The 2015 Dirksen Derby: Actual Coverage


All Photos: Kieth Rutherford

The 9th annual Dirksen Derby ushered in a very welcome sight to Oregon: a fuck ton of snow.  And while Oregon really only suffered one bad season, based on the shit show garnered over the rapidly accumulating snow at Mt. Bachelor, you’d think the residents of Central Oregon had been residing in Tahoe or something! But despite sizeable lift lines and inevitable delays that come with trying to do anything mid-blizzard, Josh Dirksen’s annual event was one for the record books.

The abundance of snow across the west coast prevented many signed up from attending  – enabling the race to run smoothly despite occasional hitches such as blustering snow messing with the laser time keeping systems – and since everyone registered paid in advance, still plenty of cash was raised for Tyler Eklund, the event’s inspiration, who was paralyzed in a snowboard crash many years ago.

The field was still stacked with heavies, but if our foray into sports betting is any indication, the race was really anyone’s game. The side-by-side courses were meticulously dug by a dedicated crew of Bendites, as a well as a Bogus Basin-based crew assembled by Corey Mac. On the red side, huge berms required a lot of finesse to generate speed, while on the green side a more open course allowed you to just let er rip. As to be expected with lots of snow fall, speed was something that was not in abundance, but the most skilled (or those with the best wax tech) managed to make it happen.

Unlike many banked slaloms these days where it’s a feat just to make it to the bottom of the course, the Dirksen Derby is specifically built to be a fun, mellow kick off to the season. “We definitely try to keep the courses mellow at the Derby and it doesn’t always happen with the snow and stuff,” Josh said.  “I want everyone to have fun, not just the top 10 percent of the snowboard population, so I tried to build something everyone could love. It is still a challenge, the challenge being not stopping!”

While the Derby is a contest, and there are winners, losers and sidebets galore, we won’t bore you with a lengthy explanation of the results. At the end of the day, just getting out and getting together is what really matters and makes this event so great. If you really care though, you can click here and read them all yourself.

For a mere $65 you could sign up for elites, essentially buying your way into the finals. However, qualifying is good for you and here’s a shot from Saturday.


More qualifying action!


The Parilla clam chowder at the top of the course is a definite highlight every year.


Fancy, Madison and I, too hard for our own good, really.


Alex Yoder.


Banked Slaloms are one snowboard discipline where bigger people may actually have an advantage, but don’t tell Austen Sweetin that. Cruising to third.


Brynn Hayes.


V. Official flags.


A crew so heavy the photo poach was in order – Wolle Nyvelt, Gerry Lopez and Josh Dirksen.


Never count out someone who came all the way from Europe to compete! Eero Nimela for the win.



Last year, Harry Kearney beat the rest of the field by three seconds. But that was last year, this year he got second.


Oh yeah, there was some of this, too.


Hiromi Tatumi and his sit-snowboard set up manhandled the course with ease.


Izzy Lalive came out from Breck and hot damn, did she have a lot of fun!


This. Kit Hendreckson.


Best beard of the weekend.


Madison not only babysat me all weekend, she also got 6th in Elites. Thanks Mads!


Mary Rand.


The Warp Wave crew silently judges Max Tokunga. Actually, they were probably making noise.

Ravi Drugan kills it.


Powder to the people.


Josh Dirksen at Mt Bachelor

It’s always cool to see what an amazing snowboarder does with their home mountain. Follow Josh around Bachelor for a few minutes to get hyped for the media onslaught that will be the Dirksen Derby starting tomorrow! Follow us on Insta and Snapchat (@yobeat) and I’ll do my best to post embarssing and epic photos all weekend long!

2012 Dirksen Derby: The Warm Up

DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3

Imagine if you went to High School with only people you truly liked and enjoyed. Then you graduate and move on, only to see a few of those friends regularly. Well, this year’s Dirksen Derby is the 10 year reunion of that High School.

On December 14, 2012, the best people in snowboarding (yeah, I said it) gathered at Sunrise on Mt. Bachelor to test out the course, place some side bets, and get warmed up. The real event hasn’t even started, but things are already shaping up for the best snowboarding “contest” of the year. The red course is tight (ride it like a skateboard) and the green course is all about letting loose. There will be thrills, spills, and even the girls have to qualify this year. If you’re here, see ya on hill, and if you’re not, stay tuned for plenty of pictures, videos and inside jokes all weekend long!

From the desk of Josh Dirksen:

Men’s and Women’s Qualifier on Saturday will be as follows: All Men and Women racers (14-49yrs) have one run down the course of their choosing. The top 25% of the racers down the Green line and the top 25% of racers down the Red line will qualify for the finals on Sunday. Don’t miss your run! The lower your bib number the earlier you go!


And since we know you like video, our man Russell Winfield has already made one! Oh, and he happens to be hanging out with Terje.

DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3

4th Annual Dirksen Derby: The Video

Dudes turning never looked so fun. Josh Dirksen explains the who, what, where, why and when of the 2010 Dirksen Derby on the much less inclement day two.

Check out full results and a gallery here.

Dirksen Derby Day 1: The Full Report

6:30AM SATURDAY, 12/11/2010

It’s snowing right now, but the weather could turn rough later this morning… so we’re pricing lift tickets accordingly at the “green” (lowest) rate. For now, we’re staying optimistic with our proposed lift schedule… but as the weather situation evolves throughout the morning, lift status may change.

If the weather does take a turn for worse, head inside to our Clearing Rock Bar. Sample our signature Bloody Mary… it’s the best in the Cascades!

With a ski report like that, day one of the Dirksen Derby was not off to a great start. Luckily, this year the event spans two days, so the 100% chance of up to two inches of rain would only really matter to the groms, ladies, older and wiser, sit ski division, split boarders and of course the entire Dirksen family and other event staff. NO BIG DEAL!

Your host, Josh Dirksen

And actually, other than getting a bit wet, it wasn’t really a big deal. Had the course, hand dug over the last week by Josh and a host of Bachelor locals, been higher on the mountain, things would have been really ugly. However, it was nestled in the trees of the bunny slope, protected from the gale force winds. A handy dandy leanto and a couple pop ups gave the waiting riders a place to huddle, and some timing system issues allowed for plenty of practice runs.

Since the event is remarkably mellow and a benefit for Tyler Eklund, it seemed silly not to compete. Between the pitch and the sticky snow, it took some pumping and skill to negotiate, but both lines were short and sweet with just enough twists to keep you on your toes. I’m happy to report that my time would have earned me second place in the groms division, and did get me a respectable 5th in the women’s. (It may have be funnier if I came in last, but I’ll let T-Bird hang on to that claim to fame, at least for now.)

Tomorrow I will bring my real camera. For now, this will have to do.

The highlight of the day was definitely the splitboard division The competition was fierce — riders rode down, skinned up, and then set back up and ran the course, chinese downhill style. The prize was a pair of custom Dirksen Derby Split board bindings, which there was no way Adam Haynes was going to lose. Ryland Bell was there to give him a run for his money, but in the end the victory indeed went to Adam.

If you we’re wondering, the Bloody Marys were quite good.

Tomorrow the pro men, elites and other super fast dudes will take to the derby lines, but for now, here are the results from Day 1.


1. Adam Haynes
2. Ryland Bell
3. Dan Mccoy
4. Adam Steffan
5. Abe Blair


1. Ashley Thornton 67.52
2. Sally Butler 69.71
3. Devyn Schnake 74.41
4. Anne Jackson 71.64
5. Brooke Geery 73.44
6. Whitner Locke 74.39

Older and Wiser

1. Martin Warbington 69.49
2. Mike Schubert 76.65
3. Mike Eklund 82.48
4. Terry Luzier 83.39
5. Gary Bracelin 83.49
6. Jill Beaulieu 84.35


1. Grant Gorhan 71.42
2. Zach Ferguson 73.45
3. Andrew Scheafer 74.67
4. Jake Selover 76.62
5. Trey Bracelin 81.76
6. Grant Mansour 82.16

Sit Ski

1. Tyler Eklund

The Dirksen Derby, a family affair

Best of 2009 Hump Day Interviews


Our weekly interviews, or as you are used to them, “Hump Days,” have exposed secrets good and bad to our readership in 2009. We learned who was junkie, who ate (literally) shit, all about Todd Richards and oh so much more. While we focus many of our interviews on the up-and-coming talent of today we don’t shy away from the big ticket riders or questionably influential industry dudes. Joseph Condorelli, David Benedek, DCP and more sat down with a Yobeat staff member this year to have their personal thoughts poked and prodded through. Below are some of the heaviest answers of the year.

Dave Appel– Click the link to read more about the then-unemployed product designer (he’s since found work!)

Timbro:  So obviously you were the product of our current economic downturn. The economy is in the shitter, unemployment is way up, and nobody can afford to do anything ever.  In your opinion, how has this affected the snowboard industry at large?

Dave:  Well first off, I live in a bubble if you will.  Down here in Southern California, it appears that the weather affects the snowboard industry more than the economy.  With my recent found free time, I have spent a lot of time snowboarding up in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  The economy does not appear to be suffering up there.  Also, I just read that Mt. High in Wrightwood, CA reported sales up 40% for the holiday period compared to last year.  It should be noted that Southern California got over 4 feet of snow right before Christmas.  I’ve also been in retail shops in the area, and they were killing it.  Of course there was a slow start, but once it started snowing, people were buying.  It’s a tough formula to figure out.  Obviously there are people in financial hardships right now, I’m one of them with my recent termination.  However, there are a lot of people that have not spent beyond their means, and they are weathering the storm.  I’m speaking about individuals as well as companies.  The companies that are small and growing steadily and are not greedy with rapid growth are still doing ok. As far as your question of being a product of the economic downturn, and I don’t think that was the case at all.

Timbro:  Oh…juicy.  Do tell.

Dave:  “For the record”…I don’t think I was a product of the economic downturn at all.  I was a product of piss-poor management.  When I started at Forum, snowboards made up less than 50% of the hardgoods department and when I left, it made up 67%, not too mention my category had the highest grossing margin at The Program.  Also, for the first time in Forum’s history, they won 4 Goodwood awards, 2 years in a row while I was there. In regards to the way the boards ride and hold up, I was a one-man show.  The graphics of course were done by the artists we all know and love.  So,  “They” “downsized” and relocated my department from one person (me) to a team of 8 people.  It was complete and utter bullshit.  Basically I did it my way. I didn’t follow the “Process.”  I was not comfortable with f’ing factories over to increase my profit margin.  I didn’t have to.  Forum was making money and the factories were making money.  I think the factories would agree that we had a great working relationship.  Bottom line is, some Martial Arts enthusiast got placed as a scapegoat at The Program.  In the midst of all of the Directors quitting, he decided to reduce some overhead, so I got the ax, once the 2010 board line was done.  I’m bummed that I don’t get to design snowboards anymore, but I never compromised my values and I get to look my face in the mirror every morning and smile.  Not to mention, you wouldn’t believe the amount of days you get to go snowboarding once you get axed from the world’s largest snowboard company.  It’s awesome!  As I mentioned before the West Coast has been getting it’s fair share of snow, and I have been riding a lot of powder.  Which, to quote my favorite Forum rider Jake Bauvelt, “That’s what it’s all about.”

David Benedek

Part one of two of a conversation with David Benedek. Click the link to hear his thoughts on filming and the future of media.

Eric Fernandez – Click the link to read more about Eric’s life in Detroit snowboard antics.

Photo: Ryan Taylor

Yobeat: Have you ever shit your pants snowboarding?

Eric: Yeah I have, how did you know that? I’ve done that a few times. It sucks. I remember I ate this crazy chicken sandwich from my old work, and my intestines hated it. The next day I tried to snowboard and it wasn’t very pretty. This is a funny subject. Man it just slipped out when I was ripping a carve, then a few turns down the run I slipped off this rail and came down kind of awkward and it all went to shit, so to speak. I had to high-tail in my Saab back to the house and take some Imodium. Shit was rough.

Ben Rice – Click to read more about Ben’s roller coaster history.

Photo: Cairey Hadar

Yobeat: Drug of choice?

Ben: Right now I would have to say blow, the junk would just wreck me right now, not mentally stable. What’s yours?

Todd Richards – Click to learn more than you ever wanted to know.

Photo: Brian Craighill

Yobeat: The halfpipe gold medalist had his medal taken away for marijuana use, are we to believe no American team member smoked weed?

Todd: Dude it’s a joke. Lance Armstrong smokes mad weed and he has an american eagle and a liberty bell in his ass. I don’t really see what the big deal is, if anything weed is not enhancing anything except for the taste of pizza and the experience of Call of Duty 4. But shit man, you have to play the I.O.C’s (International Olympic Committee) game if you want to go to the olympics. No big mystery, they tell you ahead of time.

Yobeat: What are you going to tell your kids about sex, and how will you explain things like Mormons?

Todd: The history of the X-men was more thought out than the Mormon religion. Well I will say, “These right here are the weirdos son. Stay five feet away at all times.” But they say the same about me and my family so who cares.

Yobeat: Who do you think the most insecure pro is?

Todd: Jp and Jeremy without a question. I love those dudes and respect them but they really hate more on people than anyone I have ever met. I don’t really see that as a diss though. Would you rather; Slide a 7-inch long 1-inch thick Kielbasa into your rectum every morning for a week and go about normal daily duties, or make-out with Kelly Clark at the Transworld Snowboarding awards in front of everyone?

Matty Ryan – Learn more about Matty by clicking the link.

Photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: Do you remember any unusually sketchy nights?

Matty: Let’s see, overdosed in Tijuanana, got kidnapped by a marine that wanted to pay me $1000 to fuck his wife when I was trying to hitch hike down at ASR when I was probably a block from my hotel. He booked it to the highway and starting hauling ass and I somehow talked him down. He turned around and headed back into downtown San Diego but wouldn’t stop and was trying to convince me to bone his wife. Then I saw Rags and Nuge. They had gotten in some fight, I jumped out of the fools truck right in the middle of downtown San Diego, true story.

Skeleton Crew – more comedy in the Skeleton Crew Hump Day.

Yobeat: What Skeleton Crew member is most likely to end up in jail?

Lance Hakker: Well that’s hard. There are so many people on the go-list. The first person that comes to mind is Dirks, but really, he’s not that stupid. So not him. You’re go listed, I could definitely see you making the right move to land in jail. Actually, no one on the go-list is shady, so if they did find themselves in jail, it is most likely unjustly.

Yobeat: What were Jarad’s top three falls of the year?

Evan: Ok for sure. When he tried to cab 5 this really big cliff to flat at Brighton and got sketch on the takeoff and did a 450 straight to his face. Maybe when he tried to backflip into moguls in Arizona. He was showing off trying to impress two Red Bull girls, he did that twice in a row to his face. The worst definitely was in Big Bear when he knocked his teeth out on that rail.

Chris Grenier – See what Chris does when he’s not licking shit.

Yobeat: So why did you end up licking dog shit?

Chris: I lost roshambo for shotgun 50 times. I wanted to raise the stakes because I was pissed, so I played Joe Carlino roshambo for dog shit and lost. I had to lick Jed’s dog Squirto’s dog shit, fresh, there’s a video on Vimeo I think.

Yobeat: Chris on girls? You have a girlfriend?

Chris: Na I just had, oh, I just dated this Mormon chick from Salt Lake for six months. Fuck, she reads this she’s… Yeah but uh, she’s cool but she basically broke up with me over jacking off. I didn’t see her for two months or something, and she called me one day and asked, “What are you doing?? I was in a hotel room, by myself, and she was like, “Well, did you jack off?? and I was like “yeah? and she was like, “What the fuck.? I was like you should be happy I’m jacking off and not down at the bar trying to pick up some chicks, and she was like, “Why didn’t you just wait.? I told her every dude with a computer, free internet, and a hotel room to themselves is going to jack off and like it blew up into this huge argument over jacking off and she said, “I know some guys that wouldn’t jack off.? I said that I was sure she knew other guys jack off schedules real well. Like how the fuck would you know that? So basically it erupted and escalated and I basically broke up with her over jacking off. So, now I don’t have a girlfriend and I jack off a lot.

Sarah Morrison Interviews Peter Line

What do you get when you combine an internet celebrity and Peter Line? Movie magic. Very awkward movie magic. If you want a real Hump Day with Peter Line, we did one in 2008.

Laura Hadar – Read more about this femme fatale.

Photo: Cole Barash

Jack Boyd: Say for instance, Tiger Woods became a drunken, womanizing slob, chances are Nike would drop him in a heartbeat. Yet, on our end of the spectrum where that sort of behavior and lifestyle are glamorized, they’re overly anxious to latch onto and become identified with it. Kind of a crazy, ass-backwards situation isn’t it?

Laura: Well yes Jack, it is. But the thing is, the bad kids are always the cool kids in the end. And Nike is just down for the cool kids. Plus, they’re not all bad. Annie is pretty a straight-laced chick, so as far as our team, we’re kinda balanced. Nah, that’s a lie she’s like the odd chick out.

Jack: List the three lamest sponsors you’ve had and why?

Laura: Ah, shit. Flux because they had no idea what was going on and were somehow owned by Carmate, USA. I have no idea what that is but I’m going to guess it has nothing to do with snowboarding. Second, there’s only one other one and I really can’t say because if I hurt the dude’s feelings I’d feel horrible. Everything was set to be awesome and I really believed the company had a chance but it was like everything they did seemed retarded to me. Then again, I have no idea what it’s like to run a snowboard company, so whatever. They had really good intentions but their boards were like atomic bombs – and not in the good way. But seriously, all my sponsors have been awesome so thanks guys!

DCP — Click the link for more from the gentle giant

YoBeat: I have heard some criticism that “three riders who couldn’t sell Burton boards” aren’t going to be able to sell boards for themselves either. Obviously you don’t think that’s true. Why not? Is it possible to gauge how many boards a pro rider actually sells for any given company, aside from pro models?

DCP: Well, this is a very critical comment from someone, which might be someone’s opinion. But to put things in perspective, when we did the UnInc series, we limited the production of the boards so people would want more or they would find a board in the Burton line that was right for them. We sold out everywhere. Then, I switched to Custom X…then again, it is hard to know how many boards I personally sold, but they sold from 15 to 20,000 Custom X boards every season. Plus, people buy boots, jackets, gloves, hats, and bindings. You figure, if Burton kept us for that many years and paid us that much money, we must have been selling some kind of product??? What happens now, it’s just the way the industry is. The economy is bad, so less people buy boards; the core riders keep their boards for a couple seasons, or buy from smaller brands. Burton sees a bigger market in the mainstream and focus on having a team that will compete at X Games, Open series, Olympics. They are looking into the future and want to reach a different demographic. (That’s my guess, and I think it’s totally cool…I am very grateful for everything Burton gave me and the experience was the best…but now I am happy to be on my own quest and mission)

We, at Yesnowboard, want to service and keep inspiring the people who are truly passionate about snowboarding, the people who will go ride every given day, every day off, every night after work, every first chair after a dump, every time they groom the park and pipe. We want to service the core of snowboarding, the soul of snowboarding.

Grenade’s Joseph Condorelli – See if Joseph ended up killing Brooke.

Be honest. Do you really think Danny will make the Olympic team again? I mean, Danny is amazing, but have you seen the crap these kids are doing now?

I would be surprised if he doesn’t. I think Danny is at the most stress free point in his life–and if I’ve learned anything over the last 3 years, snowboarding is all about freedom. My man Danny is free at last. He’s training now.

Jarad Hadi – All sorts of weirdness exists inside this Hump Day.

Yobeat: When Hezbollah took you hostage were you glad you didn’t look like Nick (Bill)?

Absolutely. I honestly thought they were going to kill him first.

For even more Hump Day interviews click HERE.

Dirksen Derby December 13


Unlike years past, no worries about hitting rocks at this year’s Dirksen Derby! In fact, if things keep going like they are, Bachelor is set to open Nov. 20th. Of course, that means you won’t have the “the season just started” excuse of years past, but we can think of worse things. Here’s all the info. Read more

Promo Shot: Josh Dirksen


Josh Dirksen remembers a time when there were no blogs other than YoBeat, but we’re still his favorite!

See all our fans HERE!

Hump Day with Dirksen

Filmed by Java Fernandez Bonfire/Salomon Snowboarding

Edited by Austin Will

Check out the full interview with Josh Dirksen here.

Josh Dirksen One-Foots All Over Hump Day


Photo Java Fernandez/ Salomon Snowboarding

Josh Dirksen needs no introduction. No seriously. It’s not even that I am being lazy and don’t feel like writing one. He is just at that status that if you don’t know who he is, well, then you must not care. So without further adieu, Josh Dirksen gets humped.

YoBeat: How old are you these days?

Josh Dirksen: 32

YB: When you got your first contract, did you think you’d be pro for so long?

JD: No, when I got my first contract I thought it would be like a year or two. It’s definitely a surprise. I’ve been a pro snowboarder for 14 years. Every year that goes by I am just surprised with how long my career has lasted and stuff, but I’m down, I’m still having fun doing it. I think I’m able to make better decisions and keep everything running smoothly.

YB: What’s your focus now?

JD: I guess my focus is pow. Getting a lot of pow, riding the best conditions the best terrain as I can. After all these years, why not just focus on what I think is the best? There’s a lot of good stuff out there to ride, but what I enjoy is getting perfect snow, perfect conditions. Lining it up at the right time and trying to be a little bit wiser.


Getting pow. Abe Blair photo.

YB: You filmed for years though, how many video parts have you made?

JD: A quick guess would be 7 or 8. One a year for many, many years. Two years ago I kind of got frustrated with it. I ended compressing my knee and filming and just trying to get a film part it was like, what’s the point of that. I figured I was just going to go crazy if I kept trying to film the same part. It definitely is stressful and in the end satisfying, but as the years goes on it’s not what I consider good times anymore. I just tried to stop that, pick a different route to go and do whatever else comes up. There are so many pro snowboarders filming and making that part every year there are definitely many opportunities. Like when you run around telling everyone, “I’ve got nothing going on I’m down for whatever” it’s like, ahh perfect, everyone else is so busy filming their film part! I’m not as focused, but it’s fun not having that focus and just being able to do what sounds more exciting. And I figure the most important part of my career is to try and stay happy and satisfied and stoked. In the end I snowboard better, which it is think what you want.

YB: Were your sponsors concerned when you stopped filming?

JD: I don’t know if they were concerned I guess, but they were wondering what my plan was going to be. They’re stoked. I’ve been with Salomon and Bonfire for so long that they are down for whatever works. I think if after a couple years if it turned out it was working very good that I’d get cut maybe, but I think they’re stoked on it.


Why wouldn’t sponsors be stoked, with sticker placement like that! Alex Nawrocky photo.

YB: It probably helped that you got the cover of Transworld this year. How did that come about?

JD: Yeah, that was well timed and lucky! These guys were doing this project where they were hiking all around Tahoe just man powered–snowshoes or split boards. We ended up doing a bunch of split board trips that year where we were hiking around and that trip we went on was kind of the grand finale. We had a group of about 11 people and we all had split boards. We hiked to the top of Whitney, which is the highest point in the lower 48, and we had a little base camp and we all kind of rallied around there. That shot just came out at the end of the first day. It’s kind of the first memorable moment of the trip because it was crazy snow and everything. It was the first moment where everything came together. The snow started to soften up and the sun came out and it was a good moment.

YB: Do you think you’ll ever film another video part?

JD: Maybe. I don’t think I’ll ever spend the whole season working to get a three-minute video part just tricks and everything. But I am sure, well not sure, but hopefully I’ll have sections in movies that could be considered video parts. I think I’m over searching for cheese wedges and jumping off and getting one trick and be like ok I got that one trick and working on getting everything! I’m just kind of snowboarding and having fun.

YB: There are so many videos out there, do you think that’s helping or hurting things?

JD: I don’t think it’s helping or hurting, I think it’s just out there. There are a lot of snowboarders out there and a lot of opinions on what’s cool, so being able to offer like every type of snowboarding and every point of view is good. It’s not hurting, but it makes it hard to be a pro snowboarder, when you’re trying to be original and everyone else is being original too.


Josh and the “new kids.” Photo: Java Fernandez/ Salomon Snowboarding

YB: Which new kids are you most psyched on watching?

JD: There are so many people. Jake Blauvelt is definitely my favorite. I just like anybody who’s doing something creative. I took a trip with the Salomon team to Japan. Riding with all those guys, Louif, Chris Grenier, Bode, and Laurent. It’s interesting to see how they look at snowboarding compared to the old classic way that I look at it. I just enjoyed it, it something different and surprising. There are a lot of kids doing stuff that’s the same and not so surprising, so it’s pretty easy to pick out the cool ones in my eyes.

YB: Speaking of creativity, tell me about one-footers.

JD: I’ve definitely done some one-footers over the years. I always thought they were a little goofy. They are kind of like a circus trick, a little bit more shock value than anything else, so I try and pick my moments. I always wanted to not become the one-foot guy. Like Ben Hinkley was the frontflip guy cause he did them at all the right times. There have definitely been some well-timed one-footers that have worked out good. I love ‘em for sure.

YB: How many one-footed backflips would you say you’ve done in your career?

JD: Um, 4? 5? Leading up to the X Games that one year and at the X Games, but that’s about it.

YB: Backflips are cool no matter how you do them.

JD: Yeah I enjoy em. Double backflips too. Watching them, not doing them. Maybe triple backflips, I’m not sure, that might be taking it too far.


Not a backflip, or a one-footer. Photo: Abe Blair

YB: So you live in Bend. Have you always lived there?

JD: I grew up in Eugene pretty much, a little bit south of there, and then when I graduated from high school I moved over to the Bend just because it was a big mountain and kind of a destination. It worked out good, all of my buddies were there and it’s kind of a nice place. It’s a little of the way as far as airports and all that. It’s hard to travel to so it’s kind of nice when you get home you can just chill out, not panic all over the place. It’s an amazing mountain, Mt. Bachelor right there. It’s all volcanic. Just go round and round try and go fast and make the most of the speed that you can get. I love it there for sure. I think if I was there every day of the year it might get a little old for me. But I get to travel and run around so when I come back it’s nice.

YB: And you have a pretty cool house there?

JD: Yeah, I ended up buying a house there ten years ago or something. When I bought it, it seemed like the expensive house. It was like 150 grand and I was like, I don’t know it might be too much and now it’s just… it’s kind of in a prime spot with a little view of hill. Houses there now, even with the financial crisis and stuff, are way more expensive, like double or triple. I definitely got lucky with it. It’s got a name, Rancho Relaxo, because it’s got a little Ranch feel to it. My buddy was sitting there back in the day and was like “Rancho Relaxo.” We’ve got a goose hanging on the wall, got all my buddies’ artwork hanging on the wall, photos I’ve collected over the years. It’s pretty sweet. Skate ramp, hot tub, It’s got all the bells and whistles.


Not at home in Bend. Photo: Java Fernandez/ Salomon Snowboarding

YB: Do you still live with Thayne (Mahler)?

JD: No he left me for a girl. Then he moved to So Cal. Then the girl broke up with him. Then he stayed there.

YB: One time he was staying at my house in Bellingham and we wanted to go out to breakfast. Someone suggested IHOP and Thayne was like, they serve breakfast there? Got any good Thayne stories?

JD: For sure. He’s a nut. He’s definitely the most energetic kid that I know. It was so amazing watching him snowboard. Thayne is our buddy who got in a snowboard accident, broke his leg and was stuck over night. The leg died and they chopped it off. He has a prosthetic and is still such a big snowboarder. We always said that it was because he had so much energy then he got his leg chopped off and needed more energy to make it work. But he rallied and now he’s working. Making money. He enjoys making money. He just bought a Beamer. He would drive around Bend in his truck, without a king cab, cause that’s not a real tuck. It had a full long bed with a piece of plywood in there and he’d drive like 5 miles per hour around town bitching about everyone driving fast. Then he goes down to So Cal and makes some money and buys a nice Beamer and drives like 90 down the freeway. He was always a shocker. I was happy to have him as a roommate when I did. He was definitely a crafty man, he helped me kind of make the house cooler. He built the skate ramp. I love him, I hope we get him back.


Wicked fast. Photo: Alex Nawrocky

YB: What’s up with the Dirksen Derby?

JD: I guess when I decided I was not filming a video part I was like, what else am I going to do? Brad from Bonfire suggested I get a contest going. These days I like going fast, so we just kind of ended up making a little rally course and just rallied down. It’s timed with stopwatches, pretty simple set up, just whoever can make it down the fastest. Then our buddy Tyler Ekland broke his neck a couple years back and got paralyzed. He still loves snowboarding so we do it for him. Last year we got him up there, checking it all out. It’s kind of fun having a focus. Whatever we do for the contest is to make Tyler stoked. It’s pretty fun, pre season, so everyone is warming up for the season. It’s a nice mellow course, I think it’s only like 25 seconds long and you just rally down. Everyone gets 3-5 runs so you just lap it really. It’s just easy. It’s definitely fun and satisfying to stoke out Tyler. He loves it. We got him in a sit ski towards the end of this year so we might try and get him out there. It’s a snowboard race, but then we have a token skier division where we get our skier buddies out there and then we have a sit ski division too. Hopefully we’ll get him in that this year.


Josh and Tyler. Photo: Alex Nawrocky

YB: It’s funny, it seems like the ski vs snowboard thing kind of went away for a couple years, but now it’s back, now that skiing is “cool.” You seem to be one of the more ski-friendly guys out there though, what’s your take on it?

JD: Well, one of my best friends, Trevor Baker, is a skier so I can’t really talk shit about it, I guess. I think it’s pretty funny. It’s just one of those all things that everyone thinks is still a big deal, but it’s all the same to me. It’s fun going out with skiers. They don’t do the same tricks, it’s fun and interesting to watch, it’s not like you are just copying each other. I like going out with skiers, but I like going out with anyone who’s stoked and having fun.

YB: What about when they grab with poles?

JD: I’m ok with that. I’m even down with no poles, whatever works. I think skiing is super sweet, they can rally and there’s amazing skiers out there. I got nothing bad to say. And I kind of like hyping it up when everyone else is like, oh skiing’s dorky!

YB: What would you say has changed the most about snowboarding since you started?

JD: The amount of money in snowboarding I guess. I guess what’s changed the most is when a little kid is growing up and is so focused on being a pro. I think when I was younger, we didn’t even know what a pro was. Now ten-year-old kids are like focused and have agents and are making tons of money and have like 20 sponsors. That’s definitely the biggest most chocking change I’ve seen. But it’s all snowboarding. Just more snowboarders and more money and more snowboarding.


photo: Java Fernandez/Salomon Snowboarding

YoBeat’s 2008 Policital Endorsments

As a highly influential publication, we at YoBeat felt we better make our feelings known one of the hot button issues facing the nation today: the upcoming election. So we’ve browsed the web, searched the net and watched all the highly factual television commercials to bring you our endorsements for various important races across this great country.

Mike LeBlanc

United States Senator, Maine

The race for the Senate seat in Maine is the 11th most competitive Senate race in the country, but that’s no reason that Mikey LeBlanc can’t win as a write in. Sure, he lives in Portland now, but his parents will let him stay at their house when he needs to. LeBlanc has proven himself as a bi-partisan candidate, easily bridging the gap between hipster and hip hopper, and his years of snowboard experience and flat landings have prepared him for the inevitable ups and downs of a Senate term.

JP Walker

Governor, Utah

The Utah gubernatorial race looks to be leaning towards the Republican incumbent Jon Huntsman, but JP Walker as a write in could be just what Utah needs to get some fresh blood in office. Walker is a true uniter — he looks like a Mormon with this blond hair and blue eyes, but our sources tell us he is not in fact Mormon. He’s a candidate for every man. But mostly importantly, he would have the wherewithal to overturn the mini ramp ban in SLC for good! Little known fact, Walker (along with Mitch Nelson and Mikey LeBlanc) was responsible for the initial legalization of mini ramps in the early 90s.

Josh Dirksen

Sentator, Oregon

Enough with the bickering between Gordon Smith and Jeff Merkely — who cares who Ron Wyden really endorses? What we need is a fresh face in Washington who would bring real change. That’s why YoBeat endorses Josh Dirksen for Senate. He’ll pledge to legalize weed and not make anyone pay taxes. Well actually we don’t know about that tax part, but definitely the weed.

Josh Sherman

Congressman, Wisconsin

Sherman is perhaps the most qualified politician in snowboarding. He can pretty much talk people into anything, and therefore is a great candidate for the District 8 Congress seat of Wisconsin. Currently Incumbent Democrat Steve Kagen and Republican John Ward are running neck in neck for the seat, but Sherman is just what the race needs to shake things up. And his blond hair reminds Wisconsin residents of cheese, making them feel very comfortable.

Lucas Magoon

Mayor, Rutland, VT

Ok so this seat isn’t actually up for grabs in the upcoming election, but YoBeat is calling for impeachment of whoever is in there now, because there really could be no better mayor than Magoon. In addition to being the richest man in the town, he would install snowboard-ready handrails throughout the city, and help bring a youthful spirit the city of Rutland so desperately needs.

Marci Price

Senator, Alaska

Strangely the gubernatorial seat in Alaska is not up for election this term, but in Alaska YoBeat felt a somewhat unknown female was the best possible endorsement for the open Senate seat. In addition to being quite a looker, Price spent some time as a spokesperson, I mean, rider for Ride Snowboards and is a shoo in to shake up the results of one of the “top ten most competitive Senate races” in the country. Watch out Ted Stevens, you may have thought you had to worry about a possible Democratic takeover, but with Price in the race, it’s anyone’s game.

Matty Ryan

Senator, New Hampshire

Currently in New Hampshire, the most interesting thing about the race is the funny names of both candidates: John Sununu and Jeanne Shaheen. YoBeat is therefore endorsing Matty Ryan for this tight race. Ryan will bring some scandal into otherwise humdrum NH politics, be it with sex or drugs. And he also lives life by the state’s official motto: Live Free or Get High. What, it’s Life Free or Die? Well, close enough.

Travis Rice

Senator, Wyoming

Wyoming is one of only two states with both Senate seats up for grabs, and who is more qualified in that state than Travis Rice? Look at his accomplishments: One of the most progressive snowboarders in the world, now a noted filmmaker, X Games Champion, the list goes on. He could very well double cork his way into both seats and fill them just fine.

Barack Obama


So we were kidding about the rest of these, but this one we’re serious. It’s not just that McCain is too old to know how to use a computer and his running mate is a moron, Obama is actually a good choice for President. Smart, well-spoken, forward thinking, he is easily the greatest politician of his time. When he ran for his Senate seat in Illinois, he literally crushed the other candidate, and with the help of YoBeat readers, we think the Presidential election could go the same way.

The Legendary Banked Slalom 2000

I’ve already written one story about the 17th Annual Banked Slalom (for EXPN), but it’s not up yet, and I don’t want to be accused of being a slacker, so I’m writing another one. This one, however, is going to be far from a real story, I’ve had just about enough of that.

I don’t know who this is, but they didn’t win.

Matt Hammer is obviously from Mammoth. Look at all the god beams.

Very mediocre Terje photo.

Mikey Bolster in front of scenic Mt. Shuksan.

Event Vitals

Date: January 26-28 (yes, I missed seeing the damn Bluejays win the Superbowl).
Age: 17 damn years. (That’s almost as old as me.)
Competitors: 200 or so, all who went through a cut-throat selection process. (Bastards)
Running Time: Three damn days. Four runs total for each rider. (You tell me why it took that long.)

Witty and insightful, yet somewhat unrelated quotes:

“I haven’t taken a shower since I got here. It’s okay, we have a hottub.” Josh Dirksen. Maybe the extra dirt gave him enough extra weight to get third?

“Who’s got the duct tape?” Jeff Hambelton trying to put on his bib.

“There everywhere, you’re bound to trip over one sooner or later.” Marie Grindlay on all the damn snowboards laying around.

“If I wanted to go faster, I’d wear spandex.” Siofan Davies explaining she was taking off her jacket simply for mobility purposes.

“I’m gonna be like a jackrabbit on crack out of that gate.” Mark Landvik.

“Show me the spot and Deez will make it hot.” Derek Liska on the Banked Slalom.

“Shit on a fucking ass shit, bitch.” Marcus Adolf.

“It ain’t easy being this slow.” Andy Hetzel on his 1:30

“I came here to drink some Red Bull and kick some ass, and the Red Bull is almost gone.” Jesse Burtner, who finished spmewhere in the 40’s.

“What the hell possessed you to bring a ventriloquist dummy to the party anyway?” Scott Rouse (Don’t ask me)

“That bear claw is bigger than your head.” Jesse Burtner to Catherine Nieves.

“Donkey, Granny, Donkey, Rodeo, Sims, Terje, Donkey, double hit combo, Baker, Winner’s Jacket, Donkey.” Jason Speer, words not said in this order, but certainly repeated enough.

“Brooke, go to my court date for me. It will be a really good journalistic experience for you.” Catherine Nieves after getting a citation for being underage and trying to get into the party.

“I would have won if it wasn’t for my time.” Anyone who didn’t win.

That’s it. That’s the story. Eat it.

My money shot of the weekend. Matt Ferguson.

Oh yeah, results:
Pro Men

Temple Cummins 1.2957
Sylvain Duclos 1.2984
Josh Dirksen 1.2992
Rob Morrow 1.3078
Matt Goodwill 1.3128
Arlid Brun-Kjeldaas 1.3138
Terje Haakonsen 1.315
Guy Deschenes 1.3171
Thomas Ligonnet 1.3185
Joey McGuire 1.3189

Pro Women

Barrett Christy 1.3827
Victoria Jealouse 1.3935
Marni Yamada 1.4033
Catherine Nieves 1.4132
Stacy Thomas 1.4301
Tanya Simonson 1.43.96
Marguerite Cossettini 1.4403
Martina Magenta 1.4417
Lisa Quirici 1.465
Allison OBrien 1.4582