ARA Welcomes Jack Kyle to the Family

A video and official announcement from the ARA, to prove that Jack Kyle is officially part of the Academy Snowboards family.

Jack Kyle Is Sponsored by Academy, Bro!

Introducing the he newest recruit for the Academy Regional Team

People's Court: Jack Kyle vs Brandon Sakiewicz

Your vote could change someone's life!

Magic Mondays: Park Laps at Breck

, Hmm, the Breck park looks sort of fun, eh? Stunts: Dex Carver, Colin Loaf, Jack Kyle Edit: John Cywinski, Magic Hair Productions

Ryan Sueoka Can't Get No Love

Well ok, he got a little bit of (g)love but that was it. His run in the Firing Squad is over! Here's the story behind the shot of Jack Kyle: Just like any other rail mission it was 3 am, cold, the genny kept running out of gas, and of course…