What's Coming? Winter 12/13

Nick Lipton and a bunch of dudes who actually matter forecast the coming Winter.

A Quickie with Lance Hakker

We asked Lance Hakker for a Quickie, he said yes.

The Other Side of SIA

It's everything no one else will show you.

VG Round Three

VG ROUND III. Already excited for Round IV.

Sneak Peek: Peep Show + VideoGrass

Peep Show's fine young talent striking a pose. God damn camper's have it good, especially those at the High Cascade Snowboard Camp  VideoGrass session. Don't believe me, well; who cares, because these kids aren't only snowboarding all…

Time Wasters with LANCE HAKKER

This week blog and company captain Lance Hakker let us take a look at his online activities. While we have yet to find someone willing to show us some porn (since that's all any of these guys really look at) Lance did provide some interesting…

2010's First Skate Edit


Desiree Melancon Loses Bet, Goes Bald

One of Yobeat's original Hump Day vixens, Desiree Melancon, is officially bald, and will be sporting a dyed red head for the Ashbury Demo and Ms. Superpark events coming up soon. Desiree had this to say, "Whatever, it grows back." The once…

Grendys Officially on Ashbury

It's official, Chris Grenier has finally been tricked by the Ashbury boys to ride for them. We know it's true cause they sent us this video. More Here.

The Keywords of 2009

Guess what! It's the Holidays, or as more commonly known around these parts: The time of year you can just recap and not come up with anything new year end review time! And what better way to look back in this new media age than to take…

Ashbury Presents!

, secrets in the end...

Hump Day with Darrell Mathes

Darrell took time out of his hectic schedule to sit down with YObeat, so how about you take the time to read the article?

Cool Jerk by Ashbury

,   Lucky guys, and girl, get some early season powder.

Inside Scoop with Lance Hakker

A quaint chit chat about Ashbury, Snowboarding, and Gangsterism.