to lift tickets and trips than on the latest and greatest gear.

The internet boom quickly turned them into a much larger online retailer but still one that focused on skate, ski, and mainly snowboarding. Continuing to be known for discounting old gear.

Recently they have been spending tons of money to get Nascar Sponsorships and now have partnered with the MLB becoming the OFFICIAL ACTIVE SPORTS COMPANY FOR BASEBALL. I am confused and alienated. Is this some vain attempt to become the Walmart of boardshops? Forgive me, it’s no longer a boardshop it’s an Active Sports Company.. It’s garbage and they are garbage for it.

I was hoping you could dig up a little dirt on these greedy corpo pigs and stick it to them in an article!

Here is their instagram link where that trash can be found:

Here is an article on The House being bought by Camping World (don’t let the name confuse they sell RV’s)

Whether you post or not, at least I’ve vented,

Love you, always and forever,


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the love and to answer your question, those “greedy corpo pigs” are actually a venture capitalist named Marcus Lemonis:

According to Wiki: “Marcus Anthony Lemonis (born November 16, 1973) is a Lebanese-born American businessman, investor, television personality, philanthropist and politician. He is currently CEO of Camping World and the star a CNBC reality show about saving small businesses.”

So, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Mr. Lemonis would be interested in (which was probably not struggling nearly as hard as some of his other recent aqcuisitons due to their solid online business) and it’s legion of young, hungry fans. Something like that has a lot of value to someone like him. And before you get too mad: here’s an article about how he’s actually helped to turn around Windward Boardshop. He also recently bought Minnesota Based Gander Mountain along with it’s subsidiary Overton’s out of Bankruptcy.

Since we really don’t know shit about the Minnesota snowboard scene while sitting out here in our Portlandian bubble, we turned to someone works closely with TheHouse, but spoke only on the condition of anonymity, for their opinion on the matter and why the owner of TheHouse (which was until that point a family owned biz) may have opted to sell.

“The previous owner was getting older and really didn’t have a plan to leave, but this opportunity came to him. I think the opportunity to have an out was too great not to make a move. To his credit, he took solid care of the staffers that had been there. Of course many remain and the forward motion from the new regime is business as usual and strong opportunities for many ahead. I didn’t see the NASCAR play for The House – I would’ve thought that would be more a Gander Outdoor thing – but it’s a thing. So is the MLB deal for The House and W82. It’s all really an unknown for the near future as to how the chips may fall.”

Now the good news: “The local shop business is the same, with good guys in there working and good line up of brands.” So if you actually live in St Paul, feel free to stop by, get a tune up, check out the new gear and help support the people who work there, if nothing else. Hope this helps you sleep better at night.

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Back in my day if you were good at something you were expected to brag and exploit whatever special skill you possessed beyond a reasonable doubt. If you were lucky, others would see value in this talent and grant you some of life’s little amenities — like a seat at the cool lunch table or feeling a popular girl’s boob. Jonas has been doing pretty well with this snowboard thing for a few years now, but you would never know it, as he tends to keep his trap shut about such things – at least for this interview. Or maybe he’s just a loner and prefers the nerdy type.

What’s the most biggest, most expensive item you’ve ever stolen?

I was never very good at stealing. But I’d have to say Polaroid film – if you added it all up. I tried to steal a digital camera once from Best Buy but got caught by one of those guys that stand at the front door.

Do you ever see your buddies at the House of 1817 blog branching out into other areas of the industry, like accessories or outerwear? Maybe those creepy socks that fit onto your feet like gloves?

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Riding concrete is a true Minnesota-bred skill. Photo: Oli Gagnon

What about the dudes you live with — who’s the house slob?

Viktor and Brandon – they always leave the toilet seat up.

Shanty stud?

Dan, if he doesn’t end up with a lazy eye by the end of the night.

Eater of everybody else’s food?



Midwest tree runs. Photo: Oli Gagnon

Does it bum you out when any of your so-called friends hit on your sister?

Luckily I don’t have to witness any of that. But go ahead, give it a shot and see what happens.

How about if a female friend hits on your brother?

I think it would bum out Jordan’s girlfriend more than me.

You ever ran away from home?

I’ve tried a few times, but I always ended up back at my house by the end of the day.


Enjoying the Minnesota sunshine. Photo: Oli Gagnon

When did you first begin to piddle about on a snowboard?

My brother and I started skating the summer before we went snowboarding – I was eight and he was eleven.

One of our friends had a sketchy Black Snow and he let us try it out. For as out of control as we were, we both thought it was the coolest thing ever. We started begging our dad to take us to Hyland Hills, which was only about a half mile from our house, until one day he finally did. That first run we rode up the lift with no feet strapped in. I was too scared to get off when we were supposed to, so I had to bail out when the chair started to turn around. It was only five or six feet, but it felt like I was falling for a good minute. Next run, we went straight to the high-speed towrope. Obviously, without being able to ride down the hill, I wasn’t going to be able ride up the hill either, much less while holding onto rope with a bunch of older kids yelling at me for getting in their way. Once I ended up grinding my cheek on the rope when I fell that left a scab the size of a baseball. I thought I was going to look like Two Face from Batman for the rest of my life.

How do you occupy your time on the days you hate snowboarding and your friends?

I visit my lady Rachel – she always cheers me up. Maybe go swimming, ride my bikes, read, and draw or take some pictures – something along those lines. If all else fails, I’ll just eat my problems away.

How long have you been riding for Academy now?

Pretty much since they started up – seven years or so.

Would you say you’re well fed, or tossed merely scraps from the master’s dinner plate?

Eh, it’s enough to live.

Name a band you pretend to dislike when your friends are around?



Minnesota freshies. Photo: Oli Gagnon

Have you ever had a real job?

I worked at Michaels (arts and craft outlet) and delivered the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune newspaper with my dad and brother.

To what heritage is your superior upper lip decoration owed?

I’m half Peruvian and half Scandinavian.

Do the mustache ride jokes ever get old?

I haven’t heard enough of them.

Did your parents make you go to church when you were a kid?

Yeah, a Mormon church, but I can’t remember the last time I was there.


Jonas goes fast. photo: Oli Gagnon

Have you ever seen that movie “Trading Places?” Let’s say you had to swap out lives with one of the Tech Nine guys – who would it be?

That’s one of my favorite movies! I would probably switch with Bradshaw – he’s the baddest dude I can think of.

Would you assume his identity or would you start dressing and acting like yourself?

Maybe just act like him; I think it would be pretty fun.

Obama or Nobama?

Obama fool! It’s funny to see people with bumper stickers against him — some of them are pretty creative.

What’s the worst you’ve ever hurt someone — mentally or physically.

When I freestyle battle anyone, I feel pretty bad for ‘em. Especially Brandon.

Has your Minnesota Nice ever prevented you from getting beat up?

Nah, I’m pretty good at weaseling my way out of a fight.

Thanks and/or raise requests?

Everyone – except guidos and juggalos.


Part bear. Photo: Oli Gagnon