Lobster Cream Week in Iceland

This snowboarding video is NOT APPROVED by the Faith and Action committee. Watch at your own risk.

Europe - A Five Stan Review: Part 1


Site Check: Lobster Snowboards 15/16

The strange maturation process of the Helgasons.

Lobster's Super Limited Special Addition Graphics are OUT NOW!

Instantly achieve mad street cred if you score one now.

Lobster special additions are LIVE!

Birthed from the beaches of Monaco

Sexual Snowboarding Drops Tomorrow!

As with most things from Europe, we're quite confused by the Helgasson's Sexual Snowboarding. Not the video itself, that seems cool, but the internet hoopla and scheduling that is surrounding it. The movie is OFFICIALLY going to be online tomorrow…

Sexual Snowboarding Teaser #2

The Helgasons may be the best thing from Iceland.

Win Eiki's Jib Board

The Helgasons aren't satisfied with the number of Facebook fans Lobster has, so they're giving away another used board in hopes of enticing you to click like. Here's the deal: We want to see some more random photos! Just hit us wiht…

Win Halldor's Old Snowboard

The Helgasons need facebook likes for their snowboard company. Help them out and your could win a super exclusive (used) Lobster snowboard. But it was used in big time televised competition, so that actually makes it cooler, right? LOBSTER…

The Helgasons Announce Lobster Snowboards

Perhaps growing up on an Island fosters independence. The Helgasons are already leading the pack with and have just announced they're starting their own brand. We're in full support of riders doing things their own way, even if…