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Laura Hadar Farewell Part

That’s right kiddies, mama Hades is throwing in her professional towel for a more “norm-core” lifestyle that just might even include trips to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. Despite Mama Hade’s search for a real world life, we tip our hats to one of the most bad ass chicks in the game. You’re inspiration has gone so much deeper than girl riders though, and you will forever hold a  place in our hearts. Love you!

Laura Hadar: Queen of the RATS

Laura Hadar is constantly trying to come up with something new and inventive in the world of art or snowboarding. She’s immersed herself in the Salt Lake scene and taken charge, opening an art gallery by the name of FICE, which has featured Corey Smith’s vintage styled portraits to Mike Gonsalves’ army of Zeach Men. She’s also no slouch on her board, as you’ve probably seen her receiving a silver roll of duct tape at the Legendary Banked Slalom and a heavy hitting part in CAPiTA’s Defenders of Awesome, on top of many others over the years. Aside from that, she’s really one of the nicest people you’ll meet. She earned the name Mama Hades by doing just that, being the best Mama around. Her latest idea is FRIED RATS, so sit down and get yourself a serving.

Why RATS, why not something more appealing like Fried Chicken?

I came up with name because my girl friend and I got rat tats a year or so ago and we were talking about getting fried egg tats next. Fried Rats

What are you trying to do with this?

Of course aside from making obscene amounts of money… The whole idea is that everybody just works hard to be the best at whatever they do, or are passionate about and then share it. Essentially that is what FRIED RATS is. That’s kind of like a motto. Also the other rules are Be Nice and there are no rules to life so go at it. 

Tell me about the Ghandi Shit. Is that something just for the collective or should we be doing that anyway?

Ghandi Shit- Believe In Me. Trevor came up with that. I think that we all believed in each other and were there to support one another we could achieve more for sure. 

You’ve had your hand in the art world with FICE for a while now, should the Rats be easy to release because of that? Also, does FICE stand for anything? I’ve always wondered that. For the busters that don’t know, maybe give a little sentence or two background on FICE and what its about.

Yeah, we are not really even trying to release anything with FRIED RATS, all we want to do is give a platform for all of our friends to share their stories, moments of glory, thoughts etc. with each other. So it’s a whole different thing than FICE. FRIED RATS is lo-fi shit. 

Would you be psyched if kids started giving themselves stick and poke tattoos of the dead Rat? I feel like Govy could be running rampant with those critters this summer. You should put on a stick and poke contest and award the winner with a real rat.

NO. I think tattoos are pretty stupid for the most part, I just happen to be stuck with a bunch of them. 

The first run of Fried Rats stickers

Aside from snow bros, who else is involved with the Fried Rats? It seems like your direction is truly collecting people from all walks of life and showcasing their craft.

Yeah, right now we got patches on the likes of snowboard company owners jackets, artist, musicians, little kids, moms, everyone is invited in our crew. As long as you are nice. 

When is Doman gonna do a smiley Fried Rat? I would buy the shit out of that.

I dunno. we will have to send him a letter and ask him if he would draw something up. 

Who is Trey Doja and how are you going to make the world care about him with this answer?

He is an illusive Gangster who spends his days sleepwalking and his nights jammin out prints and paintings. 

Do you have big plans with this or are you just going to put out he feelers and let the Rats collect naturally?

Yeah, FRIED RATS is totally up to anyone who wants to participate and I want it to grow naturally and or die naturally. Right now, I am using it to gather people together and create something we can all hold with our hands. Really its all about just celebrating good people, doing good things together. 

How would one get their hands on a zine and how could someone contribute to it? …Can I?

If you want a Zine or to contribute to a Zine you just have to get on the mailing list. You can email us you mailing address to [email protected] Once we have your mailing list we can keep you in better contact with whats going on. I mean our website will always be updated with video and photo content, but when it comes down to it, FRIED RATS is all about DIY analog shit. So the mailing list is where its at.

You say on your tumblr page that you have no intention of hawking product but will the world get what they want in a limited series print of t shirts say this summer? I’ll even help.

Yeah. I’m sure we will “hawk” product at some point in time. But mostly it will be to all our rat friends. Cause nobody else is really gonna care anyway.

Ok, here’s the question that this has all be building up to, would you eat a Fried Rat? I’m sure some country is capable of preparing it really well.

HELL YES! Taste likes chicken, I’m sure.

Print’s not dead!

When you’re done with snowboarding and break the hearts of millions of little boys that are in love with you, seriously, will the world be able to find you in some neat little cottage around Salt Lake just surrounded by rats churning out prints and zines?

I’ll never be done with snowboarding. I am about to go to Alaska for the first time in my life and I’m 27 years old. I feel like this is the beginning of my snowboard career right now. I’m so fucking hungry and I don’t give a fuck, I’m just doing it because I love it and not caring what the hell anybody thinks about it. So no, but you might find me in a converted van jamming away at my typewriter on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, getting ready to find a KInKos and print out a new issue.

Go superhype and give shoutouts to everybody that you want.

Shout out to anyone who is following their dreams, working hard and believing in themselves. Your are Badass and I think you kill it. Keep doing it! Anything is possible you just have to work hard, believe in yourself, repeat. Thank you for all the Rats out there that have had my back, believed in me and supported me and my dreams. Much love to Trey Doja, Struggle Wolf, Lil Boots, and Rat Child! 

Thanks Laura! Also if you are still confused as to what FRIED RATS really is, don’t worry about it. Check out

CAPiTA Tuesdays: Laura Hadar FULL PART

If you think Laura Hadar is just some jibber, think again. She took home some solid silver duct tape at the Banked Slalom, and that requires no rail sliding ability. Check out her full part from Defenders of Awesome courtesy of CAPiTA to celebrate.

Hmm. Seems the Youtube jerks want you to go watch this there. We’re working on a solution, until then, enjoy some Ghandi Shit.

Under Review: Peepshow’s Winter Wars

Winter Wars is June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda’s gift to women everywhere. Peepshow, as it stands, is a rebel force in snowboarding. It shows girls don’t have to be skittle-colored contest junkies to stand out. It shows that girls, while still not as good as the boys, can still be entertaining, still captivate an audience and more importantly, are out there and going for it. If Winter Wars shows us anything, it’s that a whole generation of young men need step their game up if they ever want a free pack of stickers.


NOTES: Why would a girly movie, with no super flips, helicopters or new-age bangers get a solid B? Because progression speaks loudly, and plenty of the shots in Winter Wars are more entertaining and more eye opening than the standard bullshit we see everyday. Also, because between Annie Boulanger and Desiree Melancon the bar for ladies, and even young men, has been permanently raised.

BUY OR BURN: If you’re a girl, buy a copy or quit snowboarding. If you’re a boy, it depends. There are lots of heavy slams, footage seen on Tosh.0, the best female boarding of all time and having it on the shelf might get you head.

Here’s the rundown:

Jess Kimura
Filmed with Capita, filmed with Peepshow, and both parts are dripping in classic Danger Pony action. Watch her tail grabbing skills and one hell of a frontboard on some giant metal corrugated tube.

Laura Hadar
Also filmed for Capita and had a few shots left over. Check the part for a large blunt.

Claudia Avon
Short and sweet. One shot for every situation. Sort of weird, like a sponsor me tape and then ka-fucking-boom. One hell of a banger everybody needs to see.

Marie Hucal
Marie is an oddball little girl from Michigan, and she rides more like a boy than most. Good shots for sure, a great log slide and so much evidence to say she’ll be making boys look bad very soon.

Hana Beaman & Colleen Quigley
Besides the gorgeous scenery in this shared part, the balance of these two is what brings it together. Hana gets into the backcountry and throws her body down some big natural gaps. On the flip side, Colleen proves that being a girl, a redhead and tall doesn’t mean you can’t hold your own in the streets.

Gabby Maiden
She sings her own damn song and it’s so much cooler than when Tim Eddy did it. Besides that, Gabby stepped up this year and slid some big rails. Plus, her ender will shit on your sponsor me tape.

Danyale Patterson
First off, this girl can ride. She is for sure pushing things in the right direction. She hits big rails, goes after double kinks and has a proper nosepress. Best part though, she’s a dirty punk chick and dating the one and only Brendan Gerard. They would probably produce the anti-Christ, so I hope they are careful.

Darrah Reid-Mclean
What can I say, filming this part made Darrah Comedy Central famous. If you want to see what happened when she wasn’t moments from death, watch the movie and realize she hits way bigger shit than you.

Bryn Valaika & Gabi Viteri
Who doesn’t like watching two wild chicks get slung around to Waka Flacka? This might sound wrong, but I’m calling these two the Gap Twins. They handle the biggest streets gaps they can find and aren’t afraid to throw themselves down some big ass rails. Girls are learning style, and this is part of the proof.

Silvia Mittermuller & Celia Miller
Hot girls who hit jumps really well and with style. Do I need to continue? Fine, they can’t skate so well, and they dress like Skittles, but at the end of the day these are two chicks most men would not want to lap a park with. Why? Because they are better than you.

Robin Van Gyn
Backcountry mission that will make you want to go snowboarding. Also, she does a double and a half flip, which is dumb, but funny as hell.

Madison Blackley
Hits huge rails and nosepress’ really well. Also, a great slam section

Random ladies going for it. I’m impressed by the 50-50 360 out.

Annie Boulanger
Apparently her footage is B roll, but that just doesn’t seem possible. Backcountry fans, girl fans, snowboard fans, see this part for her massive first decent, oh and the avalanche she outran.

Desiree Melancon
This whole video added up to two things, Annie’s part and Desiree’s part. Combined they may have changed snowboarding. Desiree’s effort pushed girls light-years in the right direction. Her style is better than countless dudes who do this for a living. The rails are legit. The gaps are in a bunch of man movies. Desiree came through this year. She showed up some boys. And, her banger is going to put you on the floor. It’s actually that impressive.

Get a copy of your own at

The Review: Capita Defenders of Awesome

Before every kid knew how to use the internet, felt obligated to showcase their whatever tricks, owned a super-duper HD camera and a Go-Pro there were things called real snowboard videos. They came in VHS box sets, and eventually DVDs. With some odd ten billion videos in production every Winter now Yobeat feels it’s important to remind everyone that some videos have actual production teams, pro riders and a reason for existing. So for the next few weeks (we hope) we will be reviewing the movies that matter. So, to kick it all off, we start with Capita Defenders of Awesome.


NOTES: Seriously impressed with Capita. A few years ago they made that emotional hipstamatic movie that announced Corey Smith’s retirement. This year they made a no holds bar masterpiece of modern snowboarding. Every person in this video wrecked shit, all the big tricks happened and it was fun to watch.

BUY OR BURN: 100% buy, this is one you’ll want to own a legit copy of.

Here’s the rundown:

Scott Stevens is apparently stupid, he said so, but, deal with it. He also said that. Moving on, Scott is still doing weird shit on a snowboard, and the only reason it is ok is because he’s not only the best at weird shit on a snowboard, but it’s super fucking awesome to watch. Oh, there are some bangers too. It’s a classic fun, weird and rule bending part from ol’ Atcha Boii.

Dan Brisse, this guy still looks like a retired high school football star to me, but there’s no denying that he has huge balls and a whole lot of skill. He jumps fucking huge. He films in snowstorms, he does really long, impossibly hard rails, and you can tell he enjoys it. Hate it or love it, this dude is pretty fun to watch.

Jess Kimura aka Danger Pony is back in action after pretty much shitting on all the other girls last year, but, there’s a twist. She’s way better now. She’s still not boy good, but duh. If you’re a girl, watch and learn. If you’ve got a girl, tell her she sucks and then show her this part. If you’re a guy, her ollie to wall slam thing will make your penis shrink at least an inch.

Cale Zima, what a part. Super hard hip hop, lots of knee destroying drops and the coolest use of a skate pool I’ve seen in snowboarding. The mustached midget’s part will keep you stoked all winter. Oh, and the gap back three banger—get ready for that.

Brandon Cocard’s opening shot, amazing. Banger, amazing. The stuff in the middle, also amazing. There might be a trend happening here, this move might kick ass.

TJ Schneider. Remember when this guy rode in Love Hate? Like 800 years ago? No? You’re too young or you’ve drank too much since then? Bummer, because apparently the guy who makes webisodes that I hate decided to tell people like me to fuck off by filming one hell of a part. No giveaways here, just watch and say, “Holy shit?”

Laura Hadar or Mama Hades comes out charging after a bunch of knee work and the funniest part in Videograss ever. But forgive all that, there is a rock slide in this part that will make the biggest boys jealous as hell.

Dustin Craven is one of the best backcountry riders out there.  This dude is crazy. And a jerk, asshole, dick apparently. His take no prisoners, let’s see if I manage not to die approach to destroying the backcountry gives me a half chub for sure. Maybe the most classic part in this flick, and a total contender for best part, but then there is the ender…

Phil Jacques, who the fuck is this dude? I guess the one that is better than you, and all of your friends. He’s the latest French Canadian to walk into snowboarding just to let everyone know they suck. Oh and I lost count of how much of the insane rail bullshit this guy does was switch. So yeah, best part, total ender, get jealous and throw your parents the bird for not living in French Canada.

And More: Andrew Burns, backcountry go pro and all sorts of shit that will get you through the rough patch we call fall. Unless you like rails, then it sucks. Mike Rav makes an appearance and is way better than I thought he was. He also does something really cool on a fence. His part is pretty much the perfect benchmark if you are trying to get sponsored. If you can’t match him, quit, if you can, you’ve got a damn good shot at making some bucks.


Bonus Section: Awesome, Cale’s sponsor me video is a real gem. The other stuff is weird, awesome and violent. Dyke Boy (figure that out for yourself) made an amazingly gruesome video for Capita as well.

Defenders of Awesome Teaser 4: Laura Hadar

Laura Hadar Defends Awesome with three tricks in this week’s “Defenders of Awesome Tuesday Teaser.”

Win Hadar’s NIKE Zoom Force 1

It’s spring, and the snow isn’t the only thing getting mushy. At this point your boots can probably serve as your slippers post riding, so why not win yourself a new pair of stylish Zoom Force 1’s? Now we know what you’re thinking: These are girls boots and I am the manliest of men that I know. But here’s the thing: free stuff is free stuff and there are plenty of reasons you might need/want girl’s boots. For example:

1. You have small feet and getting free stuff would compensate for the other thing that goes along with having small feet.
2. You could use them to hook up with that girl you’ve been stalking all season.
3. They match your outfit better than the guys model.

And there are lots of other reasons so…

Nike Snowboarding hooked us up with two pairs of Hadar’s Zoom Force 1 boot and we’re gonna give them away. To enter, just comment with a reason you want these boots. The contest is open to dudes, chicks, or anyone else who might want them. Just make sure to use your real email address so we can contact you when you win.

Two pairs of boots will be given away. One to award the most generally convincing and entertaining entry (and it’ll help your chances if it has a lot of likes), and the other winner will be chosen at random on Monday April 4, 2011. You can research more reasons you want the Zoom Force 1 at and make sure to watch the commercial featuring the lovely Ms. Hadar herself.

Hadar X Nike Zoom Force 1
just dropped its latest cinematic commercial masterpiece starring Ms. Laura Hadar. It’s definitely a bit conceptual for our simple minds, as it may or may not be what goes on during a minute or so inside Laura’s brain, but only when she’s had too much salt. However, she clearly wears her Zoom Force 1’s when she walks around in the city, that makes total sense.

Sabre’s Free Rider Campaign

If you like Laura Hadar, Billy Mackey, Brendan Gerard, motorcycles, retro bullshit, snowboarding, leather, Ben Rice, the color black, sweet models with great tits, muscle cars or sunglasses this behind the scenes look by Sabre is for you.

Snowboarding Naked: No It’s Not Porn

Former Park City terrain park manager Jim Mangan recently completed a book project entitled “Winter’s Children.” If you didn’t guess by the headline, the concept was to get snowboarders naked, and take totally artsy photos of them. ESPN caught up with Mangan to get his side of the story, and the real motivation behind the book. It’s an interesting read and you can check it out here. If you do, you may notice a member of the YoBeat staff was also involved. Our own brand partnership manager “Drew Amers” played a hefty role in organizing the riders. ESPN, being Disney and all, failed to get the real dirt, so we went ahead and asked Drew for some secrets.

YoBeat: What was the full rider list? I couldn’t find it on ESPN.

Drew: Alex Andrews, Sean Black, Eric Fernandez, Laura Hadar, Rose  Williams, Corinne Richards, and Peter Sutherland. All the guys were FUNhat riders. We were never able to pay them, but we did get them naked in Vice Magazine.

YoBeat: Did you get anyone get laid?

Drew: No.

YoBeat: Who has the smallest dick?

Drew: Just go with Sean Black on that. Actually I think Peter Sutherland won that contest. But maybe it was cause he’s super hairy and it was really cold, that’s a bad combo.

YoBeat: Anything else you think people want to know that ESPN didn’t cover?

Drew: I saw Hadar’s bush. And there was this other girl with really nice boobs. It was the first time I was ever in the Idaho Backcountry. I saw 6 boobs, 4 shrunken cocks, some ball sacks, and a bush.

Winter’s Children is available for pre order now and it was actually a much classier project than we just made it out to be. Click on over to ESPN and get the real story. The book will launch early January 2010  at Milk Gallery in New York City with a photo show and short film.

Peep Show World Premiere Tour

Peep Show’s Let’s Make Better Mistakes tomorrow is hitting the road. Even though they failed to send this information directly to us, we liked the movie enough to track the list down and post it. If you haven’t heard, there are shots of Laura Hadar topless, don’t miss out when the lovely ladies of Peep Show come to your town.


10/07 Vermont @ University of Vermont (w/ BON VOYAGE)

10/09 Seattle, WA @ The Garage (w/ BON VOYAGE)

10/16 Keego Harbor, MI @ People (w/ SOONER OR LATER)

10/15 Salt Lake City, UT @Fice

10/15 Salem, OR @ Exit Real World (w/ 9191)

10/17 Brea, CA @ Active Ride Shop (w/ BON VOYAGE & FINGER ON DA TRIGGER)

10/28 Breckenridge @ Brooklyn’s Billiard and Tavern (w/ LEFT BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN)

11/06 Spokane, WA @ Garland Theatre (w/ LEFT BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN)

TBA Opening Day Mammoth Lakes, CA @ Whiskey Creek

TBA Minneapolis, MN


10/08 Montreal @ Klinik (w/ IN COLOR)

10/10 Quebec @ The Liquor Store Bar

10/13 Toronto @ The Annex Wreck Room (w/ SIXES AND SEVENS)

10/15 Whistler @ Garfinkles

Opening Day @ Mt Seymour, Vancouver

TBA Trois-Rivieres @ Le D’Artagnan (w/ BON VOYAGE)

TBA Sherbrooke (w/ SEQUENCE FILMS)


10/25 Barcelona, Spain (w/ BON VOYAGE)

10/27 Annecy, France TBC!

10/28 Saas Fee, Switzerland

10/29 Innsbruck, Austria

10/30 Munich, Germany

11/01 Berlin, Germany

11/02 Helsinki, Finland

11/04 London, United Kingdom

via MethodMag

Salt Lake City Brodown Showdown


According to the comment boards I missed 99% of the East Coast while investigating their scene. Oops. I apologize. In truth, I just didn’t care enough to trek around the woods of the Upper NorthEast. It didn’t’ seem that important or exciting. Again, sorry. To make up for this gross under-examination on my behalf, I decided I would only give Salt Lake City 50% of the time I gave the East. It’s not my fault I ran into skaters, snowboarders, live filmings (of Yobeat material no less) and was a guest at uncontrollably famous Louie Vito’s party. Enjoy some photographic proof.


Stepped off the plane and into Louie’s Party. No idea who his friends are, sorry.


The bottle service is locked. A bartender must pour your drinks in SLC. Stevie Bell had other plans.


Mason Augirre was in town, ‘cuz he’s famous. Did you know the FRENDS sell headphones?


Mason got a new tattoo, he called it the, “FRENDS skull.”


Louie’s party was large. There were cute girls there. A lot of ugly ones too.


These are Louie’s trainers. They are both huge and buff. Louie should be soon.


Kyle Fischer picked me up after the party. I slept on his couch. Thanks Kyle.


Ran into Antho for maybe two minutes.


Ran into SLC skater Adam Dyet and Legendary Dagger Dave Duncan at some after party.


Did I mention the cops shut down the bars?


And the 711 parking lot…


And this guy…


The next day Justin Keniston took me to drive-and-go coffee. The service was excellent.


We went back to his place. He lives with Ben Bogart, Scott Stevens, Austin Granger and Bode Merril.


Austin Granger made an amazing dinner for everyone.


About five minutes after Justin bought his own dinner…


Then we headed over to Laura Hadar’s where Pat was filming Terrible Tuesday.


Laura’s place became a Yobeat media blitz.


Justin enjoyed a third dinner with Laura and friends.


Laura’s “I just cooked this and it’s great” face.

After two dinners I had had enough to eat. I was stuffed. I hate being stuffed. Anyway, I had to leave after this meal. If I had stayed any longer it would have broken my promise to the East Coast to only investigate Utah for 50% of the time I had given the East. Justin took me to the airport, which was sweet of him, and I flew to away to Chicago. This may be shocking to some, but Salt Lake City offers more brodown options than the East Coast. What a revelation. I’m sure your heads are spinning and your hair is blown back. Or maybe that’s just the porn site you have in the other tab. Have a nice weekend.

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Terrible Tuesday: River Trip Sauce with Laura Hadar

Nike Snow rider and all-around badass Laura Hadar fills you in on how to make Mama Hades’ secret sauce. Friends, food and beer, it’s almost like you’re there.