Know This Guy: Justin Leveille

Our friends at the Foxed did an interview with the newest, and arguably only, Yobeat employee, Justin Leveille. You may know him as the Toeside Terrors, or Stan, but the lovely ladies of blogging wanted to know more. And more they learned, such as this gem of a fact:

My official title is Managing Editor/Toeside Terrors/Quality Control/Rapper. Which pretty much sums it up. A normal day might include dressing in costumes, painting my face, rap battling with Brooke, and then going to mandatory board meetings on the chairlift. I take care of a lot of the day-to-day posting as well as continually working on new content. There are definitely not business hours at Yobeat though, which just goes with the territory when doing “creative” work or whatever. We all chill a lot, and wherever we are, the mountain, the bar, the movies, we are always scheming. Yobeat is a small business so everybody kinda has their hands in everybody’s work, but you can be on the look out for newer, better Toeside Terrors comics, and a couple new video series’ that I hope the people will be stoked on.

For more about the man behind the tights, click on over to TheFoxed.

PS: Congrats on your new job Mary. Don’t make us work too hard!