Bet You Can’t: Trollhaugen – Mike Skiba

Jeffy Gabrick puts socks on the line to stretch Mike Skiba: Back 1 – Switch Back 1 – Back 3 on Troll’s Behemoth DFD

KTC at Trollhaugen

Your favorite crew took a break from the street spots to hit you with this one.

Derrk Lever, Mark Wilson, Andy Pearson, Boody, Jacob Durham, Cody Beiersdorf, Jake OE, Micah McGinty, Jeffy Gabrick, Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Jared Jordan, Aidan Falangan, Austin Young, and Tommy Gesme

Interior Plain Project Welcomes Jeffy Gabrick

You may remember him from, other videos, and now Jeffy is the newest memeber of the IPP team. To celebrate, it’s a video made by your boy Riley Erickson and of course a little Riff Raff.

We’re proud to welcome the 5th Pilot to the crew. Jeff Gabrick with his warriors style that’s been forged on the slopes of Valhalla and around Trollhaugen. He brings an extra dimension to the Interior Plain Project with his years on snow, experience in the shop, and respect around the upper Midwest scene. Jeffy’s paved his own road and it continues to show in his riding season after season. Welcome Jeff!

Monday Minute: Trollhaugen is Open!

And just like that, winter is here. The House of 1817 crew dusts off the cobwebs and does some boarding.


Some heavy midwest park stunting at Trollhaugen in the rain, snow and snow-rain.

Riders: Jeffy Gabrick, Jordan Daniels, Ethan Deiss, Cole Linzmeyer, Brett Spurr.

Monday Minute: Hyland Hammers

Minnesota is not just for pre-season and rail missions, they have snowboard parks too. Visit the House of 1817 if you know what’s good fro ya.

Manuevers: Cody Beiersdorf, Jake Olson-Elm, Ryan Paul, Jeffy Gabrick, Jordan Michilot

Edit: Riley Erikson

Trollhaugen is Open

Trollhaugen, WI is open and the was there for its latest Monday Minute. Full park? Oh yeah. Wisconsin looks fun-ish.

Stunts: John Hodge, Jeffy Gabrick, Cody Beiersdorf, Jake Olson Elm

Video: Riley Erikson