Burton Presents 2016 – Mikkel Bang and Mikey Rencz

Don’t know what you guys are talking about, Burton is still totally a snowboard company!

Burton Presents : Jussi Oksanen and Mikey Rencz – Full Part

Burton kicks off their new webseries, well sort of new, with an 11 minute globetrotting backcountry edit of Jussi Oksanen and Mikey Rencz. I’m still blown away by how well Jussi is riding for his age.

Hollister Taps Into Snowboarding’s Beautiful People


Has everyone’s favorite Abercrombie spin off finally realized that snowboarders are beautiful people too? Or is something more sinister afoot? This ad showed up at the office in an unmarked envelope, and well, we’re sold. See ya at the mall!

Real Snow Backcountry: The Lipton Picks

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 1.22.15 PM

Remember when the Summer X Games had snowboarding big air? No? Well, that’s because it hasn’t happened in over a decade. Anyway, this year summer-X X Games LA is bringing back snowboarding with another round of REAL SNOW! But, this time it’s from the backcountry. So basically, it’s extra boring and totally out of left field, but don’t fret, we’ve got the inside scoop so you can vote extra quickly and get back to your day. Here’s the rundown…

Travis Rice has a part, because he is backcountry snowboarding, just ask Netflix. It’s short, sweet and exactly what you’d expect. However, I bet ESPN wasn’t counting on a voiceover that makes fun of the X Games and everything the mainstream world is trying to do to our sport. Vote for him, but only because Mark Carter sucks.

Mark Carter is a guy I’ve never cared to hear of. His part starts with animal abuse and turns quickly to sensory abuse. This part is filmed on terrain any west coast kid can find in a days drive and is boring as hell. Next.

Mikey Rencz, man this dude just keeps on having a career. The good news is this part is super fun to watch and full of stuff so big and hard that we might finally have a benchmark for what it means to be pro. Vote for Mikey and I dare you to try his banger.

Andres Wiig is still a Nordic god. I have nothing bad to say about Andres and never will, he’s that good. Anyway, his part is a mix of everything you’d want from a backcountry part, but it’s a little less fun than Mikey’s and therefore you have to stab yourself in the leg and give Mikey the win.

Mark Landvik reminds me of the Pacific Northwest. When I think of the PNW I think of laid back vibes, wet gear and not giving a fuck. This part sums those three things up nicely, enjoy it, but don’t vote for it because Jussi still rules.

Jussi Oksanen starts his part with some black and white footage most likely pulled from the beginning of his career. Post film grain, shit gets real and Jussi proves that he’s still a force to fuck with. Burton really had it right when they drafted all these Euro kids back in the day. Long live Jussi.

Frederik Kalbermatten filmed an awesome part that an editor made boring. The real issue though is that mainstream Sheckler fans will have no idea how to appreciate how radical every move in this :90 second clip is. Get ready for a new appreciation of ice.

I love watching Pat Moore snowboard. You should too. If Andrew Crawford and Scotty Wittlake got drunk in a small cabin and decided to raise a redheaded stepchild, this would be their perfect offspring. Vote for Pat because the world needs to see what snowboarding is really about.

Now that we’ve made up your mind, go vote here.

Under Review: Burton 13

The new Burton flick finally arrived! With the promise of, “An iconic year.” on the cover, my heart began to pound. Would Shaun White blow my face back? Would someone do something that didn’t exist yesterday? My mind raced with anticipation. Then, after 44 minutes it was all over. I learned Burton is still spending big bucks on their riders (good). Their team is a mix of extremely old and new (but Forum veterans are about to fix that). And, it apparently wasn’t such an iconic year for women…

The intro feels like a night in a hectic European club. But soon, Mikkel Bang starts the show with back and switchback 180s on jumps the size of midwestern ski resorts. Then he jumps more, and does the mandatory double flip. There’s also a section showcasing Mikkel’s new fetish for launching into trees, and I think it might be yours once you see it.

Jump porn! If massive tabletops and ultra poppy lips are your thing, this section of Euro jump machines is your wet dream. If not, Mark McMorris shows up for a second and spins and flips more than the Videograss and Technine guys combined.

Terje is still filming fluid, elegant lines in impossible to reach locations. But, his new riding buddy John Jackson is bringing some aggression to his peaceful wonderland. These two coupled up to make a part that is truly worth watching. Check it out on Youtube or something.

Welp, from jumps to mountains and now rail town. Ethan Deiss and Zak Hale are put on display so everyone will remember Burton makes jib boards too. Ethan’s 5050 drop-gap to front board will make you flinch, but also make you burn out your dvd player. Zak does rad stuff too.

Now we travel to the wildest pipe ever. It’s basically a slopestyle course built around a pipe. It’s only for amazing pipe riders. People like me who struggle to get out of 18 foot walls would just die. Most of you would for sure get hung up and crushed to death. Seriously though, it could have been shot way better.

Yep, more movie left. Yeesh, this is long. Anyway, Mark Sollors is up next. There’s a rad Twin Shadow song and the part is rad overall. Reminds me of the old days when being well rounded mattered. Mark is Burton’s future hero.

Jussi Oksanen. Do kids even know how incredible this dude is?

Jeremey Jones. Man, TRJJ still has some tricks up his sleeve. I don’t care about his wallrides and shit, but there’s a gap-plant rewind type situation that is super fucked up. I can’t wait to see the crash videos of kids trying to replicate it later this winter.

Finally, the ender. Is it Shaun? Nope. Duh. It’s Mikey Rencz. It’s nice to see Burton finally give this kid some serious love. After years and years of paying him to do whatever he wanted in the BC backcountry, Mikey puts what he learned on display. Adding up to what seemed like it’s own video of jumps into deep powder landings.

Overall, I would have cut this video way down. There are some serious heros in this thing, a total lack of Shaun White and no women what so ever. Is this a negative review? Nope. There are heroic moments in this flick. There are true legends doing what they do best in this flick. I’d watch it if I were you, because you’ll definitely learn something.

Burton 13: Teaser #4

Oops, looks like we missed the last two. Anywho…

Jussi Oksanen and Mikey Rencz have spent a lot of time in the backcountry together over the years and make a great team. In the fourth trailer for 13, Jussi talks about the group dynamic while filming and how they all work together.

13 drops September 17th on iTunes, DVD and Blu-Ray. Head to for tour dates and information.

Under Review: Burton’s Standing Sideways

The latest cinematic propaganda by Burton, Standing Sideways, is without a doubt one of their all-time best brainwashing schemes. The packaging is awesome, the concept is clever and the king of gum, scooters and neck muscles a.k.a Shaun White is no where to be seen. However, even with awesome intros and the obvious new approach Burton is taking, you can’t help but feel a little bored by all the park porn.

Overall Grade: B-

Notes: The actual riding in this video is more like an A, but between company propaganda and too much park porn, the editors really let the riders and viewers down. P.S. Did you know Burton riders could jump really, really well?

Buy or Burn: If you’re a history buff, buy it. Terje destroys, the vomit sack cover is great and Jussi Oksanen’s part truly seals the deal on his legendary status. If you don’t care about stuff like that, then steal a copy at your local Zumiez.

Kazu Kokubo: You can have my job if you find a better Japanese rider than Kazu. He is a monster whenever a transition is involved. He only films on massive jumps. He makes hundred foot (or more) back 180s look smooth and mellow. Oh, and there’s the whole backcountry thing. Which he rides like he’s actually trying to defeat the mountain.

Mark Sollors: Opening shot is a total ten. Then, laid back double backie. Reminds me of Robot Food. Sollors is well rounded, but what makes this part awesome is the fact you can tell he’s pushing himself. Keep an eye on him.

Jeremy Jones: They tried to make fun of him for having The Beebs on his ipod. It didn’t work. Then he does a bunch of jumps that Jussi will later put to shame. I’m not impressed by the shuv-it thing. I am impressed by a sweet handplant and a pretty gnarly gap back 270 banger. If it weren’t for Jussi’s ender I might not think this part is so bland.

Alex Andrews/Zak Hale/Ethan Deiss: Best intro in the video, so glad Burton has realized they need some more spunk. I’m going to call Alex, Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss the “Change Burton’s Appearance Squad” from now on. These three are dirtier, looser and more street level than Burton has ever really been comfortable paying for, but it pays off. These tree kill it, and Zak Hale has a disgusting amount of style.

Terry? I think this guy is related to Diamond Donny. Either way, he has the best part in the whole movie.

Mikey Rencz: It’s awesome that Burton pays Mikey to just party in Canada and film parts that are just good enough to justify a paycheck.

Danny Davis: So much hair, so much style. At this point we all know Danny’s deal, and if you don’t, hit the bricks pal. So you know there are big fucking airs, amazing grabs and perfectly executed big boy tricks. I’m glad Danny Davis is in snowboarding.

Mikkel Bang: Again, gross levels of snowboard talent, but at this point I just didn’t care about jumps anymore. Skip to this part in the future for a solid lesson on how to spin. If you learn to jump like Mikkel, you’ll make the ladies weak in the knees.

Seppe Smits: Guess what, Burton dudes can jump. Seppe does lots of mega spins and double corks with little to no effort.

Charles Reid: This dude is still on Burton? Crazy. Anyway, he spins a lot too, but it’s not that fun to watch.

Mark McMorris: Shocker, more park porn. Triple Cork, do I have to say much else? McMorris is going to take home a lot of contest money in the next few years.

Terje Haakonsen: Ok, I’m amazed again. He’s so old, but rides harder than 98% of his Pro peers. Why should you buy this video? Probably to watch GoPro footage of Terje outrunning an avalanche.

Keegan Valaika:
Burton really made a great call when they started padding Keegan’s wallet. Watch this part for a lesson in how to press, what a scary rail really is and what happens when you mix endless talent and a whole lot of BozWreck. Keegan will be a legend some day.

Jussi Oksanen: Speaking of legends, Jussi just secured his status as one of the all time greatest snowboarders, capable of both melting minds and shattering dreams. Todd Richards is in love with this part, I’m in love with this part and if you don’t see it, don’t understand how gnarly it is or see the utter insanity of taking an avalanche to the face and filming a double cork at his age, then you might as well go rent a pair of skis. Otherwise, keep standing sideways.

For all the info on how to get Standing Sideways, team info and all that other good stuff, click HERE!