The Midwest’s season is about almost over and we are positive that it is going to be a tough one to get over …. Not! Especially considering how uncooperative the weather has been, let us all bow are heads and pray for a better season next year.

Riders: Noah Driscoll, Repolia Robinson, Mike Cook, Austin Sam,Pete Moore, Cody Rinkel


Getting to know some of these guys and watch them progress this year has been awesome. I hope you guys are as excited as we are here at Yobeat.

Erik Olsen is proud to present to you the third installment of Mindset featuring David Aranda, Tony Leininger, Mark Ziehwein, Tanner Seymour, Grady Tank, Mike Mills, Repolia Robinson Jr., Adam Reich, and Eric Lewy. Filmed and Edited by Erik Olsen. First and last song played by David Aranda.

Rejected Redemption: Scrimmage at Elm Creek

For years we’ve rejected edits in the hopes it’ll inspire something better. And wouldn’t ya know, in this case it worked. It’s not the best video you’ll ever watch, but it made us want to go snowboarding and for that we say: accepted!

Riders in Order of Appearance: Gabe Gilbertson, Isaac Naess, Wyatt Neissan, Luke Engebretson (doesn’t stay in order)
Filmed:Gavin Matson, additional Luke Engebretson
Edited:Gavin Matson
P.S. Isaac rides regular

Ethan Deiss Late Season at Troll

There’s no place like home.

filmed by: Braden Bartley, Sam Duncan, David Murphy and Chris Duncan

Dirtbags at Sunburst

Sunburst kids are a special breed. Luckily, they now have a filmer/editor that can make them look good.

The Impaler Gets Em Everytime

Picnic table sessions that would be JP Walker cry, plus some classic boarding at Troll and beyond.


Jordan Daniels, Baby Huey, Jonas Michilot, Zcurl, Andy Pearson, Jake Moore, Aidan Flanagan, Sam Bakken, Colin Wilson, Cole Linzmeyer, Jeffy Gabrick, Vinny, Travis Peterson, Ben Klosterman, Cullen Bernklau, Jesse Paul, Sam Duncan, Peter Limberg, Kyle Kennedy , Austin Young, Jack Thornvold, Jerry Daddy, Billy Bottoms, Nate Blomquist, P-Raff, Charlie Hayenga, Bert, Robby Frank, Jillian Zahler, Ruby, John Muldoon, Mike Liddle, Evan Lundberg, Murphy, Danimals, Sam Jorgenson, Joe Sexton, Rhombus

Digging Deeper with Brandon Sakiewicz

Oh look, it’s another ballsy boarder from the Midwest.

Filmed and edited by Johnny Huege

Additional Filming Jon Stark, Sam Duncan, Brett Spurr and June B

Ground Control: Opening Montage

Bald Egal is releasing sections from it’s new flick, Ground Control, every monday and would be hyped if we’d post. Since we’re hyped on those guys and want them to be hyped, we’re posting it. Duh.

“Featuring: Shane Ruprecht, Krister Ralles, Dan Brisse, Randy Vannurden, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Drew Poganski, Nate Lavik, Peter Limberg, Ryan Barker & pals | Music: Sponsors: Volcom, Union, The Youth Shelter Supply, The Interior Plain Project, Thirty Two, Signal, Remind, Neff, Nike, House of 1817, GoPro, DC, Crab Grab, Coal, Celtek, Capita, Burton Executive Producer: Mike Thienes & Mike Pettit | Producer: Mike Thienes | Editor: Jake Durham | Motion Graphics: Brian Dow | Cover Art: Pat Jensen | Principle Videography: Derek Combs, Sam Jorgensen, Dan Tyler | Additional Videography: Justin Turkowski, Tyler Malay, Jake Durham, Tyler Hitchcock, Gary Milton, Jon Otte, Eric Schleicher, Shane Grimes, Mike Thienes, Sean Lucey, Mark Dangler, Shane Charlebois, Danny Kern, Rob Balding, Colton Feldman, Skylar Brent, Bjorn Leines, Colin Droster, Cole Taylor, Jon Ray, Riley Erickson, Sam Fenton, Brett Spur, Jon Stark, Dylan Wicklund | Photos: Andy Wright, E-Stone, Jens Heig, Darin Black, Bob Plum, Joel Fraser, Mike McVackey, Jonas Michilot, Patrick Raitor, Ryan Taylor

E-Gal Eye: Full Movie

Just in case Hood coverage isn’t doing it for you, here’s Bald E-Gal’s full movie E-Gal Eye to kill some of your time. We know how you feel about the Midwest.

Featuring: Austin Young, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Shane Ruprecht, Yusaku Horii, Matthew Boudreaux, Cody Beiersdorf, Seth Huot, Krister Ralles. with friends Tommy Young, Erik Zimmerman, Ryan Barker, Charlie Fenton, Peter Limberg, Nate Lavik, Drew Poganski, Bjorn Leines, and more..


From the desk of Jake Durham:

This is the ENDERi to the MAKEFRIENDSORDIE/BU$TED series (winter 2012-2013). While filming this series I wanted to show some of my favorite midwest styles and parks. The next step is to get the series onto a DVD so it doesn’t get lost on the internet. Thanks for watching, sharing, the park crews that made fun parks, keeping tow ropes running, and for the good times !


Bald E-Gal’s Ground Control Teaser

Trade show time means teaser time! Here’s the first to drop on the ‘net from the boys at Bald Egal.

Featuring: Clay Hatzenbuhler, Drew Poganski, Krister Ralles, Matthew Boudreaux, Nate Lavik, Randy Vannurden, Ryan Barker & Shane Ruprecht

With friends: Dan Brisse, Brent Mohs, TJ Antisdel, Dan Vinzant, Branon Larson, Joe Mertes, Jordan Michilot, Mike Casanova, Austin Young, Justin Henigen, Mike Liddle, Peter Limberg, Corey Wissink, Charlie Fenton, & more

Park Boarding in Illinois

There’s something about this park edit from Tyrol and Raging Buffalo that just makes us feel warm inside. However, it does make us sad that we’re yet to produce a single Illinois YoMerica sticker. What’s up with that?

Riders: Gus Federici, James Wilson, Chris Bailoni, John Cibula, Paul Buck, Max Schroeder and Brandon Sakiewicz

Real As it Gets FULL MOVIE

This is some snowboarding in the Midwest. Wouldn’t wanna live there, but these guys are certainly making the most of it.

A film by Nick Trotochaud.