30s Thursday: iPhone Gems


I scrolled through the memory banks of my iPhone and picked out 5 video gems to share.  None are longer than 30 sec.  Most are much shorter.  NOTE: THIS WILL BE A WASTE OF YOUR TIME.

[media id=93 width=360 height=480]

1.) Jack Mitrani’s Announcer-Man Voice

In this clip, Jack is doing his best impersonation of Brad J, a guy who I announce snowboard events with.  Brad’s an awesome dude with the most legit announcer voice ever.

[media id=92 width=360 height=480]

2.) Avalanche Danger

I was amazingly lucky to both capture this on film, and to make it out unscathed.

[media id=96 width=480 height=360]

3.) Peanut Tug

I have an yellow lab named Peanut and this video of us playing tug of war makes me laugh (but you probably won’t find it funny…).  It’s like when people show you pictures of their “cute pet” and you could give a damn.  Except these are moving pictures.

[media id=98 width=360 height=480]

4.) Mercedes Nicol Catch Phrase

If you’ve ever played the game Catch Phrase, you know how awesome it is.  Well, playing it with Mercedes is twice as awesome.  She freaks out.  If she puts in half the energy to her runs at the Olympics as she does her turns at Catch Phrase… she should podium.

[media id=95 width=480 height=360]

5.) Todd Richard’s Wiener Toss

This summer at Todd’s Signature Session at HCSC he held a contest to see who could throw a raw Cobra Dog the furthest using their opposite hand.

Welp.  Thanks for watching.