Chicken Meat 3: Jonas Michilot

The Chicken Meat Empire lives on.

Under Review: Givin Presents "One"

A great soundtrack, DVD cover and rider list make Givin one hell of a rookie effort.

Under Review: VG Presents "Shoot the Moon"

Shoot the Moon is not mother approved.

Academy 2011 Gathering

Academy team, legalizing it.

An Incestuous Hump Day with the Michilot Brothers

Jumping for Hump day! Photos: Darin Back Ultimately, the mission of a Hump Day interview is to talk as much dirt and as little snowboarding as possible. Who better to dig up dirt than your own family? Jordan and Jonas Michilot were…

Jonas Michilot and a Black Snow

, Who needs edges? Black Snows didn't have them, and obviously Jonas Michilot can do without. Increasingly extreme park laps at Hyland Hills on a 100% plastic snowboard, courtesy of

Desiree Melancon Loses Bet, Goes Bald

One of Yobeat's original Hump Day vixens, Desiree Melancon, is officially bald, and will be sporting a dyed red head for the Ashbury Demo and Ms. Superpark events coming up soon. Desiree had this to say, "Whatever, it grows back." The once…

Half-Peruvian Hump Day with Jonas Michilot

Jonas is an artsy guy. Photo: Oli Gagnon Back in my day if you were good at something you were expected to brag and exploit whatever special skill you possessed beyond a reasonable doubt. If you were lucky, others would see value in this…

Leaked Footage; Transworld's These Days

YoBeat didn't go to any of the "official" premieres, but we're so cool, we got These Days sent to us via iChat. Here's the dirt.

Airblaster's "August" Leaked Footage!

Check out the Airblaster sneak peek, it is leaked footage from the whole movie. Super advanced stuff. Austin Will of Nemo Design put this together, and I think it looks like a freaking great time. So Enjoy the magic that is "August".

Jonas Michilot and Yobeat Collabo

Jonas Michilot, Yobeat, it's like a match made in Heaven. See all our fans HERE!

Jonas Michilot and the Dew Tour Rail Jam

The 08/09 rail jam season started off with a dud this weekend in Portland, Oregon. The Dew Tour put on a night time rail jam that consisted of a flat down box and a short down rail. To say this event was weak, or boring, is an understatement.…