Mark McMorris and Jamie Anderson win LaaxOpen 2016 slopestyle final

LAAX OPEN 2016, Slopestyle Finals Men

LAAX OPEN 2016, Slopestyle Finals Men

LAAX, Switzerland, January 23, 2016 – After another weather delay this morning due to
bad visibility and strong winds, the skies cleared to a beautiful final day of competition
at the 2016 LAAX OPEN. With 12 men and 6 women taking to the progressive and
pristine slopestyle course, we saw one of the most entertaining finals, with the riders
knowing there was $75,000 USD for the men, and $45,000 USD for the ladies on the line
for first place. The pros had three runs to give it their best shot, but it was ultimately 22-
year-old, Mark McMorris, and 25-year-old, Jamie Anderson, who walked away 2016
LAAX OPEN Slopestyle Champions.

It was all about Canada in the men’s finals, with five riders ending up in the top spots. Fivetime
X Games gold medalist and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, Mark McMorris, kept it
interesting, with a scary fall on his second run, but was able to come back and stomp his third
taking the win, with a score of a 91.40. McMorris was all smiles after landing his run,
consisting of a switch backside 1260 melon, frontside triple cork 1440 mute and a backside
triple cork 1440 indy.

LAAX OPEN 2016, Slopestyle Finals Men

LAAX OPEN 2016, Slopestyle Finals Men

“It’s a miracle it worked out on my last run and I’m so thankful,” said McMorris. “We’re all
pushing the level so far. All these guys are my good friends and I’m happy for everyone out
here today.”

Coming in behind McMorris was 20-year-old, Tyler Nicholson, scoring an 84.35 and 23-yearold,
Sebastien Toutant, with an 83.10. Sven Thorgren who came into finals in the top spot,
couldn’t hang on to a solid run, nor could Japan’s, Yuki Kadono, who was high in the ranking
as well.

While the women’s finals were stacked with the biggest names in slopestyle today, none of
them were able to top Olympic gold medalist, Jamie Anderson’s, first run score of a 81.10.
Anderson showed everyone why she was recently named Snowboarder Magazine’s 2016
Women’s Rider of the Year, landing the cleanest run of the day, complete with a backside
blunt 270, backside 540 and a frontside 720 mute.

“I am so happy!,” said Anderson, who dedicated today to her grandmother back home, who
has been ill. “The Laax Park crew did such an amazing job. It’s absolutely stunning out here.
It’s one of my favorite places on the whole planet.”

Last year’s Burton European Open winner, Christy Prior, placed second behind Anderson with
a 71.80, and 17-year-old, Miyabi Onitsuka, taking third, who was sobbing she was so happy.

What an incredible week in Switzerland at the first LAAX OPEN. Thanks to
everyone who came out and supported the event and huge thanks to Laax for
always pushing freestyle snowboarding with the largest halfpipe and best
slopestyle course in Europe. We’ll see you next year!

LAAX OPEN 2016, Slopestyle Finals Women

LAAX OPEN 2016, Slopestyle Finals Women

LAAX OPEN 2016, RESULTS, JAN 23, 2016:
Men’s Slopestyle Final Results (Top 6)
1. Mark McMorris (CAN) 91.40
2. Tyler Nicholson (CAN) 84.35
3. Sebastien Toutant (CAN) 83.10
4. Darcy Sharpe (CAN) 82.30
5. Michael Ciccarelli (CAN) 81.10
6. Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) 76.30
Women’s Slopestyle Final Results
1. Jamie Anderson (USA) 81.10
2. Christy Prior (NZL) 71.80
3. Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN) 62.85
4. Silje Norendal (NOR) 61.55
5. Spencer O’Brien (CAN) 30.35
6. Cheryl Maas (NED) 21.55

Boob Tube: Jamie Anderson on the Celebrity Apprentice S. 7 Ep 1


With the complete lack of snow in Oregon, I have had plenty of free time, with with I’ve been enjoying my other passion: Television! So imagine my excitement over a professional snowboarder being on reality TV. Not just Bravo or Food Network reality, but NBC! That’s right, Jamie Anderson is on the Celebrity Apprentice this season.

Since apparently no one has any idea who Jamie Anderson is in “the real world”, let me fill you in. She is indeed a snowboarder, who wins every slopestyle contest (X Games, US Open, etc etc) and has been since she was like 16. Not because the other girls are bad, but because she’s just that good. Her business smarts include traveling the world and managing her own snowboard career (she didn’t have an agent or team manager for the first few years of it.)  Whether you follow contests or not, Jamie is a badass boarder babe, who’s recent Olympic gold medal certainly qualifies her for “celebrity” status in our book.

For the first episode, the players are broken into teams of men and women and tasked with raising money for charity by making and selling pies. It’s made very clear that the celebs will have to call in their famous friends for big donations if they want to win. Unfortunately, this leaves Jamie in the lurch since pro snowboarders are not known for their money mangement skills (though she should have at least tried to call Mark Frank or Nate Bozung.) Luckily, Jamie is a pie making machine, and in a stroke of genius, she suggests combining pear and blueberry in a pie, and that shit comes out great. In fact, it wins the team an extra $25k.


The board room drags on forever, even though the women obviously lost, and eventually, Trump lets the men leave and tells Rudy Huxtable to bring back two people. She picks Kate plus 8, and Jamie!? It’s true Jamie made zero effort to call anyone, but damn, she cooked the winning pie! This decision would prove to be fatal for Rudy as Trump basically defends Jamie’s case for her and it’s pretty clear she’ll be ok, even if she is too nice to say anyone should be fired.

Overall, Jamie’s general chillness might be a mismatch for the catty bitchiness that is required for good reality TV, so not sure she has a future in this – but I’ll watch as long as she lasts. Also, Jamie’s charity is Protect Our Winters, and I can’t wait to hear Climate Change denier Trump’s take on that.

You can watch it for yourself here. (Though I wouldn’t recommend it.)

Note: Apparently there is another episode already. No spoliers, please!



Jamie Anderson to be on the Celebrity Apprentice



Jamie Anderson has turned her Olympic glory into a spot in the cast of the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice. Which makes us ask the next logical question: that show is still on? Apparently yes, the new season starts January 4th. Anyway, we’re sure Jamie’s mellow ‘tude will be right up Trump’s alley, so this should be midly entertaining.

Hateline: 7/30/14

This Week’s Episode:

Jamie Anderson on the Cover


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The Cross Board

Mervin at Holy Bowly

Sage Wins an ESPY

Windell’s Session 5 – Jesse Jumps a rail

MFM Pyramid Scheme

“This Week’s” Casual Boarders 1


Yoga is probably the best workout trend ever. It has blessed society with its contribution of Lululemon and yoga pants. Also, thanks to @jenselter, women have become empowered and encouraged to Instagram photos of themselves down dogging it up. This trend has managed to seep its way into my mainly snowboard feed with many of today’s top women riders posting their best #yogaflow grams. Here are some of the cream of the crop from my feed…


After seeing her revealing ESPN cover, the first thing I did was check out Jamie Anderson Instagram. Immediately I realized that I had been blowing it for years by not following her. #sideboob


Not nearly as scandalous as Jamie, Christy is generally more clothed but using your imagination is half the fun. Right?


We all need to thank the Vikings for only taking babes home with them after pillaging Europe. They’re responsible for creating the gene poll that gave us Silje.


Not to many yoga photos from Helen, however she did make a video on YouTube of some of her favorite positions. Hondo, you should check it out.


Nothing but yoga, hiking, boarding and selfies. No complaints here.

Feel like we missed someone? Have an account you think the Catfish should check out? Leave it in the comments below. 

Jamie Anderson Talks Dirty For ESPN Body Issue

Jamie Anderson took some sexy photos for ESPN’s body issue. Turns out she talks to herself all the time, and her pee is green. ALL HAIL THE MONSTER BOOBS!

Jamie Anderson Takes it off for ESPN


It’s that time of year again – the ESPN body issue is coming out! That means one of your favorite celebrity boarders will be posing in the buff. (Never forget.) And this year, it’s Ms. Jamie Anderson baring all, and on the cover no less. The actual issue comes out July 11th and we’ll probably milk some more boob traffic when it does so stay tuned.

Jamie Anderson Gets a Shout Out from The POTUS

Sure it’s cool you can blame him for everything wrong in your life, but you gotta admit it’s cool to have a president who talks about snowboarding.  (Skip to 5:29 if you must.)

A Bad Lip Reading of Jamie Anderson on Ellen

So i decided this should probably keep happening for a little while.

Al Roker Learns the Lingo!

While we know it’s not very “core” to care about the Olympics, the plethora of unintentional comedy that goes down over these couple weeks is hard to ignore. One topic of much discussion is the crazy lingo which we snowboarders use to express ourselves. It’s already been brutalized here and here, but now American Hero Al Roker and the today show recruited Sage and Jamie to get the real scoop on whether or not we can even understand each other.

Jamie Anderson’s Nintendo Addiction

You guys. We’re worried about Jamie Anderson. Apparently she’s been training so hard for Sochi that she thinks video games are real life. Watch and see what we mean.

Boarders Giving Back


It’s the holiday season, which in case you’ve forgotten, is a time that is dedicated to the spirit of giving. So it warms our cold hearts a little bit to see Female Rider of the Year Leanne Pelosi and Contest rider of the Year Jamie Anderson teaming up with other riders to give a little something back to those less fortunate. ESPN caught up with Leanne to get the scoop on “Give Back with Love.”

“The idea spawned from Jamie and I just having coffee one cloudy day in Breckenridge [Colo.],” says Pelosi. “I think we both realized that we need to encourage more people to get out and be active. There are people who are less fortunate who want to go snowboarding, but don’t have the financial resources to do so. By starting the Facebook page, the goal was to give back to people who need something warm for the winter holidays [and to] encourage others [to do the same]. And also just spread awareness to pay it forward and spread the love.”

So join Jamie Anderson, Leanne Pelosi, MFR, Elena Hight, Peter Line, Spencer O’Brien, Annie B, Kristi Leskinen, Robin Van Gyn and others in giving warm clothing to those in need this winter solstice. You can find out more about how to help here:


Tall Treez’ ROOTS Teaser

While we are a bit skeptical of any flick where a girl is the star, this teaser from Tall Treez is full of sweet boardin’ from South Lake.

US Open 2011 Semi Final Results

Apparently the US Open is going on right now? Seems early, no? Anyway, if you’re into that sort of thing, here’s the official recap of today, and if you’re really interested, it’s being live webcast every day. Sounds like a great excuse to play our US Open drinking game at your desk.

Stratton Mountain, VT (March 9, 2011) Temperatures dipped to a frigid low today at Stratton Mountain, but that didn’t keep the competition from heating up in the men’s and women’s slopestyle semi-finals at the 29th annual Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships presented by MINI. Ten men and six women advanced to the US Open slopestyle finals, which take place this Friday, March 11th.

The big news from today’s competition is that Jamie Anderson qualified in first place, so she has officially secured the women’s TTR World Tour Championship title by amassing the most TTR points for the season. Spencer O’Brien, Silje Norendal, Enni Rukajarvi, Jordie Karlinski and Kjersti Buaas also earned a spot in the women’s slopestyle finals.

On the men’s side, Eric Willet led the field after nailing his first run, consisting of a 270 to boardslide, backside tailside 450 out, Cab double cork 900, tailside 270 out, frontside 900 tail grab and capped with a switch backside double cork 1080. Also advancing to the men’s slopestyle finals are Mark McMorris, Chas Guldemond, Torgeir Bergrem, Jeremy Thompson, Emil UIlsletten, Ulrik Badertscher, Jason Dubois, Janne Korpi and Sondre Tiller.

Tomorrow holds no shortage of action at the US Open, as the top men and women take to the halfpipe for semi-finals.

If you can’t make it to Stratton, check out four days of live webcasts starting today on or The US Open, presented by MINI, will also air on ESPN2 on March 13 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

2011 US Open Competition & Entertainment Schedule
Thursday, March 10 — Halfpipe Semi-Finals
Friday, March 11 — Slopestyle Finals; The Jam Finals & FREE ‘Flosstradamus’ show
Saturday, March 12 — Halfpipe Finals & FREE performance by ‘The Sounds’
Sunday, March 13 — Junior Jam