Gus Warbington “Happy Birthday” Edit

Snowboarding, and the band Pavement is a good combination.

LTC: Oil Spill

Did anyone notice that during the Beyonce song she says, “seven twice, seven twice” and then Big Jerm shows two 720? Yup, that’s the genius of Lick The Cat.

Riders:  Sam Taxwood, Ben Bilodeau, Nils Mindnich, Griffin Siebert, Zander Blackmon, Michael Wick, Spencer Schubert, Evan Drage, Zak Hale, Gus Warbington, Blake Paul, Alex Lopez, Alex Yoder, and more.


The Trilogy- featuring Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Blaze Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Michael Wick, Blake Paul, Sam Taxwood, Alex Lopez, Zak Hale, Tucker Andrews, Jack Dawe, Nick Julius, Grant Giller, Pat Raichur, Mitch McIver, Knut, and friends!!!

Lick the Cat at Holy Bowly

In case you hadn’t already heard, the Holy Bowly was fucking awesome. You know Big Jerm was all up in there with the follow cams so sit back and pretend you were there.

Lines: griffin siebert, blake paul, gus warbington, max warbington, blaze kotsenburg, sage kotsenburg, sam taxwood and michael wick.

Lick the Cat at Brighton

Punk rock and bros boarding. What more could you want?

Featuring: sam taxwood, ben bilodeau, griffin siebert, grace mayernik, jeff richards, michael bogdal, ryan lanham, gus warbington, and friends

Lick the Cat’s Park City Winter Break

Oh, did you know these guys party?

With sam taxwood, blaze kotsenburg, sage kotsenburg, michael wick, nils mindnich, hans mindnich, max warbington, gus warbington & friends

A Lick the Cat Bonezone Edit

We know you’ve been fiending for a good Boezone edit, so wait no longer. LTC delivers.

Featuring: Sage Kotsenburg, Sak Hale, Spencer Schubert, Griffin Siebert, Ben Bilodeau, Michael Wick, Blaze Kotsenburg, Littlest, Ted Borland, and Gorby.

Sam Taxwood Licks Hump Day

Look into those eyes ladies… photo: Knut Eliasson

Sam Taxwood AKA Staxwood AKA The Taxman is taking the snowboard industry by storm, all while hooking up with your girlfriend the night before. Garnering a huge media following with his crew’s Lick the Cat webisode series as well as being a standout at every event he competes in, Sam has managed to find that fine line between partying all night and performing all day. He’s always the first one to take his shirt off for the cameras both on and off the mountain and the ladies love him all the more for it. However, it’s more likely he’ll be surrounded by his half naked bros than any trife ratchets. Yobeat sat down with this young party boy to find out what it’s really like to Lick the Cat on a daily basis. – Josh Parker

How’s your summer going so far? Why are you currently layed up on your couch?

My summer has been pretty good, I got to skate a bit and I took a little vacation to Colorado to hang out with Michael Wick. For those that know him I’m sure can imagine how that trip was… although now I’m sitting on my couch icing my knee because I just had surgery on my meniscus

I don’t know Michael Wick, what’d you guys do? (note: I now know Michael Wick, he owns a van with blue furry walls that was host to some pretty good van parties last week in Bend)

Needless to say he likes to party and can pretty much out drink anyone I know! We skated a bit though, and just lived the Colorado life according to him… by that I mean drink, party, drink some more, went to a country concert, played volleyball, went camping, and hung out with a bunch of homies.

So are you of legal drinking age yet then?

Nope… I got a fake ID DOE!

Are you old enough to take me out on a date yet then?

Well I’m pretty sure I’ve been old enough since we met, but legally speaking maybe for like a year? hahaha

Knut told me I should ask you about your girlfriend? Should I be jealous?

Hahaha that fucker! No need for jealousy Darrah, I’m single and ready to mingle so get at me! Juskee haha but seriously

Sam Taxwood - Front 180 sw 5-0Front 180 5-0 on the L1 Merica tour. Photo: Knut Eliasson

Okay perfect. Anyways, so what happened to your knee? Why did you need surgery?

I know it’s hard for you to get off topic of me taking you out…It was bugging me for a while through the winter but I finally landed pretty low on a hip at superpark and that was the final straw kinda.

How long of a recovery is it? Will you be making it to hood this summer?

It’s about four weeks I think so hopefully I’ll make it up to catch the last bit of camp!

What happened to you last summer, weren’t you a digger at HCSC for like, a week?

Summers in Oregon don’t always turn out so well for me. Last summer I separated my shoulder and had to get home to finish up some school that I was procrastinating doing. It was fun while it lasted though, I wish I could have gone back this year.

Me toooo… So other than the knee thing, how was Superpark this year? Last I remember seeing you, you were having beer sprayed all over you at the bar after winning the Chelone Miller award…

It was good times for sure! It was sweet to board with all the homies for a week up in Bend, that place is rad! Prime springtime boarding and it got loose for sure. 
I’m super hyped I was lucky enough to get the first Chelone Miller award to,o which was sick, thanks to the dudes at Snowboarder!

What do you think it was that won you that title?

Umm, good question? I was just trying to cruise and have as much fun as I could and I guess people were down?

Sam Taxwood BackflipDon’t try this with your shirt off. Photo: Bob Plumb

Well that’s cool. Why do you tend to board shirtless so often?

It’s just a big joke pretty much, like if you cant land a trick then try it with your shirt off and maybe you’ll get it? I don’t know, honestly we just thought it was tight seeing fools snowboard with their shirts off and got a kick out of it so we started doing it for some reason. It’s pretty dumb and some people aren’t down I guess but it’s something to have a good laugh over for sure.

I encourage it. Why did you cut off your rat tail? Also, while we’re on that topic I’m curious about the bleached hair trend?

It was a bit much so it had to go! The bleach is just another stupid joke pretty much but everyone bet on the Dirksen Dirby and they had to bleach their hair if they lost or something and there was left over bleach so I frosted a wave of tips in my hair.

Speaking of bleached hair, Blake Paul told me I should ask you about your narcolepsy?

Of course he did. I have this problem where I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Especially in cars! I think it’s a mild case of Narcolepsy though, it’s pretty harsh. Driving long distances for me is a no go.

He said you fall asleep in the most awkward positions. I was also told to ask you about the nickname “squat”?

Yup that’s one of those nick names if you know, you know and if not, maybe some day. My friends can eat shit.

Sam_Taxwood_RG_Roof_FrontboardThis front board is for America. Photo: Knut Eliasson

Is Louif your fave boarder and did you fan out on him at the X Games? Who else have you fanned out on recently?

Oh man! So ya I was at X games and I guess I fanned out on him pretty hard for like 10 minutes and by the end I’m sure he thought I was an idiot! Whoops, but he is one of my favorite boarders though, he rips! The Girl skate team was just in Salt Lake and I fanned pretty hard on those dudes too hahaha.

What did you do all winter? Where did you go, who’d you film with?

I filmed with the Keep The Change, and Lick The Cat dudes all winter! I spent a bit of time on the East Coast and Minnesota filming, also a bit here in Salt Lake. It was super fun, all those fools are the shit! I went to Japan for the Holy Bowly as well which was an amazing experience!

What was the best part of going to Japan?

The best part about Japan was just getting to experience another country like that and the whole snowboard scene. All the people over there are really sick!

Is Lick the Cat putting out a full movie this year?

Yes, there will be a full Lick The Cat video this year its coming out this fall online and hopefully a few hard copies will be floating around for some people to grab! Hopefully people are stoked, it should be pretty sick.

Sam_Taxwood_TailpressCrossing bridges is smarter than burning them. Photo: Bob Plumb

Want to just finish by saying what your plans for next winter are? Is college in your future now that you’re finally done high school?

My plans for next year as of now are to just keep filming and do what I’ve been doing, and yes I have plans for school I’m just tying to go when the time is right and I’m ready to go so I don’t waste my parents money fresh out the gate.

Respect. Thanks Sam!

No worries, hopefully I don’t look like an idiot after this.

Lick the Cat 3

The cool kids at Park City finally put a new edit. And we finally got around to posting it. Yay, go snowboarding!

Featuring: Nils Mindnich, Sage Kotsenburg, Sam Taxwood, Griffin Siebert, Ben Bilodeau, Merrick Joyce, Cody Lee, Evan Drage, Michael Wick, Blaze Kotsenburg, and Drew Brighton.
Edit: Big Jerm

Lick the Cat 2

Boarding with the cool kids.

Featuring: Sage Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Sam Taxwood, Alex Sherman, Evan Drage, Zak Hale, Blaze Kotsenburg, Josh Crisp, Knut, and BIG JERM.

Lick the Cat Episode 1

Pretty sure the only reason Lick the Cat is making videos is to get more instagram followers so follow them @lickthecat

featuring deadlung, ben bilodeau, griffin siebert, blake paul, spencer schubert, sam taxwood, michael wick, merrick joyce, sage kotsenburg, blaze kotsenburg, zak hale, jordan morse, jordan tramp, alex sherman, alex rodway, alex lopez, billy wandling, nick julius, jeremy thompson, mac spedale, matty mo, andrew aldridge, cam fitzpatrick, cody lee, and evan drage.

film/edit: jeremy thornburg

Sage Kotsenburg Talks Cougars with Hump Day

Photos by Cyril Mueller

Sage Kotsenburg rides the delicate balance between being a professional athlete and remaining true to the original definition of a snowboarder. Spend any time amount of time with him, and Sage will prove himself to be a party animal, shredder, and innovator of snowboarding. While he hanging with the rest of the Nike snowboard team at Nike Headquarters, Yobeat was able to snag this interview with the people’s favorite contest rider.

Let’s start this off with the basics. Why snowboarding, and how did you start?

Why not snowboarding, you know? My brother Blaze started doing it, and I started doing it too. That’s basically it.

Speaking of your brother, he told us you have pooped your pants 3 times trying to land a trick.

Yeah, I was trying to do this super sick, triple cork action, and I tried it three times and I consecutively pooped my pants THREE times. I caught my edge all three times and just shat all over the place.

Have you landed it yet?

(laughs) No, I haven’t tried it since. But we went back to the hotel room and threw my dirty, poopy boxers in the trash can in the kitchen of the hotel room and it smelled so bad. It was disgusting, but amazing.

How do you feel about your brother telling us about this?

It’s awesome, the more people that know about these stories the better because not everyone knows that this is a normal occurrence. Even the girls do it, they just don’t want anyone to know.

What is the conversion rate of X Games medals to number of babes you get to sleep with?

It’s unknown. I mean if you brought it out you could probably slam the baddest chicks in the bar.

What would you do with that medal if shit really hit the fan and you had to turn it into something more useful?

I’d melt it down and maybe make a little ring out of it or something and give it to a nice cougar.

You and your homies in Salt Lake put out edits called Lick the Cat. Is that a drug reference?

This is one thing that everyone needs to know. It came from Yelawolf. He has a song named “Lick the Cat” and we were just bumping it one day. Randomly Jeremy started filming these edits with kids from high school and started calling them “Lick The Cat Edits.” Then we just overran that with like 15 people and started making a bunch of edits throughout the season. Then it really just popped when Spring Break The Movie came out. So yeah, it just came from a song.

So what’s Lick the Cat’s plan for this winter?

This is perfect timing because late night on Halloween weekend we decided that that we are going to make a full length video next year. Probably like 45 minutes to an hour long, equivalent to the Art of Flight or That’s it, That’s All.

Do you have any names for it yet?

Yeah, I think were gonna call it “Thom…ooovie”

How much time do you spend partying compared to actually snowboarding?

When you go to Europe it’s the worst. Everyone goes out til like 6 or 7 a.m. and your boy can’t hang like that. I start fading really early. It’s so harsh, I don’t see how those dudes can do it.

Do your parents get pissed when they see you partying on film?

I don’t know if they watch those edits, I think they do. But my mom got bummed at me when I was in Europe because I threw up on my carpet.

The set-up in this place is crazy. Tell me what it’s like riding for Nike.

Riding for Nike is so sick. The whole team is up here now for meetings all week. People are showing us some of the most crazy stuff for next year. They just have people from all different aspects of Nike that are super down for snowboarding. They pull so much stuff from so many different areas of the company so it’s not just a couple snowboarders thinking about what they can put in a boot to make it better, they have guys that have been doing running shoes, army stuff, and football stuff for year. It seems like you can get a combo of sick ideas in terms of the gear.

How much stuff are you allowed to write off on Nike?

I don’t even know. Whenever I’m with them they just buy the stuff so I don’t really have to do that. (laughs)

Are you trying to go to the Olympics?

I am gonna try to go to the Olympics. It would be awesome to get an Olympic medal but the scandal would be the sickest. You know? Like Scotty Lago. So were brainstorming trying to figure out the best scandal that could go down.

So if the pussy conversion from X Games medals is big, how much much of jump can you expect?

Who knows! Not that many people know, but you must get so many cougars though. There are so many good looking cougars in Park City that you just need to marry them all. And in Utah it’s okay to marry a bunch of their people.

In terms of the Olympics and the trick-list that is required, do you feel good about the way you’re progressing?

I think it should be good. I couldn’t really care less how I or anyone else gets there, it’s just rad to be a part of the Olympics. As far as the progression goes, I’m sure some crazy business will be going down. But I think it’ll be more of a fun thing, unlike how it is with the pipe people. They take it a little more serious.

You live in Utah, have you ever done the Mormon soak?

(laughs) I think that’s just like a rumor, I mean you hear everyone like, “oh, you soak?” But I’ve never heard of anyone actually getting the soak part.

What has been your favorite snowboard trip?

Baldface. Easily takes the cake, it was so sick being up there. It was me, Travis Rice, Nicolas, Gigi, E-Jack, Kazu, John-Jack, friggin Devun, Walsh, Jamie lynn was there, I mean the list goes on.

What’s the vibe like being kind of the younger cat riding with all those dudes?

They were so sick! I’ve gotten to know a bunch of them pretty well, like Nicolas and Gigi a lot because of Nike. But Mark and I are there like, “I don’t know what I’m doing. I can ride some pow, but I’m not trying to jump off like a 40 ft tree bonk or something and fly like 100 ft down the face.” It was so gnarly watching them ride, the videos just don’t do justice. But yeah, everyone just took Mark and I under our wing and it was super mellow.

I saw you at Waka Flocka in Portland, shit got hyphy. I assume you’re bumping that when your shredding, what else are you listening to?

Basically some Waka, some Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and then obviously seeing the Lick The Cat edits you can see we love that techno business so a lot of that techno. Just bought my tickets to some Swedish House Mafia in L.A. this March so regardless of where I’m at in the world I’m just gonna fly there for one day and then fly back to wherever I am. So yeah basically just rap, techno, and then obviously stuff like Megadeath, Metallica, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden.


Nike, Monster Energy, Apo Snowboards, Loctite, Arnette, Neff Gloves, Pro-Tec, Park City, and Nixon.

Any other shout-outs?

Obviously a shout out to my Mom and Dad because they are the reason I’m doing this interview right now, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now, my brother, the Lick the Cat homies, and uhhh.. All those cougars out in Park City, I’m just trying to wife them up.

If yo missed it above, check out Sage in the Nike Snowboarding Project Chapter 2 here!

Lick the Cat: FALL the Movie

Those crazy kids from Lick the Cat are still up to no good.

Summer Break: The Movie

Lick the Cat is back with some fun in the sun!

Featuring Spencer Schubert, Ben Bilodeau, Blaze Kotsenburg, Max Warbington, Griffin Siebert, Richie Conklin, Gus Warbington, Shane Wright, and all of z homies.