Johnny Miller Data Fantasy Full Part

Johnny Miller @satansdeathkult part from the Data Fantasy video, filmed in Big Bear California, edited by bEEF @avante_garden, watched by you @…

A Dank Day in the Park w/ Johnny Miller

Jupiter People & Dank Donuts present “A Dank Day In The Park”, a web series showcasing some of Bear Mountains local talent. This episode features Johnny Miller, Will Bateman, Lucas Magoon, Mathias Nordby, Bob Abrams, Keoni Kaimuloa & Jake Schaible.

Film/Edit: Kyle Schafer
Additional Filming: Robert Toste

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Songs: Beherit – Nuclear Girl, Beherit – The Gate of Nanna

Markass Mondays: Johnny Miller FULL PART

If nothing else, watch it for the Magoon cameos.

Shot and edited by Mark Reznikov

A Bear Mountain New Years

Is there a better way to ring in 2013 than by boarding? We certainly don’t think so.

Featuring Brett Wilkinson, Johnny Miller, Justin Mulford, and Keoni Kaimuloa.

Shot and edit by Adam “BEEF” Ruzzamenti

Niche Snowboards Welcomes Johnny Miller

Salt Lake City, UT, USA —September 12, 2012— Professional snowboarder, Johnny Miller, who recently
appeared in the latest Videograss production, The Darkside, signed with Salt Lake City based company, Niche Snowboards, to lead their team and promote their environmentally friendly, and industry acclaimed

“We are stoked to welcome Johnny as the newest member of the Niche family,” states Niche team manager
Marty Siller, “I have always been a big fan of his riding and of him as a person. We look forward to big things for both Johnny and Niche.”

Miller, 25, of Lake Arrowhead, California has filmed with the Videograss crew since the release of their 2011 film, Shoot the Moon. Prior to that, Miller launched his career filming with the Think Thank crew. Miller’s other sponsors include Airblaster, Thirty Two Boots & Outerwear, Bear Mountain Resort and Active Ride Shop.

“I’m proud to officially be part of the Niche family,” Miller stated “I‘m very excited to be riding high quality snowboards made in an organic, non-toxic fashion.”

Bear Mountain will be home for Miller this upcoming season, however he is no stranger to Utah’s Wasatch
Mountains and Niche’s Salt Lake City base. “Not only is Johnny a standout rider with a distinctive style, but he truly makes an impression as an individual rider in a sea of compromises,” says VP of Sales and Marketing Tim MacKenzie. “We think Johnny is the perfect representative for our brand and values.”

For more information on Johnny Miller and Niche Snowboards check

Under Review: VG Presents “Shoot the Moon”

You should own Videograss’s Shoot the Moon. It’s got talent, attitude and a vibe of destruction. As director Justin Meyer put it, “This isn’t mother approved.” Dirks’ part alone will get you grounded. But, your eyes will open to a whole new world of urban destruction. What else could you want? How about a bonus movie by Bryan Fox and Scotty Wittlake. Yeah, seriously. For ten bucks, you’d be stupid not to have your own copy.

Overall Grade: A

Notes: Why does Shoot the Moon deserve an A grade? Because it comes with a bonus movie, an insane roster, incredible creativity, Jed Anderson, a great soundtrack and a performance only this crew can deliver.

Burn or Buy: Buy. Two movies, one price. Oh, and Scotty Wittlake.

The Rundown:

Louif Paradis
Instead of inventing new tricks, Louif is now inventing ways to hit the urban sprawl. His X-games real snow stuff is in there, his banger could have put him in a body cast and he seriously makes the upper echelons of tech wizardly look too damn easy. Just wait for the nosepress-gap-5050.
*Frank April Guests shots are no joke. Way to take advantage of the moment.

Will Tuddenham
Hope snowboarding pays off, because Will is going to need some new knees. That said, whoever’s paying the bills over at Nitro and L1 should give Will a fucking raise. Kid has officially arrived. Everything is high on the death factor, the gaps are huge and the bangers are fucked.

Jordan Mendenhall
First shot was a hard slam, then things picked up. Jordan reminds us why he’s been pro all these years and why he still has a thing or two to teach us. With enough hipster bullshit to drive up the Urban Outfitters stock, Jordan just delivered one of his best parts ever.

Jake OE
Doesn’t tie his boots, doesn’t use high backs, rarely uses gloves, doesn’t give a fuck and seems immune to cold. None of it makes sense, but all of it is awesome to watch. You’ll love this part for the unique spin Jake puts on everything, and for having the best hand plant in snowboarding.

Dan “Danimal” Liedahl
Welcome to the future. There’s not a lot to say about his part other than, “Wow.” Watching Dan you can literally see what direction snowboarding is headed in. Bigger, badder, more tech.

Nick Dirks
Last year, femur snapped. This year, brain snapped. The tattoo covered, beard having, chain smoking, Budweiser guzzling wild child has a special gift. He’s good enough that each shot screams, “Fine, I’ll fucking film but then we get to go to the bar.” But let’s be honest, you’re going to remember this part because it just doesn’t make sense. Smoking on a plane? Jumping a camel? Graveyard powder runs? Embrace the moments of madness people.

Chris Grenier
There’s really nothing bad you could say about this kid or this part. It’s creative as hell. Packed with attitude. Unique and original. Everything he shoots has a personal style to it. Oh, and this is Grendy’s best part ever. Real must see TV shit. Double flips, rail fuckery and the style is heavy.

Johnny Miller & LNP
Lots of hair. Like, girls locker room levels. But, there is also a ledge that if you were to fall I’m 99% sure you’d just die. It’s really scary just to see on TV. Your body might explode even.

Justin Bennee
Justin Bennee has transcended Technine to become a style guru of his own ilk. He gets better every year. He still owns the nollie, still likes knifes and even after breaking his face all those years ago still loves rails with a big, concrete drop off.

Gus Engle
Still weird, still Alaskan, still gnarly. He might not stop smiling. He might ride to a goofy song. But, I think we’ve all come to accept that Gus has a pension for danger that takes more talent than most to get away with.

Jon Kooley
Best opening shot I’ve seen in a long time. Besides that it’s the same old Kooley we’ve known for years, which isn’t a bad thing at all. His style is still top of the class. He’s still tech, and not afraid of rails with consequence. Seriously though, the opening shot is awesome.

Darrell Mathes
Still a ladies man. Still in the streets. Still blowing minds. Watch for two wall rides you won’t see anywhere else. The ability to jump a snowboard in both the backcountry and busy streets. And of course, outfit inspiration for all you fashion show freaks out there.

Zac Marben
Methods and mustaches. This is Zac’s best part ever. Don’t argue, just watch it. It’s seriously fucked up. He goes up rails. He jumps down rails. He slides down rails. He spins onto rails. He spins off of rails. He does whatever the fuck he wants and it’s all amazing. And then he goes into the backcountry and says, “Fuck it, I’m giong to do a double cork or two.”

Jonas Michilot
Jokes, cigs, gaps and hair. At some point Jonas says, “Psych! Oh, shit I’m sorry.” and starts laughing. That pretty much sums it up. He can’t just do “a” trick anymore. Everything needs a variation, a tweak, a spin, a revert, a jam, a holy shit did he just wallride to a rail? Chalk this up to another, “Best part of his career.”

Jed Anderson
Jed can’t even fall right. He just lands on his feet. He also can’t act gangster that well, I guess that’s the harsh reality of being a Canadian child. You know what though? It doesn’t matter, because just like last year, and the year before that, Jed filmed a part that puts anything you’ve ever done to shame. Maybe someday someone else will get to close a video Jed is in, but that day might be a decade away.


February 9th at Brighton

While many of the edits flooding the Yobeat inbox are filmed in a single day, most of them are edited over the course of weeks if not months. They change mo to slow-mo , tween some motion and show their cultural significance with “that perfect song” even though the riding is just ok. This video is different. This video was shot yesterday. Edited last night. It’s a rush job, but a fantastic one at that. Maybe that’s why these riders are well known? Maybe the key to a good edit, and snowboard success is being good at snowboarding and fun to watch? Yeah, that makes sense. Check out Scott Stevens, Justin Keniston, Johnny Miller, Ted Lavoie and Mike Gonsalves tear up Brighton on a random Wednesday.

Terrible Tuesday: Cabin Fever with Chris Brewster and Johnny Miller

Brewster and Johnny have put in some work up at the Bone Zone. Check out their handmade crib and the sick park that’s right out their front door. Snowboarding appearances also from Anton Gunnarsson and Deadlung.

Videograss at Brighton Opening Day 2010

Sweet dudes take some laps at Brighton on opening day.

Stunts: Alex Andrews, Johnny Miller, Ben Bilocq, Dave Downing, Chris Brewster, Dylan Thompson, Jonas Carlson, Parker Duke, & Anton Gunnarsson.
Edit: Eddie Grams/Videograss

Bye Bye Brighton

The lifts are closed at Brighton. Harrison Gordon, Johnny Miller, Parker Duke, Will Tuddenham, Tim Benasich, Mouse, Ted Borland, and Mac Spedale get a few last laps in. (Excuse the dirty lens it was a slushy one.)

The Bearics: Not Affiliated with the Berrics

Etnies is joining forces with Bear Mountain to bring you the Bearrics, a site that will likely be no where near as good as the Berrics, but looks similar. If you want to keep up on what the etnies snow team is up to, is the spot. Peep the teaser.

Terrible Tues Tip: Make A Graveyard with Johnny Miller and Justin Meyer

[media id=39 width=555 height=320]

Crypt keepers Johnny Miller and Justin Meyer Show you how to really creep things out around the house this Halloween.

To download the song from this week’s tip click here

Think Thank in Seattle, Who Would’ve Thought?

Do people actually read these? Aside from the stance of some uber-pro, premiere summaries have got to be the most mundane aspect of snowboarding put to ink. “We rolled up to the joint, saw the bros and some famous dude, threw some high fives, drank drinks, and watched the movie. The movie was epic — Joe Shred had a sick part, Sally Boarder killed it and Frank Freestyle blew minds. Then we drank, hung out with C-list celebrities and rappers, got wild, woke up the next morning in some sketchy place, and you suck because you weren’t there. ”

The only thing saving this Seattle premiere from falling into step with every one before it is that it was for Think Thank’s “Stack Footy.” At a Think Thank shindig, you can be sure there won’t be any red carpets, VIP credentials, or anyone driving a nice car. There also will not be an energy drink sponsor, so drinks will cost $10 and the “stars” of the evening will all be sneaking off to the 7-11 down the block.

“Stack Footy,” the latest from Think Thank thinkers Jesse Burtner and Sean Genovese, does not contain any triple-backwards-swirly-rewinds or heli rides. It isn’t filmed with space-age technology, and yes, you might be capable of doing some of the tricks. Think Thank makes movies of snowboarders snowboarding the way they like to snowboard. These snowboarders may wear flannel, they may live in a van, they may not have a single sponsor, they may be from Boston, they may snowboard in drainage ditches, and they most certainly smell bad. But they do all these things well. Dressed like a bag of Skittles, Nick Visconti takes his thizzle dance to some real-deal rails. Burtner still snowboards better than me with just one foot strapped-in. I don’t know what the hell Scott Stevens does in his part, but it is amazing. And to top it off, there are boobs in Johnny Miller’s part. No joke — get on that PAUSE button.
Think Thankin’ is not a fad, nor will not disappear with the advent of some new goofy-ass trend. Though the goofy-ass trends may take over shop shelves, lift-lines and magazines, Think Thank will still be ripping around in the parking lot, redefining what can be done with a board and a cone.