The People's Champ: Sam Anderson

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Sam wins! Now you can watch his part and learn more about this Wisconsin crusher.

Stacked Footy: 20 Years of Jesse Burtner

Think Thank takes a look back on 20 years of snowboarding and video parts from its co-founder, Jesse Burtner. From classic footy to insight into the 2002 head injury that changed his life. "I didn't set out to film 20 video parts, I set out to film one good video part, and it took me 20 tries."

Jesse Burtner's 4000th Video Part!

From Think Thank's Methods of Prediction

Jesse Burtner is in a Sticky Situation

Plus the Seattle premiere Sept 19

Under Review: Think Thank's "Mind the Video Man"

Think Thank's best movie ever? This just might be...

The Feeders Kick off at Clackamas Town Center

From the mind of Jesse Burtner comes the first commercial for the Feeders Downtown Throwdown qualification event. Not the worst way you could spent 30 seconds, we suppose.

Under Review: Think Thank's Ransack Rebellion

Think Thank comes out strong with Ransack Rebellion.

Jesse Burtner's State of the Industry Address

Shayboarder broke out her stock "State of the Industry" questions, and this time at the pulpit was Think Thank filmer/rider/editor/mastermind Jesse Burtner. As always, he has some good insights on snowboarding, and the world around him,…

Both Sides of the Brain with Jesse Burtner and Sean Genovese

Both brains. Photo: Alex Mertz Out of the haze of snowboard videos that emerge every season, a select few rise above. Some try super hard to make epic videos, and others don't try hard enough. Sean Genovese and Jesse Burtner at Think…

Right Brain, Left Brain Super Post

High on the list of our favorite people in snowboarding is Jesse Burtner. You may not think that as we've failed to post any of the micro-teasers for Right Brain, Left Brain as they came out. We were waiting for just the right moment, a time…

Think Thank in Seattle, Who Would've Thought?

Movies get made, parties happen. It is a cycle.