YoBETA: Lofoten and Riksgränsen Norway with Johan Rosen

Johan Rosen is “straight outta the woods of Sweden,” so it’s only appropriate he would give us some tips for living in a tent in Norway. We honestly don’t know anything about him and this is the last one of these we’re writing so check back later for a good intro. Maybe. [Editor’s note: Probably not]

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What was your favorite thing to drink?
Jonas’s special Chaga/Ginger tea

Best food you ate? Grossest thing on the menu you definitely didn’t order?
Camping cooking is always good, wasn’t really anything too gross around just some smelly dried fish

Best technique for hooking up with a sexy member of the same or opposite sex?
Be creative

Most useful second language?

Best place to stay?
The prospector tent, best place to fall asleep next to a fire when you can hear the wind outside.


Click on the Images below to SEE them in their full glory and READ mini Travel Guides for each location, as told by the riders themselves.

NIls Arvidsson


Nils in Sweden Mihaj





Logging Road Blues ft. Wasted Youth

“This spring we left the warm town of Revelstoke to find the last of the dry snow in BC. We got lost and drove for hours on some logging road, ended up getting stranded for two weeks in the dirtbag paradise with sleds, boards, guns, fireworks and a lot of beers” – Produced and edited by Johan Rosen

Seb Grondin
Danny Leblanc
Sean Barrett
Johan Rosen
Ben Bilocq

Bacon Dinner for Sinners – Johan Rosen 2015

This piece of video is stuffed full of bacon and tasty snowboarding, baked together with fabulous landscapes and finally served on your dinner plate with a nice pale ale. A good meal that will make your mind travel back to winter. You could also call this a full part by the Swedish boarder Johan Rosen but that’s boring.

Edited by Johan Rosen

Johan Rosén 2014

From the backcountry of Australia to British Columbia and even a few street spots Johan Rosén throws down.

The Weekly Mashup: Oct, 12, 2013


Well would you believe we already missed a week in our weekly mash ups? It’s cool, the past couple weeks have been kinda slow in the snowboard world. Aside from a couple really good full parts, Stevens Pass opening, we have thank godourselves for boobs and hot babes, or we wouldn’t even have anything to mention. In fact, since it’s Saturday, we’re really just gonna mash up a bunch of videos you have missed.

We’ll start with a feel-good solo edit from Swede Johan Rosen.

If you like more metal and crashing, here’s 14 minutes of it from our third favorite Cannuck, Andrew Burns.

Oh, you’re looking for more production value? The Los Angeles River Crew, who are actually form Europe, took a trip closer to their namesake, Lake Tahoe.

Maybe you’re more in the mood for some skateboarding, check out East Coast CAPiTA rider Matt Genovese’s part. It’s like a really good am part, from the 90s.

In women’s snowboarding, which is just like snowboarding, but done by females, Stephanie Sue Feld is making a web series called Out of the Kitchen. Get it, guys? Oh yeah, and Burton put out it’s women’s section too, but judging by the reader’s poll results, you don’t care.

As for where people are actually snowboarding, here’s a basic park edit from Australia.

And finally, a trailer from Switzerland. We feel pretty neutral about it.