Brighton/BZ with Louif, Grenier, Rav and Friends

Heavy action from Rag Doll Snowboarding


A snowboard societal commentary.

Welcome: Louif Paradis

"The Jibber's Jibber" SMH

Louif Paradis's New Clothes

Check out his pro model threads.

Louif Paradis has Deja Vu

B-roll and Bonfire branding

Bored at Work

Blow off a few hours and welcome the weekend. It's video time.

Louif Paradis Season Edit

We thought about putting it in People's Court but...

Louif's Top Five Tricks

, does some investigative reporting and answers the question that's been on everyone's minds: what are Louif Paradis's five favorite tricks he's ever filmed. Thanks!

A Weekend in Oregon with Jed and Lou

Snowboarding only sort of included

A Sweet Louif Paradis Hump Day

Did you know we almost lost him to snowlerblading?