Kody Williams Injured / Fundraiser

Kody Williams 2K14 from on Vimeo.

Yesterday on Monday December 19th Canadian shredder Kody Williams sustained a head injury riding in Vancouver. He was taken to a local hospital and remains in the ICU. We’ve gotten reports that he’s in a medically induced coma and his family are on route to Vancouver to be by his side while he receives care.

His friends have set up a GoFundMe to help with costs. Hit that up here, and donate anything you can, or just send overall good vibes his way.

We will update further as we can.

Donate here.

Read Kody’s Hump Day Interview from last fall here, to learn more about him.

Seth Hill Shattered his back at Hood…

Snowboarding’s most positive athlete and High Cascade coach Seth Hill shattered his back July 1st at HCSC, attempting to jump over “return island.” Basically a giant mound that most people hit as a hip, Seth sent it too far landing flat on his back. We at Yobeat would just like to wish Seth a speedy recovery, and hey, at least he has a movie to edit while he’s out.

Injury Update from MFR


If you hadn’t heard, Marie France Roy recently fractured a C2 vertebrate (in other words, broke her damn neck.) It wasn’t cause girls are bad at snowboarding, cause she’s one badass chick. In fact it sounded pretty damn gnarly, and if you want more info, Jonh Cavan caught up with her via new technology and got all the dirt. Yay.
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Danny Davis F-ing Rules


By now you may have heard Danny Davis got hurt this weekend. Oh no! Snowboarding is so dangerous, call Christine Brennan! But wait, Danny didn’t get hurt snowboarding. The (unconfirmed) rumor is it was a late night party stunt that landed him in the hospital. Now unless Shaun White has a voodoo doll that subliminally convinced DD he should ride an ATV at 2 am, less than a month before the Olympics, after reading into this situation a little bit, we can’t help but be proud of the little guy.

Yes, it’s a bummer that he probably would have made the Olympic team, and now, thanks to a broken something (officially a fractured L3 vertebrae), he’ll be watching from the couch instead. And after winning two Dew Tour stops in a row, he might have blown his chance at that cushy Dew Cup too. But you know what? The kid had just won a major contest, and was probably having a damn good time. Shit happens, and at least Danny Davis is keeping it real.

You can follow updates on Danny’s status on his fan page or learn more about the man, the myth, the legend on his appropriately named website

Nick Dirks Injury Report


Sad news for fans of Nick Dirks’ stunting, he suffered a broken femur over the holidays and is down for the count for four months or so. The incident occurred off the Cascade Lift at Mt. Hood Meadows. “I ran into a boulder,” Nick said. “Focused my leg, I looked like Gumby.” We assume he meant Gumby covered with bad homemade tats, but still, not an image we like to picture.

Nick got the joy of an ambulance ride from Mt. Hood to Portland, which if you know anything about Oregon geography, you’ll understand is not that close. Then after the first surgery to put everything back in place was done haphazzardly, he had to go under the knife again to have the rod straightened out. Needless to say, this will not be a cheap experience, even if they did “comp” the second surgery. Thankfully Nick has insurance, but thanks to our awesome US Health system it will still drain his bank account in extra charges.

That said, Nick Dirks benefit shirts are in the works, and you will want one, but for now, enjoy his actual X-rays. Get well soon Nick!