Yobeats: Selections by Ian Macy

Filmers know all the good songs.

Summer Sickdaze

Ian Macy's take on summer.

People's Court: Jordan Soohy vs Ian Macy

Growing tired of the Park City edits? This week we move across the country to Seven Springs where these two dudes love to shred some park. Both edits feature a lot of jibbing and grinding for you to pick apart, judge, and comment on. And I'm…

Wisp Whips Vol. 3

We've been offered some pretty enticing stuff to post videos on this site, but an eskimo kiss from Bearcub himself is the most enticing, by far. Just saying.

PA Pre-Jibbin'

Premature Jibulation 2010 from Seven Springs Terrain Parks on Vimeo. You know what's potentially more boring to watch than another park video? A video of an early-season amateur rail jam. That said, Ian Macy has some skills with the camera…