Buck 90 and UKC at Sugarbush

The Colorado- transplants headed back to the good old East Coast to pick up the Rome van. (Remember, they won it by winning local gnar last year.) While they were there, some Sugarbush laps were in order.

Buck 90 Wins Local Gnar 2013

We know you’ve all been sitting on the edges of your seat and we apologize deeply for the delay, but we’ve got an official verdict on the 7th annual Rome SDS Local Gnar competition. Without further ado…

Theo: Fairgrounds Swingers. Do you guys have drivers licenses?  They made a good edit and they seem like a good crew of guys. If they film another video this winter, I’ll for sure watch it!

Bjorn: Man, tough choice…  First I watched Fairgrounds, and I really like their style and tricks.  But I feel I have to give it to Buck 90.  I wasn’t as impressed with individual rider style… However, as a video they conveyed a cool message:  shredding with your friends.  It felt more like a crew.  I also liked that they were shredding some pow also.  So overall I’m going with them.

LNP: Buck 90!

Oliver: These weren’t either of the ones I voted for last round, but Buck 90 gets my vote. I feel like Fairground Swingers could probably use the prize a bit more, but I have to give it up to Buck 90. Their video is just better. Their spots were on some wicked carnival shit. Whoop whoop.

So there you have it kids! The final results are:



Rome SDS Local Gnar: Round Two


Apparently our panel of celebrity judges took an extra long long weekend, so it took a while to get this round decided, we’re just announcing things straight away. All the videos are here too. Watch them again and relive the memories.

Next week we’ll announce the big winner and recipient of cash and the keys to the Rome Van!

Round 2, Battle 1

Dave Schmidt


Buck 90

Theo:  I’m still going to have to chose Buck 90 in this round. They put together a solid edit that had great vibes and great riding. I like that they took snowboarding to the road, I reckon they could do some stupid shit with the Rome van.

Bjorn: I gotta go with Dave Schmidt.  Only because the consequence level as a whole was higher.  Hitting those big urban features that Pat Moore hit in his real street X Games part was sick.  I liked the other Buck 90 guys edit as well, better music, but not as many bangers.

Raul: These were both tough decisions. But in the end I had to pick primarily on the basis of style. Style is my # 1 decider on how I look at snowboarding and in some cases the music / edit as an art form was my second. Dave Schmidt had some really solid backcounry shots.. and almost knocked Buck 90 off but there were too many clean style rails in the buck 90 video in the end, so I’m going with Buck 90 for this one.

LNP:  Buck 90 because I’m at the bar right now.
Oliver: I’ve got buck 90, they’re hungry!

 Winner: Buck 90

Round 2, Battle 2

Danny Leblanc


Fairground Swingers Club

Theo: This was hard, both edits are good. It looked like both crews put in a lot of work to make these and that’s awesome. I’m going with the Swingers… seems like they need some cash to blow on dates….filming and editing was on point too.

Bjorn: I like Fairgound Swingers on this one. A lot of smooth tricks and some creative spots sealed the deal for me.

Going with Fairground Swingers. The other edit had a very high pitched and off tempo song.. And I really could do without all the hucking in Danny’s video.

LNP: Fairground Swingers because I’m at the bar right now.

Oliver: I’m voting for Danny Leblanc because those lines are fucking crazy!

Winner: Fairground Swingers Club

Now, with a show of hands, who wants the finals to be a reader vote and who would rather our judges just pick?

Rome’s Local Gnar Round 1: The Final Verdict


Since we’re out of new videos, we decided this post would be full of nothing but super exciting text. That’s right, you should read each in what you imagine the person’s voice to sound like to make it more entertaining. Also, congrats to the Fairgrounds Swingers Club, taking it 2-3. Round two starts after Labor Day.

Fairgrounds Swingers crew on this one. They had some really legit tricks and a rad ender.

Raul: Fairgrounds beats out Names are Names, and that nose press closeout was one of my favorite shots. Can’t beat a classic.

Laurent: Both had sick setups. I liked Fairgrounds better, kids were a little better and cleaner landings.

Theo: Two similar videos in this round. Riding was good from the fairgrounds crew, but that song’s a bit of a deal breaker. Names are Names gets my vote for best production of all of these. Good filming, editing was on point, and the track worked well. Nice one!

Oliver Dixon: I’ve got names are names all the way on this one. More hammers, more entertainment values. Also I like their song. I saw Digitalism at Lollapalooza a few years ago and finger blasted some random chick in the crowd to this song. In summary, hammers, watchability, and fingerblasting. My vote is for names are names.

Rome SDS Local Gnar: Names are Names

This is it, the last new video drop of Rome’s 2013 Local Gnar, Names are Names’ entry, which is going head to head the Fairground Swingers Club. Who takes it? You know we’re gonna make you wait a couple days to find out so stay tuned… The next round starts next week.

See all the entries and results so far here.

For everything we’ve ever posted about the seven years of this contest.

Rome SDS Local Gnar: Fairground Swingers Club

We’re kicking off the final battle of the first round, and it’s Fairground Swingers Club going head to head with Names are Names. But, what about the last battle!? Who won? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget in the excitement of the Yomerica premiere. The votes are in and it was the closest battle yet:

Bjorn: Got to go with Bridge House crew on this one. They threw down harder.

Raul: Danny LeBlanc beats out Bridge House even though Bridge House had a heavy FS 180 off that cliff. Bossy. And that chick scorping on the ramp! But Danny had some heavy pow lines and drops.

Laurent: Hard one again, both videos are very different. One was more streetstyle and the other was more backcountry. I like street better so I’m gonna give it to Bridge House. Good song and some good setups.

Theo: Two very different styles of a Local Gnar right here. Gonna’ to have to go with Danny Leblanc though. I respect how hard it is and how much work it takes to make a video in the backcountry. These dudes did it and they did it very well, this video is A-grade. Some of those tricks were fucked up.

Oliver Dixon: This one is pretty damn hard. I found that bridge house was on the whole more pleasing as a finished product but I think I might have to give the win to Danny LeBlanc on this one despite their awful music choice (the black keys are this decade’s version of the killers) a lot of those pow shots are completely fucked. As badly as I want to give this to bridge house, I can’t ignore that aspect of Danny’s video.

Congrats to Danny Leblanc making moves. Now check out Fairground Swingers club. The Names are Names video drops Wednesday!

Rome Local Gnar: Bridge House

Our celebrity judges actually had to think about their decision for the last battle, and unlike the first, it wasn’t a total shut out:

Bjorn: I’m going with Buck 90 on this one. They had some really gnarly tricks and the editing was tighter overall.

Raul: Buck 90 beats out Scott Smith, and the 50/50 BS 270 out was legit! But the DMX song was all time!

Laurent: That’s a hard one since Scott Smith has a sick song and the tricks are fast, but I gotta go with Buck 90 because it has some insane tricks in there. The gap at the end is sick.

Theo: This one was tough, both videos were really good, and well made.  Scott’s was awesome, that song fucking rules and the riding was great. I have to choose Buck 90 though because of the homie vibe it has going. They really told a good story of a crew going out there and having fun while throwing down some serious stuff and that’s what I’m into.  Good job fellas.

Oliver: This one is pretty hard because both videos are pretty damn rad. But I think I have to give it up to Scott Smith and give him the vote for keeping it hood rich. Both videos had some damn fine riding but I think Scott’s definitely had more entertainment value. That homie riding the fence made my butthole pucker up something fierce.


So it’s official, Buck 90 will move on to compete against Dave Schmidt in round 2, but first, we’ve got another round one match up. Entrant # 1: Bridge House. Watch their video above and stay tuned, the next video drops Wednesday.

Rome SDS Local Gnar: Buck 90

Judging by the screen grab of the video for Buck 90, these guys probably need to win some boards. But once again, that’s up to our celebrity judges to decide. We know who’s moving on in this battle with Scott Smith, and we’ll tell you soon. All you have to do is hit play and enjoy.

See all the entries so far here.

Rome SDS Presents: Local Gnar – Scott Smith

The next entry for the 7th Annual Local GNAR contest comes from Scott Smith. What do we know about Scott and his crew? Nothing, except our judges will be deciding between them and Buck 90. You’ll have to wait ’til Wednesday to see that video, but feel free to speculate on the W now. No one needs all the information to make a decision.

Check out the competition so far here.

Rome SDS Presents: Local GNAR – Matej Nedorolik

Matej and his crew are going head to head with Dave Schmidt’s posse in this first round of Rome’s Local GNAR 2013. Don’t worry, you don’t have to vote! We have professionals for that. Just enjoy the video.

Check out the official brackets and previous entries here.

Rome SDS Presents: Local Gnar Videos and Official Brackets



The 7th annual edition of Local Gnar is officially underway! We’ll be dropping a new video every few days and all you have to do is sit back and watch. That’s right, no online popularity contests or Facebook spam. The brackets above will be completed by a panel of celebrity judges including Bjorn Lienes, Laurent Nicolas-Paquin, Raul Pinto, Oliver Dixon and Theo Muse. You’ll be able to watch the latest video here or on the main page of the site, so keep checking back and see who beat you out for the finals, and most importantly, who will win $1000, two Rome set ups and the keys to the Rome van.

Finalist #1. Dave Schmidt

Finalist #2. Matej Nedorolik


Finalist #3. Scott Smith

Finalist #4: Buck 90

WINNER: Buck 90

Finalist #5: Danny Leblanc

Finalist #6: Bridge House

WINNER: Danny Leblanc

Finalist #5: Fairgrounds Swingers Club

Finalist # 6: Names are Names

WINNER:Fairgounds Swingers Club

Round 2

Dave Schmidt vs Buck 90

Winner: Buck 90

Danny Leblanc vs Fairgrounds Swingers

Winner: Fairgrounds Swingers

Rome SDS’s Local Gnar Videos Coming Monday!


We’ve carefully gone through each and every entry this year and selected our top 8 favorite. We probably say this every year, but, damn — these were without a doubt the best Local GNAR entries we’ve ever seen. These match-ups look like they are going to be pretty close.

Instead of a social media popularity contest style vote, we’re going a slightly different route than we originally planned. We will be leaving the judging in the capable hands of a few qualified people that actually live, breathe, and know snowboarding.

It’ll be a bracketed layout with 5 judges each picking their favorite video from each matchup. The ultimate winner will be the crew to walk away with the first place prize and keys to the infamous Rome van. Meet the judges and watch for the videos to start dropping Monday, August 5th on

Bjorn Leines
A man who needs no introduction. With an extensive collection of video parts and years of experience, we trust this guy to know a good edit when he sees it.

Laurent-Nicolas Paquin
This dude knows rails. He’ll be checking out the top 8 edits and giving his vote in between skate sessions, drinking beers, and generally having the best summer ever.

Raul Pinto
Co-Owner of one of the most badass core snowboard shops around, Boulders own Satellite Boardshop. Raul is a ripper and has probably watched more sponsor me tapes than he could possibly count. We were stoked to have him along on the latest 12 Months film project in the mountains of Colorado.

Oliver Dixon-Cider (don’t say it out loud, mom)
Originally from Michigan, but don’t hold that against him. He’s taken his love of snowboarding and cats out west, where he is a practicing member of the Cats of Anarchy at Bear Mountain. He also judges aspiring videographers and riders regularly as the voice of Yobeat’s Rejected Edits.

Theo Muse
Rome’s resident filmer, photographer, and editor. He’s been known to do a tailblock or two in a tiger suit as well. Theo has been the main person in charge of crafting each 12 Months film for your viewing enjoyment.

The DO’s and Don’ts of Winning Rome’s Local Gnar Contest


This year the top 8 entries for Rome’s Local Gnar contest will be judged by the smartest people in the world, you guys.  The dudes at Rome will pick the top 8 videos over a 12-pack (each) then videos will go head to head on here on Yobeat until there’s a final 4 vote off.  That’s right, the winners will be decided 100% by the public. Scared? Us too.

First Place: $1000 cash, Use of the Rome Van for 3 months, 2 Rome Snowboards, 2 Pairs of Rome Bindings, 2 Pairs of Rome Boots. For full details, check out Rome SDS

But the important question remains, what will you do with that van for three months? Don’t worry, as always, Yobeat is here to give you guys some direction.


1. Go to 50,000 Silver Dollars in Montana:


Get as many weapons as possible. You’ll need them in the backcountry. More info on the bar found in Soulcation: Montucky

2. Have a themed party inside the van:


Beach theme? Easy. Throw some sand on the ground, get a kiddie pool in the back, everyone is getting lei’d!

3. Stop at as many high school car washes as possible:


“Oh you guys are pro snowboarders?” Hell, If they chicks are 18, invite them to the pool party inside the van!

4. Go to La Crosse, Wisconsin:


They claim the world’s largest six pack. The tanks hold enough beer to fill 7,340,976 cans of beer, which according to math is enough pisswater to supply a person a six pack every day for 3,351 years. It is up to you guys to make the world’s tallest wizard staff.

5. Find and underground van drag-racing ring to provide funds for trip:


I don’t know where but I can’t hold your hand through all of this, guys.

6. Go to Texas and Find “Double Shot Liquor and Gun store”


Yes it’s in Texas. No there is not snow there, but you can find literally “every liquor brand and firearm brand” that there is in one convenient stop! Can you guys say B-roll?


1. Scrap the van for parts:

That thing has gotta be four years old. What is it a Ford? Chances are that baby won’t post $300 Dollars.

2. Let it get stolen by homeless people:

They will inevitably shit in it and light on fire. It has happened before.

3. Pee in said back-seat kiddie pool:

Unless the chick is into it.

Rome’s Local Gnar v. 7


Get your crew together and start stacking those shots because the 7th Annual Local GNAR is back and better than ever!  This year we teamed up with YobeatRome SDS to bring you a new judging format, and a whole bunch of new prizes, including the use of the most traveled van in snowboarding, the infamous Rome Van, for three months.

This year the top 8 entries will be judged right on!  We’ll pick the top 8 videos at Rome over a 12-pack and some heated debate, and they’ll go head to head on Yobeat until there’s a final 4 vote off.  Winners will be decided 100% by the public.

Know your audience.  People on this site aren’t necessarily looking for giant heli shots of you dropping lines in AK.  They are looking for a solid edit that stoked them out to go ride.  Put some effort in, and keep them boardslides straight.  Also, if you’re able to bribe some of the Yobeat regulars like Jerm, Jerms Mom, or Upstate Mike, making that happen somehow may be a good move.

The snow’s falling, so start filming and you may walk away with one of these prize packs:

First Place:
-    $1000
-    Use of the Rome Van for 3 months
-    2 Rome Snowboards
-    2 Pairs of Rome Bindings
-    2 Pairs of Rome Boots
Second Place:
-    2 Rome Snowboards
-    2 Pairs of Rome Bindings
-    2 Pairs of Rome Boots
Third Place:
-    1 Rome Snowboard
-    1 Pair of Rome Bindings
-    1 Pair of Rome Boots

Remember to keep your edits to 3 minutes or less, and make sure that your entries are sent in to Rome by June 14th. Also make sure all videos are in Quicktime format (that’s .mp4 or .mov for you computer nerds) and be sure to download, fill out, and include this form with your entry:

For any other questions shoot an email over to ridercouncil[at]romesnowboards[dot]com.


Rome Local Gnar Entries Now on Facebook

While you’re wasting away your summer on the Internet, might as well head over to Rome’s page and check out the entries for the annual Local Gnar competition. This year, there’s a value-added social component too! Just think, your “likes” could make the difference for the unpopular crews who are bad at social networking in their quest for free outerwear! Ain’t democracy grand!

All the Local GNAR entries are in! Now it’s time for you to check them out. Every week, 3-4 videos in no particular order will be posted to the Rome Facebook page for your viewing pleasure! So log on, scope each edit that has a chance to walk away with the top prize of $1000 and two SDS setups.

For their effort, the top 3 GNARs will be taking home the following loot:

1ST $1,000 cash, 2 Rome Artifact Rocker snowboards, 2 pairs of 390 Boss bindings
2ND 2 Rome Artifacts, 2 pairs of 390 bindings
3RD 2 pairs of 390 bindings and 5 pairs of gloves

Hold up!… That’s not all. This year we’ll be doling out a BONUS prize of three brand new 2011/12 outerwear kits for the video that receives the most likes on our Facebook page. Since we all know your brothers, sisters, mom, dad, cousins and grandparents are constantly making comments on your wall, there shouldn’t be a problem stacking crazy amounts of “thumbs up” icons.

So spread the word and tune into the Local GNAR every week on the Rome Facebook page!