Civic Affair FULL VIDEO

Jake Kuzyk's skate video is finally on Youtube!

Vans Welcomes Jake Kuzyk

The video to prove it.

2013 Sponsorship Shuffle

All the news, all in one place!

Jake Kuzyk is Pro

Canadians rejoice!

Under Review: VG's Enlighten

VG's new Enlighten rules. Buy it or be sad later.

Elm Company- Reeeemix of Jake Kuzyk

A short remix of Jake Kuzyk shots from VG Film's "Retrospect".

K2 "Better Daze" Teaser

Teaser for K2's new three part web series "Better Daze"

Hump Day Crosses the Border with Jake Kuzyk

Everything you ever wanted to know about this Canadian skate nerd with a mean back lip.

Ashbury Talks to Jake Kuzyk

Jake Kuzyk drops by the Ashbury Emporium in Silverlake, and talks about his aspirations of one day having a fourth house in SoCal.

Poler Welcomes Jed Anderson Jake Kuzyk and Louif Paradis

One of the best/worst parts about starting a new brand in snowboarding or skateboarding, is that everyone wants you to "sponsor" them. We imagine for a company like Poler making something people actually need and can't get for free from…