Jeff Anderson’s Part from Back in Black

Today is Jeff Anderson’s birthday. Seems like as good a day as any to repost his tribute part from KingPin’s Back in Black.

RIP Jeff.

1999 Snowboard Video Reviews

TB 8: Infinity

Standard Films


In the tradition of such films as TB1-7, TB 8 proves to be nothing new or original. The reason I so passionately stress the importance of the remote control being that in-between the good parts, are lots and lots of powder turns (fun to do, not to watch.) If you don’t happen to have a remote, be sure to watch it with someone you can con into fast forwarding for you. Now a pro, the freestyle parts of this film are sick, well except Jim Rippey’s, who mysteriously has two parts, and yet only does five total tricks. Back to the cons: Mike Hatchet needs a music editor, as all songs are strait off the promo CDs of bands that will never go anywhere which I’m sure he receives each and every day (read: bad). Even with much fast forwarding I was still unable to complete my viewing of TB 8 (or the other 7 for that matter), so don’t lose any sleep if you miss this one.

The Revival

Kingpin Productions

If you’ve ever met or heard anything about Whitey, you’ll know he’s on the brink of insanity, but also a comedic genius. This video was full of snowboard action, but also had skits, which did not grow stale like those in last year’s Golden Circle awards, but rather remained clever and entertaining through out. From “I will not ride step-ins” to Andrew Crawford’s excellent Motley Crue impression, these lead-ins did not disappoint. As for snowboarding, J2 doesn’t hit one jump in his part, Peter Line isn’t in it, and Chad Otterstrom keeps it real for the M3 front (although, the rest of the team makes an appearance too.) Music-wise, this is the most diverse and strait-up quality video I’ve seen. From Disco to Metal to College Mope-Rock, it has it all. And now, some important observations about this video:

Why The Revival is better than “Technical Difficulties” in five words: (Please keep in mind, I’m yet to see Technical Difficulties, premiering next week.) People that don’t ride Forums.

Possible Lawsuit: Stolen scene in the back country, with a brief pause on a sign which reads, “Closed Area.”