Rejected Edits

The quality of snowboarding, filming and editing that is continually being submitted to Yobeat even now after months and months of rejections is appalling. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. And during the holidays, no less!

Coyote Clan Whistler Blackcomb

Grade: C-
Thank you for letting everyone know if they ever want to watch poorly filmed snowboarding they can just track down your clan. Got those real sick angles on your crooks and slippery susan outs. The black flash breaks are a nice touch too.


Grade: B-
I appreciate you not trying to dupe anyone into watching your edit by just coming right out and titling it “corrugated.” It’s not bad trickery, but it’s still two minutes on a tiny tube.

Nubs Nob

Grade: C
Your park may have received the prestigious top 3 in the Midwest from some mag we don’t care about, I’m not sure how it looks like a hole, but your riding most certainly is not top 3.

Bart Patitucci Season Edit

Grade: D
Get ready to sit back and watch five minutes of some guy you don’t know talk about his experience with an injury like he’s the first and only person to ever get hurt and have to recover. If you can get through all that and the dog/cat/cooking/girlfriend footage there is snowboarding to watch. But it’s not worth waiting for.

Back Yard Shredigans

Grade: F
You guys should hit up the people who made last Rejected Edits “turkey day shred.” You’re on their level.

Artside Brighton Opening

Grade: B+
It was pretty good. But then it didn’t get any better and just kept playing. The wall ride shot at 1:57 was real sick though.

Kotcast on ice

Grade: D
If you had just filmed that first snowboarder you might have not been rejected. But you didn’t so you are. Kotcast just can’t seem to break through into the featured edits.

Flipping weekend #1

Grade : F-
This one should be rejected from the rejected edits.

Shred or Die

Grade: D
Cut the snowboarding and save this edit for the summer when we post skate content. You might have a chance then.

Brighton got ya hooked

Grade: C-
Yawn. Another sub par Brighton edit.

Its snowboarding ep.3

Grade: D
Step 1: go buy amped 2. Step 2: stop snowboarding. It will make you and everyone else that has to currently watch you snowboarding happier. You will get to actually do all the moves you want in the privacy of your own home. You must have known this was coming. Why else would you go and make a forum thread about it.

Baker Cruizin

Grade: C-
This is a good edit for Gives your potential matches a look into your lifestyle and ample amounts of shots of your face.

Rejected Edits is Back to Business

You said I was too harsh. So last week I tried to be nice. Then you said I was too nice. I guess it’s true, you really can’t please everyone. So the hell with everyone, I’m just going to keep doing what I do best.

Midwest preseason

Grade: C-

Few things say reject my edit please like a really annoying song and double rail zeaches. I come across many a zeach in the rejected edits submissions, but to do it on a double rail?! Now that’s something. Do yourselves a favor, sell your camera, and go buy some candy.

Opening weekend at Baker

Grade: C+

Congratulations on not annoying me to the point of wanting to drop kick a baby with this edit. That being said, why would you spend the time to stop and film mediocre powder riding on a day when you should have just been racking up as many laps as humanly possibly in those glorious conditions? You make me sad.

One hour at park city

Grade: B-

If it were based on riding alone this edit probably wouldn’t have been rejected. Fortunately for the loyal rejected edits subscribers and me it’s not. Whoever is holding the camera my need to get checked for early onset Parkinson’s disease. Also a special tip of the hat must go out to homey with the donkey kick spins out of rails, really showing your flexibility.

Ben Prickett Season Edit

Grade: F

Now this is the type of edit that really gets my rocks off. A real fresh song, and only two soggy snowboarding shots in the first minute. It’s sad that you want to submit this to a snowboarding site, I suggest maybe some sort of wild boys extreme sports site. I won’t even begin to comment on your tube mastery, I’ll leave that to the commenters.

Just Another Plaid Thanksjibbing

Grade: D-

How do you early out that many rails of such miniscule length and sleep at night? If I were you I would probably sell all my gear and retire from the internet. I get it that you’re trying to be creative and artsy with the black and white but what is the purpose of the shot at 1:42? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were contacted by the companies of the gear your using and asked to please stop doing so.

Boreal early season and Party

Grade: F

I can’t even to tell you how angry this edit makes me. There’s maybe three tricks in this edit that could have been used, but then you went and over exaggerated the shit out of them to try and prove to everyone how sick you really are. Stop slow mo’ing, stop making edits, and for the love of god if you can’t do that please don’t share them with anyone.

Meadows Mash #1

Grade: D

This is how you make powder riding look bad. Actually this is how you make any type of snowboard riding look bad. I think you need a little more time on the corduroy before you take it off piste. P.S. This melting pot thing, not off to a very good start.

Tyrol Preseason

Grade: C

You almost got away with it on this one on account of little kid points. But then the early outs and look backs started to pile up. On the plus side this was much better than the pre-season zeach off edit from Tyrol.

Runs in the Park with Dustin Berman

Grade: D-

Re-open whatever program you used to edit this, delete every clip except for the first one. Now replay that over and over again at various speeds. You will get thousands of hits. As it stands this edit is really boring and hardly worth being included in the rejected edits.

preseason snowboarding 2011

Grade: D-

This edit would be a hit at a family reunion. Please tell red pants to stock pile all his footage this season and make a solo edit. That will be a hit for sure. Thanks for throwing in a good dose of zeaches and swivels, really caps off a nice edit.

Mammoth Opening

Grade: C-

If anyone can stand to watch this entire edit with the sound on I applaud them. Are they selling GoPros with instructions on how to dad cam now? Thank you for giving me another reason to hate Bataleon.

Turkey day shred

I can’t bring myself to make fun of this edit. You guys look like you might be “special.” I will say this though, I hope you got a deal for buying that whole board, boots, bindings, and outerwear combo from CCS.