The Women Who Run Snowboarding

A hump day special report

Site Check: Arbor Snowboards 15/16

"Some kind of wood joke" and made-up team drama on the www.

Yobeat Roundtable: Getting Political

Should snowboarders/brands/media use their elevated status as influencers to promote certain politicians and political views?

Being Marie France-Roy

"She's a sweet, dainty, little French Canadian Woman…"

Three Minutes with MFR

Even if you are not ready to admit that Marie France Roy is better at snowboarding than you, you should be able to admit that breaking your neck snowboarding is totally gnarly. MFR talks about coming back from her injury, filming and most importantly…

Injury Update from MFR

If you hadn't heard, Marie France Roy recently fractured a C2 vertebrate (in other words, broke her damn neck.) It wasn't cause girls are bad at snowboarding, cause she's one badass chick. In fact it sounded pretty damn gnarly, and if you…