YoNews Day: March 2, 2018

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Plenty of can't-miss snowboarding news, plus bitchin' park edits from Norway, Finland, Utah, Ohio and so much more!

Keir Dillon Makes Peace with his FRENDS on Hump Day

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"Even if you look at FRENDS from day one. Action sports, youth lifestyle and then morphing into a women’s fashion company. You can only control things so much."

Killington's Loaded Turkey Rail Jam '17 --- Dinner with the Leons!?

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Brother and sister duo Joey and Maggie Leon took home the turkey at Killington’s annual season opener on November 19, 2017.

Last Weekend, Whenever: Rust - A Killington Opening Video

A true story about getting the first day rust outta your system with the local Killington kids.

Darkside Grudge Match 2017

DarkPark at Darkside Killington hosted a rail jam. Shredding ensued. Nate Haust was the people's champion.

The Colden Age

Frigid Killington park laps with Jake Fournier, Jesse Gomez, Maggie Leon, Seth Waitze, Joey Leon, Will Steller, Alphonse Esposito, and Thomas Westcott

Run the Mice

Yawning at Killington with Braden Kietzman, Brandon Fain and Tony Giumarra

Darkside Rail Sessions Wit GBP

Gremlinz return home for the holidays and host a rail jam at their home mountain of Killington. The crew cooked up veggie burgers and apple cider using the heat from the rail action.

Turkey Chasin' in Vermont

Killington pre-Turkey shred with Lane Mantas, Jake Fournier, Thomas Westcott, Tucker Zinc, Jesse Gomez, John Garoutte, and Josh Barr

Yuge in K-Town

Killington gets Trumped. Travis Henderson, Hollis Grossbard, Walter Promnitz, Kyle Highley, Nick Nolan, Zach Mathes, Emmet Dowd, Tommy Magazeno, Justin Van Althuis, and Brett Stewart

Halloweekend at Killington

Killington is open for shred-business and the locals are wasting no time getting at the park rails. Featuring Maggie Leon, Jesse Gomez, Joey Leon, and Jeremy Ellenberg.

Killington Opening Day - Okemo Death Squad

Killington appears to already have more snow than the entire last season. The Okemo Death Squad wasted no time hitting it. Jesse Gomez, Lane lantas, John Garoutte, River Willman, Levi Gunzburg, Max Lyons, Shaun Murphy, Spencer Bell, Triple H, Tim Major, and many more.