The Cobra Dogs LDOH Home Movie

When you're here, you're family.

What's Coming? Winter 12/13

Nick Lipton and a bunch of dudes who actually matter forecast the coming Winter.

Scotty Arnold's Day in the Life

Scotty and the boys have fun ALL DAY.

A Simple Guide to Finding Fame, Getting Cool & More

Seriously, we all know you want to be cool. So give this a try.

Terrible Tuesday: Cobra Dogs! With Matty Mo

Cory Grove's partner in crime Matty Moriarty teaches us a thing or to about wieners at the new Cobra Dogs location, right in the bottom of the park at PCMR.

Matty Mo is Moving to Salt Lake

Big news Mormons and non Mormons alike, Cobra Dogs star employee Matty Mo is moving to Salt Lake. Why is this news, you might ask? Actually, it isn't. But there is a party to celebrate, and you know we like to party, so we're posting it…

What You Missed Summa '10

Nothing like standing around in full outerwear, in July, under the sun, for what seems like eternity... From mid-June to sometime in August the lift line at Hood is on standstill in the early morning. But for once, waiting in line isn't…

Fireworks Forever

, It'll be dark soon and the bombs will start to blow, but for now enjoy these fireworks from Ian Thorley, Ted Borland, Ben Bogart, Matty Mo, Scotty Lago and others.

Animal Farm Showemus Teaser #2

, If you are deeply offended by animal poaching, or Mike Jones, don't watch this teaser. Otherwise, enjoy snowboarding by Chris Brewster, Ted Borland, Torrey Lyons, Cody Voit, Noah Hausknecht, Ben Farrell, Parker Duke,…

Promo Shot: Matty Mo

a man of many talents

12th Annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe Slaughter Festival

Ready and waiting... Some believe the swivels, tail drags, combos, and the ever common half-assed boardslides are destroying the style and skill that set snowboarding apart from rollerblading and extreme scootering. Thankfully the…

Magic Flashlights

KnifeshowInc let us use this neat video. ooh, special effects.