Keep the Change at HCSC

Unused Stuff from Keep the Change

Begging the question, can it really be called “unused” considering they used it for this edit.

KTC Buzzkill

Clips, b-footy, nonsense, and some good times out of my camera from last year with KeepTheChange and homies.

Video Ian Boll

Additional Filming
Colton Feldman
Rob Balding
Brendan Barry
Theo Muse
Ozzy Henning

Snowboarding: Johnny O’Connor, Tommy Gesme, Riley Nickerson, Mark Wilson, Derrek Lever, Alan Parenteau, Alex Boll, Ian Hart, Devon Therrien, Mike Ravelson, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Colton Feldman, and…. Layne Treeter

Riley Nickerson Remix

One of the smoothest members of the Six Foot N’ Up club, Riley Nickerson, just had his part from Keep The Change’s Homage remixed to officially welcome him to the 686 squad.

Cameo Rider – Ian Hart
Filmed by Rob Balding & Colton Feldman
Edited by Colton Feldman

Stan and Catfish Movie Review: Homage

Our resident Siskel and Ebert check out the latest effort from Keep the Change and tell you, yes you, if you should spend your parent’s hard earned cash on it.

Get it on iTunes:

Cody Beiersdorf Re-edit

1817 spookifies Cody Beiersdorf’s part from Keep The Change’s “Roll Call”.

Windells Session 2 2014 Video

Summer on the glacier is in full swing and Mt. Hood is still getting snow. Keep the Change rolled into camp and shook things up with a push-up skateboard race where product wasn’t the only thing that got tossed. Campers, counselors and coaches alike handled everything from the big jump to the new rail plaza and the Concrete Jungle. Spots are filling up quickly so don’t miss your chance to get down at the “funnest” place on earth!

Featured Riders: Matt Chase, Chris Frost, Cody Lee, Derrek Lever, Max Tokunaga, Jesse Paul, Jeff Hopkins, Ryan Lanham, Jon Overson, Evan Sheridan, Max Lyons, Nick Visconti, Jeff Deforge, Kirk Teare, Riley Nickerson, Kelsey Boyer, Steph Sue Feld, Mariah Dugan and Will Smith

Edited by Ian Macy
Filmed by Ian Macy, Brian Nero, Sam Trefaller, Nate Blomquist, Ashley Dawn Byrd and Greg Weaver

Windells Session 2 Recap

Session 2 is a wrap folks, and the week was nothing short of amazing. Thanks to the help of our Session 2 Team Takeover sponsors, Newschoolers and Keep the Change, everyone was able to make the most out of the gorgeous weather and excellent conditions.

Keep the Change was out in full force bringing a heavy line up of riders including Riley Nickerson, Mark Wilson, Ian Hart, Derek Lever, Johnny Brady, and Tommy Gesme. Everyone has been talking about their new teaser for Homage, and this week Mt.Hood got a live show of their movie-worthy style.

As to be expected, the Windells Digger crew, powered by Destoy Labs, put together another creative and progressive park. Serving up a variety of rail features, jumps and tranny features, the diggers got a serious amount of praise for their hard work yet again.

With July right around the corner, it seems the sun will be sticking around for good. Nothing like sunshine and summer snow to accompany the “funnest” place on earth. Everyone on Mt.Hood is looking forward to good weather and good vibes for Sesson 3!

KTC Spring at Loon

Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Mark Wilson and Tommy Gesme take some slushy laps at Loon!

KTC at Trollhaugen

Your favorite crew took a break from the street spots to hit you with this one.

Derrk Lever, Mark Wilson, Andy Pearson, Boody, Jacob Durham, Cody Beiersdorf, Jake OE, Micah McGinty, Jeffy Gabrick, Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Jared Jordan, Aidan Falangan, Austin Young, and Tommy Gesme

KTC at Waterville

Filming is fun and all, but nothing beats laps with the pals. Except powder laps with the pals. But those aren’t nearly as entertaining to watch as this.

Featuring: Tommy Gesme, Derrek Lever, Johnny Brady, X, and Ian Hart

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KTC’s Homage Teaser

Man, teaser season and the Olympics in the same week? No wonder the site is running like shit. We’re working on it, I promise.


Keep the Change at Loon

The Internet in Europe is too slow to actually watch this, but based on the rider list and the fact it’s KTC, we’re pretty sure it’ll give you all boners.
Riders: Derrek Lever, Nick Doucette, Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Mark Wilson and Tommy Gesme
Film- Rob Balding and Colton Feldman
Edit- Colton Feldman

Another Roll Call Teaser

No, we do not know when exactly Keep the Change’s Roll Call will be on iTunes, but we can assume it’s soon since this teaser just dropped.

Dreamworld at Mt. Bachelor

MARK WILSON and SPENCER SCHUBERT wake up in “dreamworld” at Mt Bachelor. Plus some random clips of: Peppa, Mark ass, Jesse Burtner, Ben Bilodeau, Black Mamba, Tyler Lheureux and the wet dog, Derrek Lever.